7 Tips for Video Marketing on Social Media

In this guide, you will find out which are the most effective tips for the best video marketing success on social media and how to easily adapt to current market needs.

Now we will see how it looks in the application of video marketing for small businesses on social networks.

First of all, let’s mention once again the importance of social networks in this day and age. Even the birdies on the branch know that we all spend enormous amounts of time online, especially watching content in video form. Literally for hours during the day.

7 Tips for Video Marketing on Social Media

The average person spends the vast majority of that time on social networks. It’s important to be aware of this data when considering your marketing strategy and where to get the most audience.

In the previous text, we wrote about why video marketing is so powerful for small businesses. 

For video marketing, Instagram and TikTok are currently the most popular, followed by YouTube and Facebook, and then Snapchat and Twitter. 

Preparing for marketing on social media

Preparing for marketing on social media

There are a few steps you consider when planning your video marketing campaign on social networks:

1Set GoalsThis is basic because, without a particular target, you would be lost and unsure of what to focus on.
2Define AudienceYour product or service must have a specific target audience. It’s a bad idea to waste your resources on people who aren’t interested in what you’re offering. Or, worse, your offer never reaches its intended audience.
3Create Content/MessagesThis step is the creative one. But it’s not about creating a video, it’s about the message and offer you want to convey through your video.
4Specify Video TypeSpecify the “type” of videos you want—presentation, explainer, live, interview, product reviews, or video commercials. Even though you can have it all in the end, it’s not bad to prioritize some of it in the beginning.
5Set Timeline and     BudgetThis helps you avoid becoming confused between thoughts and realizations.
6Create and Edit VideosThis one is pretty clear: create and edit your videos.
7Share VideosDon’t be afraid of spamming the public or the internet with your content. Feel free to share.
8Evaluate SuccessEvaluate their success using the metrics you picked for yourself. Track performance and make adjustments based on metrics.

Before we get into specific ideas on how to make the most of video marketing on social media, we’ll address the importance of having a video marketing strategy. 

Strategy is crucial, as it always is since it allows you to move freely within a defined framework that brings you directly to your goal. 

Tips for Video Marketing on Social Media

Now that we have seen the steps through which you build your video marketing strategy, we can move on to the tips on how to best adapt your videos to social networks and market yourself in the best possible way on bloody battlefields ruled by high competition and a harsh algorithm. Just kidding, but it’s worth having an ace up your sleeve.

Tips for Video Marketing on Social Media

1. Create videos that viewers can interact with and relate to emotionally

The idea is not to be unethical and emotionally blackmail others. Consider ethical marketing on social media first before you jump into a campaign as it may backfire and you could lose followers as a result. 

It is critical to make a human-like video that conveys emotion for people to react emotionally to your information, connect more deeply, and take action. We humans are compassionate. Practice has proved that we all feel the same way, but we don’t dare to express it. And then, if we come across an emotion, we can simply connect with it and feel comfortable with it. Take advantage of this. Don’t allow your videos to be sterile.

1. Create videos that viewers can interact with and relate to emotionally

2. Adapt to the algorithms of different networks

We have previously discussed this in the text. If you want to exist online, particularly as a business or brand, you must adapt to the marketplace. That does not mean that you will fully lose your authenticity and become robots owned by an algorithm, but there are rules in traffic that you must follow if you want to participate, just as there are rules in social media that you must follow if you want to engage.

 button link ovde: https://alephwebsite.com/google-algorithm-updates-to-know-in-2022/

Even though people spend hours watching videos online, they don’t stay long on certain content, so it’s important to keep your videos short. For example, on YouTube, it is perfectly fine for your video to last 20 minutes, but this is not the case with other, “faster” social networks.

* We made a little table about maximum video duration on social media: 

Social media platformMaximum video duration
TikTok10-15 seconds
Instagram30 seconds
Twitter45 seconds
Facebook1 minute
YouTube (shorts)2 minutes

As can be seen, the length of the video is determined by trends and modern man’s limited attention span. 

However, as the data show, video marketing, particularly short videos, is an excellent approach to target a younger demographic (aged 18 to 33), since it is the most attractive to them and ensures a direct emotional connection.

Consider always connecting with you audience online strategically. This approach will help define the best method to serve your message effectively and keep the target customer hooked across social media platforms.

3. Don’t forget SEO

Because of numbers, ranking, and all other not-so-sparkly but very important things that will launch you and bring you concrete results. 

There are many SEO tools that anyone can use to get your pages aligned and optimzied. Ai PRM is an Ai tool for SEO that can do just that for you.

3. Don't forget SEO

Posting on social media has a direct impact on your page rankings. Linking from social networks to your posts, company pages, landing pages and campaigns is very useful as it drives traffic and helps the algorithm identify the function of your pages.

Nowadays, you may also find useful Ai tools for SEO for small businesses and entrepreneurs that are great and easy to use; on top of that also mostly free.

4. Use storytelling

Nowadays, we are all tired of commercials, particularly repetitive advertisements.  However, the story has always existed in man and will continue to do so indefinitely. As a result, develop a compelling narrative.

With the advent of Ai, small business owners can use Ai tools to build social media content quickly and easily.

An example of good video marketing is a guy who prepared a video for an Instagram ad in which he tapes their renovated dry cleaner while talking about how it’s always been his mother’s goal and how they got there together. 

The result is an emotional connection, a tale about the origins and evolution, and viewers see a fresh, clean, modern washing facility where they can bring their treasured clothing with confidence. 

Another fascinating benefit is that he converted people into participants in his heartfelt story since people want to be a part of something wonderful. They feel like heroes.

4. Use storytelling

5. Get to the point

As statistics reveal an attention span of no more than 30 seconds, you need to grab attention quickly and get to the point in the first few seconds.

 If you do not capture the viewer’s attention immediately away, they will leave before you can delight them. 

6. Video that aligns with the brand

Make your promotional videos absolutely consistent with your overall brand. Don’t allow yourself to make “cheap” videos to attract attention, but make sure that your video reflects and represents your style, your values, and your authenticity.

6. Video that aligns with the brand

Brand voice and messaging equally reflect your customer persona. Knowing who is on the receiving side of your message will help shape the best messaging strategy, which along with your brand image and voice should communicate clearly and effectively your products and services to those most in need!

There are many Ai tools for customer persona definition out there. Make sure to utilize these as part of your strategy.

7. Call to action

It would be great if your videos had a call to action like your texts do. Be creative and don’t leave this tip out at the end.

Funneling users from your landing pages is crucial. This is why Call to Action (CTA) planning is important to be done early on. Driving conversions from landing pages, as well as having consistent messaging across the campaign pages and funnel will help increase the number of leads at the end of the process. 

Ultimately, it’s leads you need to generate. So, having CTA planning in mind will map out the user journey from the social media platform to your lead list!


Višnja is a passionate digital marketing advocate that works with Aleph as an author, contributor, and consultant to our clients. She has a degree in psychology and a knack for content marketing.

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