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Aleph Website presents you with the full encyclopedia of Website Creation. We also present all our work and talk a little bit about who we are. In this article, you’ll find ALL You need to know about websites.

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1. About Aleph Website and why we are the place where you can find All You need to know about websites

Aleph Website is a team of three Specialists; One Developer, One Designer, and One Content Manager. We don’t have a Sales Rep, or a platform to mediate between us and the client. We’re a small team of highly dedicated individuals, whose purpose is to help Small and Medium Business Owners have the Best Website they can get at the lowest price possible!

We have devised a system that allows us to create Excellent Websites at low prices. Although this wasn’t an easy feat to achieve, we still chose to openly share our strategy with the world.

1.1. Our Mission

We build Great Website at Low Prices for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. This is what we are here to do. To help those honest, hardworking and talented people who wish to deliver their products to the market but find it hard to reach their target market.

You can learn about us by visiting our LinkedIn Profile.

By helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners deliver products to their target markets, increase their sales, we hope to improve their livelihoods. In doing so, there will be more love and compassion in business.

We know that our business model does not fit everyone. We don’t serve corporations and established enterprises, as we do not work well with inert organizations.

We choose our customers carefully and care for their businesses deeply. Our work will profit our clients and our Aleph Team, mutually. That’s why Our Services are so compact and specifically tailored to help the Underdog compete with Big Cats. We craft the sling for the new-age David.

1.2. Alleviating Customer’s Pain

Today, if you want to buy a website everyone will give you the runaround and finally tout you to sell you all sorts of services you don’t need. That particular pain is very understandable as we’ve gone through it with our previous businesses.

Such trouble has led us to believe that TRANSPARENCY is the solution. This is why we provide you with Prices UPFRONT. So you can get the right information and make the best decision for your business. Aleph Team is here to reveal All You need to know about websites!

Unlike those marketing agencies that are selling you overpriced slapdash websites, we are choosing ONLY THE BEST Solutions for you and giving them to you for an incredibly low price.

Some (outsource) freelancers might be able to match our prices, but you’ll find out that the websites they’re making you aren’t good at all. Moreover, such individuals don’t understand your needs, and in some cases don’t even speak English…

If you want to talk to us. Consultancy is free of charge. Give it a shot:

1.3. The Grand Vision

For years we have whispered, of a time greater than ours, of a human race superior to ours. Evolution is taking our consciousness back to its source. We know it to be true!

The time has come for us to redefine “professionalism.”


Our Vision of Professionalism:

  1. Gaining power through rectitude and scrupulous service.
  2. Mastering the inner-self through compassion and humility.
  3. Integrating the Divine into the daily work-life.
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2. Aleph Website – all the Pages:

2.1. Aleph Website Homepage

This is a link to our Homepage. It contains 5 sections:

2.1.1. Hero section

Here we display Basic Info about Aleph Website. There is a call to action leading to Our Products and Prices. If there’s a discount, it is displayed in this section too.

2.1.2. Why Aleph Website Section

Here we list all the reasons Why Aleph Website is the right company for you:

  • Top Notch Web development
  • SEO Friendly websites
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Modern Web Design
  • Marketing oriented Designs
  • Email and Hosting

2.1.3. HOW WE DO IT section

Here we provide a link to our Portfolio, as well as a glimpse of our work.

2.1.4. Call to Action Section

This section is reserved for those who are looking to get in touch with us. We provide a Contact Us button for everyone to reach out to us.

2.1.5. Pricing section

Here you can see our packages and what goes in those packages.

2.2. Aleph Website Services

Our Services is the page where we go in depth as to how we deliver our web solutions. We focus on 6 phases of our services as we build websites for our clients:

  1. Discovery Phase
  2. Planning Phase
  3. Web Design Phase
  4. Web Development Phase
  5. SEO Phase
  6. Handover Phase

You can also read more about our workflow in even greater detail by checking our Website Creation Workflow.

2.3. Aleph Website Contact

You can always Contact Us. On the Contact Page you will find our information. Such as:

  • location
  • phone number
  • email

You will find also a Contact Form that you can fill out right from our website.

2.4. Aleph Website About Page

You can find everything about Aleph Website in the About Us Page.

Here we talk about:

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • The Baseline of our work
  • How Aleph Website was created
  • Our Team

2.5. Aleph Website Portfolio Page

To read about our clients, their case studies and check their websites, visit the Portfolio Page.

2.6. Aleph Website Blog Page

Our Aleph Blog contains over 50 excellent and long-length articles.

We cover many topics as you will see in the next section below.


3.1. The Aleph Workflow of Website Creation

To read more about our Workflow, stage by stage, check this article:

3.2. The Aleph System of Website Revision

When working with clients, it is important to have a clear Revision Principle. We have documented this Feedback Process for everyone to be able to learn and adopt some of our tactics.

To read more about our Revision System, check this article:

3.3. Website Price

Unlike other marketing companies and freelancers, we’re disclosing this information with great transparency. In fact, we’re sharing ALL THE PRICES in the market, to EMPOWER THE CUSTOMER.

To read more about our Workflow, stage by stage, check this article:

3.4. How Much are attorney websites

Here again we disclose valuable information for you. If you’re an attorney, Lawyer, or even Accountant, you’re going to find the price of the website you need here at Aleph.

3.5. Responsive Website Price

Wow… Why would anyone even hide this information from clients… How can you build a website without it being Responsive? Really…

To find out the price of a Responsive website:

3.6. The Best Web Development Technology is WordPress

We’re making a case here. And we’re winning it by landslide! There’s no better CMS or Web Dev Tool than WordPress.

4 Compelling Reasons why WordPress is the best Website Solution:

3.7. The Best Web Development Technology is WordPress

We’re making a case here. And we’re winning it by landslide! There’s no better CMS or Web Dev Tool than WordPress.

4 Compelling Reasons why WordPress is the best Website Solution:

3.8. Consumer Behavior Today

We analyze the current data on Consumer Behavior, especially online. All the information we find, we present in our conversations with Customers. Such an example is how consumers behave towards online shopping:

3.9. Content Marketing for Small Business

Content Marketing is simple and should be applied by everyone, especially small business! This is of course because you understand your niche better than any marketing agency out there. This is why we help entrepreneurs and small business owners develop and execute Content Marketing.

3.10. Aleph Website Blog where you can find All You need to know about websites

Keep up with our free tips and guides. Stay tuned by regularly visiting our Blog and checking the newly featured content which we publish regularly every week!

3.10.1. Blog Categories contain All You need to know about websites

3.10.2. Blog Posts Author of All You need to know about websites


4. All You need to know about websites at ALEPH WEBSITE Social Media Accounts:

And of course, our Homepage.

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