Best Free Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

If you want to improve your social media without spending too much, you are going to enjoy this. Here are insights into the best free social media management tools for small business, and the best part is many of them come at no cost.

Best Free Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

Let’s explore each tool, from AI PRM’s content creation to Clip Drop’s visuals, Publer AI’s scheduling, and Zapier’s automation. These tools are essential for social media marketing, offering features that seamlessly integrate into your overall strategy for effective social media management.

1. AI PRM: Your Social Media Post Wizard

First, there’s AI PRM, a handy browser tool that pairs with Chat GPT 3.5 and 4. 

Imagine having a buddy who gives you the best prompts for SEO, content marketing, copywriting, and more, right in Chat GPT and Ai PRM for social media. It’s designed to make your life easier and boost your productivity. Plus, it works on Microsoft Edge, too.

AI PRM offers a wide range of marketing functions that go beyond the scope of social media management. Ai tools for Copywriting that entrepreneurs use can enhance their content-marketing efforts and elevate their social media marketing strategies.

In simple terms, AI PRM is your go-to for pre-tested marketing prompts. It’s like a box full of ideas from marketers everywhere, always updated to stay new.

Whether you’re targeting LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other platform, AI PRM has got you covered with: 

  • content ideas, 
  • image suggestions, 
  • hashtags
  • Ad Copy
  • Story/Video scripts

For the entrepreneurs and small biz owners out there, AI PRM is a game-changer. From drafting sales pitches to creating SEO-optimized blog posts and catchy social media captions, it’s got you covered for a variety of marketing tasks.

AI PRM | best free social media management tools for small business

AI PRM can help you easily make awesome carousel content that gets noticed.


2. Clip Drop: The Visual Magic Maker

Next, we have Clip Drop, a tool that’s all about bringing your visual content to life. With this, powered by the brains at tool, you can learn how to use Ai for small business marketing. Clip Drop lets you create, edit, and perfect your images with ease. It’s perfect for making sure your visuals are just right for your social feeds.

You can play around with 400 images daily for free, though they’ll have a watermark. But hey, if you’re clever, you can even use the AI feature to wipe that watermark right off.

Here’s what makes Clip Drop great:

  • Stable Diffusion XL – This feature helps you create super realistic images that can make your brand or project stand out.
  • Stable Doodle – It turns your simple sketches into detailed images. Just draw, describe, and watch as your doodles transform into something amazing.
  • Cleanup – This tool is like a magic eraser for your photos. 
  • Remove Background – This feature makes it super easy to cut out the background, leaving you with a clean, focused image.
  • Image Upscaler – It enlarges your photos without losing quality.
  • Text Remover
Clip Drop by Stability Ai stable doodle

From turning your doodles into detailed masterpieces to effortlessly removing backgrounds, this tool brings your images to life.

Clip Drop | best free social media management tools for small business

3. Descript: Ai Tool for video production

Descript allows you to produce, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share podcasts and videos. Descript is an all-in-one video and podcast editing program. AI will transcribe your video, making editing as easy as editing a paper.

Descript uses Ai for video production as part of its functionality to understand your requirements, assist you through the process of video editing and production, as well as generate content for your script:

ai video production with descript

Once done scripting and producing the video, you can use the Captions option to give a great visual for your short-form video shares on social platforms:

captions in descript

Video Marketing is very important for small businesses. It can help you connect with your Niche strongly and it is becoming cheaper and cheaper to generate a lot of video content that is easily distributed across the net.

4. Publer ai: The Scheduler Plus

Then there’s Publer AI, a social media management platform that’s a dream come true for busy entrepreneurs. With Publer, you can schedule up to 10 posts for each of your social media platforms for free. 

But it doesn’t stop there – Publer also offers AI features to help generate content and suggest hashtags, making your post-preparation process a breeze. And if you need a last-minute image, Publer can help with that too.

The Free Ai Publer tool for social media version offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Connect up to 3 social accounts
  • One workspace
  • Schedule 10 posts per account
  • Save up to 25 drafts
  • 24-hour post history
  • Link in Bio for Instagram
  • Free trials on paid features

Speaking of upgrades, when you’re ready to expand your reach, Publer’s paid features include connecting multiple Twitter accounts, unlimited workspaces, scheduling, drafts, and a media library storage that’s basically limitless. You also get an eternal post history, unlimited RSS Feed automation, and some AI prompts, analytics, and content suggestions to improve your social media strategy.

Publer Ai schedule posts

Effortlessly connect your social accounts and seamlessly schedule up to 10 posts per account with Publer AI.

Publer Ai schedule posts

5. Zapier: The Automation Pro

Last but definitely not least, we have Zapier. Zapier for social zaps simplifies your life by automating tasks across your apps and services, making it a valuable asset in your social media tools toolkit.

Imagine you’ve got a bunch of apps you use for work or your business. Zapier is like the behind-the-scenes wizard that makes these apps talk to each other and do stuff automatically. So, instead of you doing the same tasks over and over, Zapier does them for you. 

Want to connect your social media accounts to your email list, lead gen campaigns, or even your spreadsheets? Zapier’s got your back. It helps you create custom workflows (Zaps) that handle the hard work, making sure your social media efforts smoothly connect with the rest of your business activities.

And if you can’t find the exact automation you need, Zapier’s AI can help you build custom Zaps. Plus, you can set conditions to make sure Zaps only run when you want them to.

Zapier | Marketing Automation possible integrations

Let Zapier be your behind-the-scenes wizard, automating repetitive tasks and ensuring your social efforts seamlessly integrate with your overall business activities.

Zapier | Marketing Automation workflow

Boost Your Social Media: A Simple Guide to Success with Free Tools

So there you have it – a quick guide to some of the best free social media management tools for small businesses.

With these tools in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to creating engaging content, stunning visuals, and an integrated marketing strategy that works for you. 

Dive in, explore these tools, and watch your social media presence prosper.


Višnja is a passionate digital marketing advocate that works with Aleph as an author, contributor, and consultant to our clients. She has a degree in psychology and a knack for content marketing.

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