Best Website Builder for Real Estate Companies

Depending on your budget, required functionality, understanding of Website technology, and design requirements, there are different solutions that may serve as the best website builder for real estate companies!

best website builder for real estate

That being said, Website Builders may seem like the best option because of pricing, but that will turn out to be wrong over time, as your needs grow. It is also important to say that as you expand your business and your website, your Website Builder will charge you more…

Nonetheless, we list the top Website builders for the Real Estate Industry:

1. Wix – One of the Best Website Builders for Real Estate

The most popular and widely used is Wix. As a Website Builder, it is relatively easy to use and comes with many different options. Some of the packages offer ready Hosting and Domains too. Wix does have a free website builder option, although it is not recommended for professionals and businesses.

If you have ZERO experience with creating a Website and you’re looking for a temporary solution, Wix is on the top of the list! The control dashboard is quite intuitive and easy for beginners to navigate. Wix is a great solution if you need a personal website, and have NO BUDGET, and you are willing to create your own website.

real estate website builder wix - templates

Wix Templates are easy to use and they’re neat. The problem here is that you’re not owning the website, you are renting a template. Additionally, you are sharing the same template with many other real estate businesses. So your site is not really a unique business online, it is rather a cheap knockoff.

While Wix offers great solutions for those who need Ecommerce, your real estate agency, however, will not sell real estate property online. Hence, the eCommerce features won’t be so important to you.

Do Real Estate companies need Websites?

Cons of Using Website Builders

Let us suppose that you have already decided to use WIX. You will need to search for an adequate website template to use for the website design. Oftentimes, website templates for real estate agencies are clustered with those for lawyers and attorneys. This, however, is not a good practice. For you to have a good website, you will need a professional website design tailored only for your needs, your industry, and for your clients. Additionally, website templates come with a few disadvantages that may come biting you at later stages of business development.

2. Website Builder

WordPress offers a whole spectrum of Website Development and Design Solutions. It is the best CMS technology in the world and has some amazing stats to support that:

  • 40% of the WHOLE internet is powered by WordPress
  • Nearly 30% of all E-Commerce is powered by WooCommerce (a sophisticated WordPress Plugin)
  • 661 WordPress Websites are created DAILY

WordPress Website Builder, however, is not one of the best solutions they have. This Website Builder is designed for Blogging and Businesses who are in the Content Marketing Business – pumping lots of pages and posts to promote themselves and others.

best website builder for real estate - WordPress builder

This is not the ideal solution for Real Estate Agencies. That being said, this Website Builder is one of the cheapest solutions in the market.

Top 5 Best Website Builders for Small Businesses:

3. Squarespace – Allegedly one of the best website builders for real estate

In third place comes Unlike Wix, this Website Builder is more suited for Restaurants, galleries, and companies that have lots of images and an online store. Even a clothing store or an Art shop could be a good fit for Squarespace.

If you’re a real estate agency, you’re not going to sell houses online. So Squarespace may not be the perfect fit for you. Moreover, they don’t even have a template category for real estate businesses:

squarespace real estate

4. Aleph Website

We, the Aleph Website team, can build you the best Real Estate Website for you! We tailor the design and functionality to assimilate your business model fully. Our Services are comprehensive and we take on the responsibility of getting you online business, and online sales and we drive traffic to your website. You can always learn more about us and our team – to see for yourself if we are a good match for your website project. Alternatively, if you have a question, go ahead and contact us. We are more than happy to help you even if you decide that you don’t want to work with us!

aleph website prices and website cost

Also, we are the cheapest Web Design Agency in USA. You won’t find many design or marketing agencies offering what we are, at the price point that we do.

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Best Website Builder for Real Estate Companies

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