10 Tips on How to Write an About Us Page to attract target audience

A Compelling About Us page encourages people to either buy your products/services or work with you, so the question is: How to write an About Us page that will help you get closer to your audience. 

10 Tips on How to Write an About Us Page to attract target audience

Why does your website need an About us page?

Many website owners neglect the importance of an About us page while focusing on homepage and product pages. However, this web page is crucial for building relationships and trust with potential customers. 

In this section, you showcase your brand identity and the story behind your business, so this is a perfect space where you can maintain the personal touch of your business.

Think of your website as a puzzle. An About us page is a piece of the puzzle that is crucial for visitors to figure out the whole idea. When introducing your story, beliefs, and mission, you help visitors complete the puzzle and see the bigger picture.

An About Us page is essential for every website.

Before they buy your products or start working with you, people want to know your story, what and how you do, and who is behind the team, hence, they understand why they should trust you. 

Furthermore, when they trust you more, they are more likely to become your customers (employees). Also, they’ll keep coming back and revisiting the website which is a sign of a good user experience, so it improves the SEO performance. 

Aside from that, you can use schema markup on the About page to let the search engines know about the entities behind the website. You can define the organization using schema markup and include information about the company details, owner info, business description, etc. 

Aleph Website reveals the top 10 tips on how to write an About us page to get people more interested in your business.

1. Incorporate your Mission 

 The mission statement discloses the purpose of your organization and describes how it serves your customers/employees. Here, you have to point out how your target audience benefits from your business.

If you want to attract new employees, the About us page has to include the company’s primary objective, your business and purpose, so they can see if their goals match with your mission.

Thus, the mission statement has a great influence on the first impression.

Furthermore, many employees use a mission statement to decide whether they want to apply for a job or contact the company. 

Tip No1 on How To Write an About Us Page Is Including Mission Statement

Aside from attracting talents, a mission statement is crucial to express the company’s identity.

2. Include Vision Statement

While the mission statement is focused on what your company is doing now, the vision statement describes the company’s aspirations and goals in the future. 

Why Should You Include Vision On Your About us Page?

Vision serves as a strong employee motivator that guides them toward the company’s goals. It helps them internalize the idea of how their work benefits a larger goal. More importantly, with a vision statement, people can visualize their future in your company

3. Tell Your Story

Storytelling is an excellent tool for driving engagement and conversions. It entertains the audience and improves brand identity. 

Most importantly, storytelling evokes emotions which are one the most powerful motivators.

Tell Your Story on the About Us Page

It’s an advantage if an About us page includes the part about the important events in the company’s history, how and when it started,  and how things have changed so far. By doing so, you help your target audience get closer to you and remember you. 

Don’t worry if your company is a start-up. You don’t need a long history to describe your story. It’s perfectly fine to outline how the idea was born, and the key moments before the company’s founding. 

Keep it short and on-point. 

4. Be Clear With Who You Serve and What You Offer 

Identify and explain who you serve. Non-business fits and serves everyone, so be specific when defining your core customers. This way, you ensure your target audience will identify with your brand and get interested in your business.

Also, make sure to be clear about what you’re offering. When you outline and explain what you’re offering, your audience will get more interested in learning more about you.

5. Focus on your Audience (Include Value Propositions)

Although the About us page is where you talk about your business, story, mission, vision, etc, the crucial thing is to focus on your audience, and ask yourself: Why would they like to know that? Why should they be familiar with this? 

Remember, even though you talk about yourself, you talk about them, and how they’ll benefit from your business when choosing you.

Always Focus On Your Audience When Talking About Yourself

Incorporate the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) to make potential customers aware of what value and benefits they get as your customer. Tell them how you’ll help them solve the problem. Be specific and let them know how you are different and why they would choose your company.

When the target audience is potential employees,  we create an Employee Value Proposition which defines a unique set of benefits that employees receive. In this statement, you should outline why potential employees should work with you:

6. Include Visuals

When it comes to website content, including multimedia elements is a must. 

The human brain processes images much faster than text. In addition, online users are impatient, so they don’t read, but scan content quickly until something grabs their attention. 

Including images on the About Us page is a plus since they help visitors scan text quickly and have a better user experience. 

7. Include Social Proof

Including reviews, testimonials, case studies, etc is a great way to prove what you’re saying about your business is real. 

Social proof is a great way to build trust, credibility, and loyalty. 

8. Be Human

Aside from a description and explanation of what and how you do, make sure your About Us page is human and describes who you are as a team or person. 

Also, try to point your company culture and values out, especially if you want to attract new employees. This way, you build their trust and give them a chance to identify with you. 

9. Include Contact Information 

Don’t forget to outline how you can be contacted. Once the website visitors introduce your business and your team, it’s necessary to provide them with contact information.

To do so, you can put the internal link on the bottom of the About us page which leads to the Contact page. Both of these pages are very important for website performance. If created properly and optimized, they improve the overall user experience.

10. Optimize the About Us page for SEO

When it comes to SEO for the About us page, typically it’s not a priority, but we shouldn’t neglect it. This page can get a lot of backlinks, which has an impact on SEO and Google’s ranking position on Google.

Using Sitelinks For Better User Experience

In addition, as we already mentioned, you can use schema markup which helps Google better understand the content of the About us page. For instance, you can use SiteNavigationElement markup which helps the About us page show up in the site links section on the Google result page when users are searching for you. 

What NOT to do when writing the About us page?

Aside from best practices, we should mention what not to do when creating an About us page.

First of all, it’s vital to be concise and keep it simple. Don’t put too much information and keep them to the point. You don’t want to bore the visitors and make them feel overwhelmed. Also, don’t boast too much about your business. Try to find balance. 

If you sell products/services, don’t push sales on this page. This is not the purpose of the About us page. Instead, you should connect with visitors here.

Inspiring examples of the About us page that we should learn from

Speaking of how to write an About us page, learning from good examples is always better than strictly following the tips. Let’s see inspiring examples of About us pages and what makes them stand out.

  1. Moz
The Great Example of an About Us Page - Moz

Mozz has a long history, so they share their milestones in an entertaining and dynamic way. The About page tells the entire story including ups and downs which is an effective way to build trust with visitors. 

They use a clean design with human images, clear headers, and paragraphs.

2. Aleph Website

An Inspiring About Us Page - Aleph Website

The About us of Aleph Website is straightforward and to the point. They say what they do and how they help their clients. Also, they incorporate their mission and vision, as well as the ‘Alleviating Customer’s Pain’ section where they showcase a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of their target audience and explain how they can help.

Summary: How To Write An About us Page?

  1. Incorporate your Mission 
  2. Include Vision Statement
  3. Tell Your Story
  4. Be Clear With Who You Serve and What You Offer
  5. Focus on Your Audience (Include Value Proposition)
  6. Include Visual
  7. Include Social Proof
  8. Be Human
  9. Include Contact Information
  10. Optimize the About Us Page for SEO

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