7 Powerful Landing Page Conversion Tips That Fill the Funnel

Looking for Landing Page Conversion Tips that work? READ ON!

7 Powerful Landing Page Conversion Tips That Fill the Funnel

In this article, Aleph Website provides you with great tips for landing page conversion! It is important to increase your CTR (click-through rates) and other conversion metrics on your landing pages, as this will ultimately turn into the number of leads, and the quality of leads you are pushing down your sales funnel.

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What is a landing page?

Landing pages are web pages created for the sole purpose of converting online (website) visitors into Leads. Sometimes, landing pages are used to collect information, create email lists, increase the no. of subscribers (or followers) – overall, landing pages are used to generate databases with either clients’ or potential clients’ contact information.

How to create a landing Page?

There are many ways to create a landing page and it depends on what is the purpose of the landing page, as much as what type of information you are collecting.

Landing page conversion and tips to maximize it

7 Tips for Maximizing Landing Page Conversion

Aleph Website is NY-based Marketing agency focused on Web Development and Web Design solutions. As part of our work, we advise our customers to best practices so you can maximize the ROI (return on investment) when building pages.

As for landing pages, while there are many ways to go about it, we are offering you 7 powerful landing page conversion tips. So here we go:

1. Protect User Privacy

Users want to know that their data is safe and sound. If you are collecting data but not explaining how that data is used, the users will not feel comfortable with the process. Aleph Website lists this as #1, as we have seen times and again that this is the most important tip of the landing page conversion tips!

This is logical since there are many shady businesses out there. And even those whom we all know that they juggle with data and sell it to 3rd party companies. One notable name we all know: Facebook.

Protect the data privacy of your customers and leads

Use Data To Improve Your Business and the User Experience

Customers have the right to know what you are doing with their data and how you are using it to improve your business. And that’s totally understandable.

If you are using the data to improve the customer journey and provide better service, then the customer won’t feel violated. However, if you are not transparent about your data collection method and reasons, then the customer will feel scrutinized inappropriately. Such a customer will inevitably lose his/her trust and decide to choose your competitor instead.

2. Shorten your Lead Generation Forms

One crucial mistake we often make is asking for too much data from leads. Even though they are interested in our offering, and willing to signup or register for our email list, or a webinar, or subscribe for discounts – that does not mean that they will not QUIT if they find the process to be too complicated.

Lead generation forms should be as short as possible – asking only for the information that is relevant to the offering. Asking about addresses, phone numbers, current job, or salary – such questions will backfire at you, since the user feels that his privacy might be compromised!

Additionally, it has been proven that people are more likely to drop out from a lead generation process if the process is too long and complex. Long forms are undesirable – try asking for 3-5 data points, no more!

The Shorter – the higher conversions!

As part of these efforts, consider lead generation with ai bots. This system allows you to personalize your outreach strategy and finetune faster using your customer data.

Focus on what converts in your Lead Gen Forms

To solve this issue, try to focus on the questions that matter for moving the cold lead into a sales-qualified lead. These are questions that are targeted at nudging the respondent to admit having to deal with the pain points unsuccessfully – and that he/she is in need of professional help. Such a question helps the user SELF-IDENTIFY as a Qualified Lead.

As for personal information, ask only for the email and name. You would only ask for a phone number if the user has already qualified for your service. This is sufficient to generate a personalized email that you will send your leads.

An unqualified Lead will NEVER respect cold calls and random messages from unknown people. Don’t ever forget that many of your leads receive scam calls on a daily basis!

3. Use Buttons and Checkboxes instead of Blank Spaces

When filling out forms on your mobile phone, writing full email addresses is a painstaking process. Keep that in mind as you require information during the fill-out phase of lead generation.

People are already committing by filling out your forms. Don’t make it harder by adding extra tasks. Simple YES/NO questions, few checkboxes, and buttons going back and forth. That should be sufficient.

One of the best landing page conversions tips is to use checkboxes and buttons instead of blank spaces

Using buttons makes it easy and highly interactive for the user. This high-rate interaction keeps the user intrigued and interesting in moving to the next phase of the form. However, if they have to write down their address, phone number, the reason for contacting, etc. all this kills the interest in your offering even with qualified leads.

When asking the user to explain what they are interested in, you should provide them with a list with checkboxes. This helps them move forward quickly, but it also groups your leads effectively – so you can study the customer persona and specific attributes quickly and neatly.

So, one of our landing page conversion tips is to use a better method of interaction – Buttons and Checkboxes. Such CTA (Call to Action) that is simple and easily interactive is the best way to keep the user engaged through the data collection phases.

