Best Solutions for Lawyer and Attorney Website Design

This article is dedicated to Law practitioners and law firms of all sizes. Here we provide you 3 companies that provide the best attorney Website Design for attorneys/lawyers. We reveal pricing and compare the quality of work of each of these companies. Legal businesses, attorneys, and lawyers need to have a good website too!

Best Solutions for Lawyer and Attorney Website Design

Bear in mind that these are our direct competitors, by talking about them and linking to them, we are promoting their business. This blog post is part of our transparency efforts aimed at providing information UNCONDITIONALLY. Such efforts are designed to help you make the best decision you can – for yourself and your business!

If you are not interested in working with design agencies, instead you’re just looking to build your own website. Then we recommend using a Website Builder where you can build your attorney website design on your own, by drag and drop solution. We also show you the pricing for attorney and lawyer website design.

Additionally, you can find the appropriate website templates for your law firm, or just use a website theme to build on your law firm content. It is important for you law firm use the right content management system that will allow you to deliver the right content to users, in a way that allows you to hit your website marketing goals!

Aleph Website is here to help you make the best choice! We want to make sure you avoid making a bad attorney website.

1. Paper Street

Paper Street is one of the most successful Web Design and Development companies focused on Attorney and Lawyer’s Digital requirements. With 40 employees located in Florida State, Paper Street is a highly specialized and dedicated Web Development company.

Check Paper Street Portfolio: Paper Street Attorney Firm Website Design.

Paper Street Business Model

Paper Street is focused on Law practice and attorneys, thereof. They don’t work with any other form of business. This permits them, on one hand, to improve their services for law firms and present a one-for-all solution for all law firm’s marketing needs. On the other hand, secluding themselves from working in other industries, they lose their creative capacities to invent better solutions. However, their focus on legal businesses, law practice, judicial and court-related website solutions, they do pose themselves as an authority in this field!

It is interesting to note that there’s another Marketing company that goes by the name of Paper Street Media. Also based in Florida, they too develop websites and offer marketing services in this area. We mention this fact merely to avoid confusion.

Paper Street website doesn’t appear first in search engine results. A Wikipedia page about a FICTIONAL Soap company (Paper Street Soap Co. created by Tyler Durden in the movie ‘Fight Club’) has beaten them to the chase… This is very sad…

paper street SERP performance

It definitely sets your expectation in terms of SEO. If you’re looking for SEO services for your law firm, we don’t recommend Paper Street.

Paper Street Pricing

For Small Law firms, the Website Cost with Paper Street is a minimum $15,000. Depending on the number of revisions and number of pages and features, it grows up to $25,000. Most legal businesses desire just an informational website, with an opt-in or a ‘get a quote’ form. However, not all law firms follow this pattern. Some legal businesses require smart features and special plugins – such a requirement comes at a hefty price!

As for Medium and Large Enterprises, the minimum cost is $40,000. There’s no upper threshold defined.

To learn more about Paper Street Pricing: Paper Street Design Pricing.

2. Zola Creative

Zola Creative has a great website and many customers. Although, their LinkedIn Profile shows no employees, even though they publish posts 2x monthly. But they have a sister company Zola Media LLC, where you can learn more about their Web Design Specialists. That’s a bit odd for company that focuses on Attorney Website Design. Nevertheless, their portfolio is impressive! Zola Creative works with small, medium and large law firms.

Check Zola Creative Portfolio: Zola Creative Attorney Website Design.


Zola Creative actually appears first in SERPs when you search for them. They seem to have good reviews on google and facebook. Whether these are legit reviews or fake, we can’t tell.

zola creative - attorney website design

Their website is simple and nice. They have more or less the same style of building websites as Paper Street. Although, they seem to have slightly better in-house designers, that shouldn’t be your #1 choosing factor, as what’s in the backend of the site is just as much important.

From our research, the websites they have created for their customers, such as Stein & Shulman, have a good SEO basis, this site is light and fast. A legal business, it has a good online visibility, and it is optimized for keywords relevant to law practice, court topics, lawsuits, attorney jargon, etc.

Zola Creative Pricing

Small law firms and attorney Website Design costs anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. However, they do offer cheaper solutions with limited features, slower hosting, and less optimized websites. They are specialized in attorney and law firm websites, which makes them a good pick even though the price is too high!

Zola Creative has no public pricing revealed, not even ranges. You must get in touch with one of their skilled sales reps to get a quote.

3. Aleph Website

Aleph Website is a team of three Specialists; One Developer, One Designer, and One Content Manager. We don’t have a Sales Rep, or a platform to mediate between us and the client. We’re a small team of highly dedicated individuals, whose purpose is to help Small and Medium Business Owners have the Best Website they can get at the lowest price possible!

Aleph Website Pricing

Starter Package = $599

Basic Package = $1,590

Pro Package = $3,690

The difference between Basic and Pro is:

  • Number of pages
  • Complexity of Features
  • Premium/Basic Plugins
  • SEM Rush use for Reporting and Auditing your website

The rest of the information is available on our Pricing Plan section:

Pricing Aleph Website for attorney website design

On the Aleph Website Homepage, you may find our prices disclosed with all that which is contained with each package. Alternatively, you may want to see Our Services. Or perhaps learn more About Us and our team. Of course, know that we are available for your questions and needs, just contact us!

Web Design Agency Aleph Website

Aleph Website as Attorney Website Design Provider

We have experience building attorney website design from scratch. We have built simple and complex websites. To showcase one of our Attorney websites please visit Martindale Law Group:

attorney website design by Aleph Website
attorney website design by Aleph Website

Aleph Website provide professional website services for lawyers. We work closely with our clients and maintain a strong relationship even years after the project is done. We love helping attorneys and lawyers, as we familiarize on a personal level with many people from the legal industry.

If you are an attorney, drop us a message and we will make sure to meet your expectations!

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