5 Best Design Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2022

In this article, Aleph Website discloses 5 of the best design tools for entrepreneurs in 2022. Most of these tools you can use for free, others come at a low price but provide incredible control over web design processes.

5 Best Design Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2022
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So here we go:

1. Figma (Free Tool)

Figma is an amazing Web Design tool that you can use FOR FREE. Figma is easily one of the most popular web design tools not just for entrepreneurs but for freelancers and agencies.

Figma is both desktop software and an online tool that you can use on multiple devices. It has cloud storage for your files so you never lose your design assets. Figma is super easy and straightforward. That’s why it’s our #1 pick!

Here are a few features that make Figma one of the best tools you can use as an entrepreneur for web design:

1.1. Regularly Updated Templates and artboard sizes for web and social media

Figma offers many templates and artboard sizes that you can pick from directly. For example, you don’t need to look up the size of a Linkedin Post Banner, or Cover photo size for any social media platform. You can simply choose where you want to publish the design and Figma will provide you with the right artboard size:

social media board size

In Prototypes, you may find all sorts of pre-made templates ready to use. These are based on what people most need to get their designs out in the world. If you need a new LinkedIn cover design, super easy:

social media board size

In 2 clicks, you already have yourself a ready template for a social media post, banner, or any other type of poster.

1.2. Collaboration with teammates

Figma is unique because you can invite teammates to join your design project and work on it together. This makes life so much easier, especially if you are a small business owner and you are not well versed in design terminology.

figma collaboration

You can all share the same workboard and comment on the sections:

comment and collaborate in figma

You can also interact with other people in real-time while on a conference call and that surely makes revisions and brainstorming much more efficient! Figma collaborations make it one of the best design tools for entrepreneurs.

1.3. Creating Brand Assets & Components

Web Design and Graphic Design can be redundant work… A lot of repetition and copy/pasting of hundreds of elements. While at it, designers often make lots of mistakes due to human error. Figma has found a very interesting way of dealing with these issues.

local components in figma

By creating Local Components, you are able to reuse the elements in many instances. What is unique to this feature is that editing any component will apply the change to all the elements across the project.

Let’s imagine you work on designing 30 web pages and you realize that your logo is a bit off, simply tweak the component and all logos on all the pages will be edited as well! Pretty neat!

With local components, you can create a set of assets that you will use in many instances. Some popular components designers build are:

  • CTA (call to action) buttons
  • Logos
  • Headers
  • Banners
  • Icons
  • Text
  • Specific Page sections that are repetitive (e.g. contact section)
designing a logo with figma

Also, you will use many different headers and text sizes. Figma allows you to create a FONT KIT for your design project.

header type creation in figma

As such, you can define the size and type of the font, then just re-use it by selecting the TEXT STYLE:

text selection in figma

Branding is way easier as well as you can just define the colors and logos you want to use throughout your design project:

color selection in figma

2. Canva (Free Tool)

Canva has made the graphic design so simple and attainable! Their whole business model revolves around making design accessible to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Here are a few reasons why we have listed Canva as one of the best web design and graphic design tools for entrepreneurs:

2.1. Build Anything with Canva

With Canva you can design:

  • Video
  • Banners
  • Social Medi Posts
  • Presentations
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • NewsLetters
  • Data reports, etc.

2.2. Invite People To Collaborate on your projects

You can invite collaborators as well to join you and have them help you with the design. As collaborators, you can share assets and use the same workboard to exchange comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.

With a simple link, you can quickly access the Design board and review the design in an instance! So if you are an attorney or a realtor, Canva can help you make the most out of your time spent on the design!

2.3. Pre-made Awesome Templates

For a small business owner, Canva offers more than enough to be able to do your own design! This is possible because of all the templates that Canva offers for free.

canva free design templates for entrepreneurs

For example, if you need flyers designed, you can pick one from 50,000 flyer templates that will do the job for you!

Canva flyer templates for entrepreneurs design

The availability of material, pre-made designs, and various elements make Canva one of the best design tools for entrepreneurs.

3. WordPress Plugins (Free*)

WordPress offer a plethora of FREE plugins. Not just for web design, but for everything your site needs! WordPress is easily the most popular Content Management System (CMS).

We are covering only a small fraction of the web design capabilities of WordPress that is available to you FOR FREE:

3.1. Elementor Page Builder (FREE TOOL)

Elementor is the #1 WordPress page builder. Not only that it is easy to use but also the code behind the design is nicely built and makes your pages run fast!

Heck! You can build the whole site on your own using Elementor:

With Elementor, you can build sections and populate them with images, text, and headers so quickly and easily. This makes it one of the best design tools for entrepreneurs.

3.2. WP Forms (FREE TOOL)

WordPress Forms is a plugin used for:

  • Contact Pages
  • Registration forms
  • Newsletters
  • Payment forms
  • Surveys, etc.

WP Forms are connected to your CMS dashboard and your email address. It can help you stay on top of the messages that your clients are sending you and reply while the lead is ‘warm.’

WP Forms are great for many reasons:

WP forms are used for drag and drop, form templates, responsive design, instant notification and much more

As an entrepreneur Lead Generation is crucial! This is why you need a great tool to generate leads and stay on top of lead communications. That’s what makes this WP plugin one of the best design tools for entrepreneurs.

3.3. Seed Prod for Landing Page Design (PAID TOOL)

Seed Prod is a WP plugin used for landing pages. If you are running a Facebook campaign or Google Adwords, it is useful to create a special landing page that ties nicely to your campaign goal and tactics. Being a drag-and-drop tool, Seed Prod has simplified building campaign-specific landing pages for entrepreneurs.

4. PhotoPea Online Photoshop (Free)

Need a quick edit on a photo? Photopea Photoshop Online is the perfect tool for you!

Here are the benefits of using Photopea Photoshop Online:

  • You don’t need to download it, it’s online.
  • Fast loading and similar experience as the renowned Adobe Photoshop
  • Drag and Drop files into the workboard
  • Easy export and save to various image formats
  • Has all the tools that Adobe Photoshop offers (except it’s for free)
photoshop photopea online

Try it out yourself, before you reach out to a freelancer on Upwork. A quick and easy tweak can help you create a great design using one of the best design tools for entrepreneurs – Photopea.

5. Adobe Illustrator (Licensed tool)

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most powerful design tools ever created! In terms of technical capabilities and the quality of the toolkit offered by Adobe Illustrator, it sets the standard for everyone else to follow!

Unlike photoshop which is a raster-based design tool, Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based design tool. In simple words, vectors are infinitely small and precise lines that no matter how much you zoom in, the design remains crisp always.

That’s why Illustrator is used for fonts, graphics, geometric shapes, character illustrations, and much more.

font control and design in adobe illustrator

Aside from technical superiority, Adobe Illustrator is the type of tool that you can always explore more. It has thousands of sub-tools and an infinite number of combinations you can apply to your designs.

gradients, light, shadows and much more in adobe illustrator

Gradients, shadows, light perforation, and various effects are possible and can be done with great precision! Illustrator is not a one-time type of tool, it’s rather a tool that you use to perfect the design!

Increase online sales using web design tools for entrepreneurs

Invariably, Adobe Illustrator is one of the best design tools for entrepreneurs.

What are your best design tools for entrepreneurs?

We are interested in hearing from you – what are the design tools you are using? Which ones do you consider the best?

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