4. Add testimonials during the data collection process

One way to prove your lead generation process is to showcase some of your success stories, or what previous customers have to say about you.

Leads are going to become your customers, and your customers will become your Brand Evangelists.

This is why it is important to increase the trust between your leads and your brand. During the fill-out stage of lead generation, it is very useful to show some of the stories of people who were leads (just like the user who is filling out the form now) and how they became happy customers.

Testimonials increase conversions significantly! They can generate over 60% more revenue from every customer! That’s why we list this as one of the most important landing page conversion tips!

5. Mobile Responsive Landing Page Design

The mobile design will be entirely different. The image will be located below the text, forms will be elongated, etc. Keep this in mind when designing the lead collection process.

Make sure you are using Landing Page Builders that have good mobile responsiveness features. It is very important, as many of your leads (around 50%) will come from mobile devices.

Some of these builders are:

Here are a couple of differences that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Screen size (what fits on a single desktop screen won’t fit on your mobile)
  2. Contnet Layout (images take up the full screen on your mobile, they are layed out differently)
  3. Loading Speed (moible devices are much slower and you need to tone down the page quality for higher loading speed)
  4. Attention span (people use desktop devices when they have more time to explore)

To learn how to create a landing page visit the following website:

6. Use Your Social Media Profiles as Social Proof

By adding a social media account you are presenting your company and providing links that help the user check the legitimacy of your organization. Users want to learn more about you before making a move!

Provide them links to your Facebook Page, Linkedin Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Having the possibility to double-check and verify your identity is often sufficient enough to establish trust and authority

providing social media as social proof is one of the best landing page conversion tips

There are many shady businesses out there – do your best to stand out in a positive light.

A few parameters that matter here:

  • The number of followers
  • Information about your business (location, phone number, logo)
  • Engagement with your posts, and active posting is important
  • Pictures with your employees and offices

All these serve as social proof and legitimize your business.

Trustworthiness will always be factor #1 when it comes to business relations! That is one of our landing page conversion tips!

7. Get Feedback from Leads

Once you have launched your lead generation campaign, you will be able to collect data from user engagement. Aside from that, you will gain insights for looking into the key performance metrics (KPIs). Some important metrics you want to monitor are:

  • Number of users visiting your landing page – google analytics reports
  • Session duration of the users – google analytics reports
  • Click through rate – google analytics reports
  • Bounce rate – google analytics reports
  • Heatmap (where the action in the viewport took place during the sessions) – Crazy Egg report

The next logical step is to invest in revisions of your landing pageDesign revisions are used to improve the design and bring to play the feedback collected from customers and other users.

Tip: get feedback from clients and leads in order to improve landing page conversion.

Some notable areas of design improvements are:

  1. The overall Mood of the landing page – how the user feels when on the landing page
  2. Font Design – avoid using hard-to-read fonts
  3. CTA button color – choose the color that is most appealing to your customer persona
  4. Text Copy – change copy to meet your actual customer expectations
  5. Headlines – use wording that drives more engagement

Landing page optimization is a crucial step to perfecting your landing pages. It will increase the conversions and help you tune into your ideal customer’s mindset. An optimized landing page is one that will get you highly qualified leads that will show minimum resistance to your product offerings.

As you see this is one of the most important landing page conversion tips! Studying the feedback will help you develop better tactics and squeeze out every bit of conversion on your next landing page!

[BONUS TIP] Create Compelling Headlines and Creatives using Smart Tools

We have noticed that many lead generation forms lack a compelling headline that convinces the user to read on. There are many elements to a compelling headline and no single marketing strategy to develop it. Generally, your messaging and creatives should embody your Brand Style and be relevant to your (targeted) customer persona, or potential customers.

Here are our bonus landing page conversion tips:

Headline Checker Software tool

Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer is one of the best tools available on the market. It looks into the Headline composition and helps you improve across the following dimensions:

  • The balance between common and uncommon words
  • Catchy and emotional tone
  • Power words incorporation
  • Headline length optimizations
  • number of characters (limit)
  • Overall sentiment and how your headline is coming across
  • Numerical effect (numbers are proven to increase CTR)

Creatives made like a pro

Canva is design software that is readily available and free of charge for anyone to use. You can use it to build beautiful and professional creatives that will help you convert website visitors into leads.

Design, even though not mentioned as a tip, is nonetheless a key element in our landing page conversion tips list. This is so because the great design has been proving to convert much higher than poor design.


Here is a summary of 7 powerful landing page conversion tips:

  1. Protect data privacy
  2. Shorten your forms
  3. Use buttons and Checkboxes
  4. Add testimonials
  5. Create mobile responsive landing pages
  6. Add Social Media as proof
  7. Get feedback from leads and customers

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