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Aleph Website is a Team of Web Experts
dedicated to the creation of Great
Websites for small business.

The baseline

The Aleph Team has developed a successful system that allows us to deliver excellent web solutions at low prices.

There’s no secret formula, nor do we intend to hide our strategy from competition.

We disclose our work openly as we strive to provide value to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs across the World!

In fact, we are upsetting many marketing companies as we educate their clients to make better business decisions!

New York is where Aleph Website is

our mission

We build Great Websites for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. This is what we are here to do. To help those honest, hardworking and talented people who wish to deliver their products to the market but find it hard to reach their target market.

By helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners deliver products to their target markets, and increase their sales, we hope to improve their livelihoods. In doing so, there will be more love and compassion in business. We know that our business model does not fit everyone. We don’t serve corporations and established enterprises, as we do not work well with inert organizations.

We choose our customers carefully, and care for their businesses deeply. Our work will profit our clients and our Aleph Team, mutually. That’s why Our Services are so compact and specifically tailored to help the Underdog compete with Big Cats. We craft the sling for the new-age David.

The grand vision

For years we have whispered; of a time greater than ours, of a consciousness superior to ours. The evolution is taking all of us back to the source of life and knowledge. We know it to be true!

The time has come for us to redefine “professionalism.”


Our Vision of Professionalism:

  1. Gaining power through rectitude and scrupulous service.
  2. Mastering the inner-self through compassion and humility.
  3. Integrating the Divine into daily work-life.

Aleph Website – We Build Great Websites for Small Business.

alleviating customer's pain

Today, if you want to buy a website everyone will give you the run around and finally tout you to sell you all sorts of services you don’t need. That particular pain is very understandable as we’ve went through it with our previous businesses.

Such trouble has led us to believe that transparency is the solution. This is why we provide you with Prices of ALeph Website Packages, so you can get the right information and make the best decision for your business. Aleph Team is here to reveal All You need to know about Your Website!

Unlike those marketing agencies that are selling you overpriced slapdash websites, we are choosing ONLY THE BEST Solutions for you and giving them to you for an incredibly low price. You can always Contact Us to learn more.

Some (outsource) freelancers might be able to match our prices, but you’ll find that the websites they’re making you aren’t good at all.

Moreover, such individuals don’t understand your needs, and in some cases don’t even speak English…

Aleph Website Vision and aspirations

The ALeph Workflow of website creation

Website creation is a step-by-step process that requires mastery and artistry. We disclose our workflow for the world. You can always learn more about Our Website Creation methodology, so to be ready for your New Website!

Aleph Principle of Website revision

When working with clients, it is important to have a clear Revision System in place. We have documented this Feedback Process for everyone to be able to learn and adopt some of our Aleph Systems of Website Revision.

The team

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