Digital Law Attorney & Legal Advisor WordPress Theme

digital law attorney & legal advisor WordPress theme

digital law attorney & legal advisor wordpress theme is something you’re going to look for as you journey out to build your first website.

As you’re building out your WordPress Website, you will realize some obstacles to success and hit the learning curve with design and development.

Aleph Website helps you find themes (and page templates) that you can install to your WordPress Website:

[special note] Why You Should not use Themes and templates for WordPress:

First, a small caveat:

If you’re using a theme or template, that could be a cheap and quick solution? But you get what you pay for… There are many hidden disadvantages to using templates and themes (especially FREE templates) :

If you want to have a high-quality, top-class attorney website, then we recommend that you hire a professional website designer to work closely with you. Otherwise, using website builders can be a very painful experience. You don’t want to have a bad attorney website, like so many websites out there.

digital law attorney & legal advisor WordPress theme - Is it a good thing?

1. Theme Forest Themes for WordPress Websites for Lawyers:

You can find around 200 themes on Theme Forest using the following link: Theme Forest WordPress Themes for Law Firms and attorneys.

Theme Forest uses envato market for website building services. That’s how you’d edit the template; fill out the content and add/remove page sections towards your needs.

Even before you have chosen your theme, you might want to make sure you have the right website builder for you. This is the case as well for web hosting – as you will need to place your domain DNS onto a legitimate and reliable web hosting server.


Theme Forest has the biggest spectrum of options available for Law firms. A total of 280 website themes exist only for lawyers and attorneys. The themes are varying in design so you can find many different types of sites that might suit your particular Niche.

Whether you’re in intellectual property infringement or family law, we are confident you’ll find a theme that fits your content and customer’s expectations.

theme forest  - website template for law firm and attorneys


These website templates are resalable. This means that you’re not the only one using this theme.

In many cases, you’re sharing the exact same pages with some other law firms. So if you are a respectable law company, we recommend not purchasing a theme template, but instead contracting professionals to do the job for you.

Here are some options you might want to look into:


Price range = $50 to $150

2. Web Flow Themes for WordPress Websites for Lawyers:

You can find around 50 themes on Web Flow using the following link: Web Flow WordPress themes for Law firms and attorneys.


Web Flow has generally really good designs, not just for law firms. Also, Web Flow has much better software for editing the pages than Theme Forest.

In addition to user-friendly and faster editing, you’re provided with Figma Files as resources that you can then hand over to a designer if you ever choose to hire a professional to build you a website.

digital law attorney & legal advisor wordpress theme in Web Flow


Fewer options (12 in total). This is a drawback if you don’t find the template you like, then you’re stuck with a narrow choice./but


Price range = $50 to $150

3. Nice Page Themes

Another great source of WordPress themes for your law firm is Nice Page.

nice page - website template for law firm and attorneys digital law attorney & legal advisor wordpress theme


Here you can find more beautiful web designs available for you. All these templates on Nice Page are FOR FREE. They come at no cost and are decent designs.


The number of options is lower than the previous two (Theme Forest and Web Flow). Additionally, the choice available is not so narrowly focused on law firms.


These themes are for free.

Question: Are Website Themes for WordPress responsive?

Good question! Make sure to use a responsive theme, otherwise, you will need to manually build the pages for Mobile and Tablet Experience. This can be a real pain in the butt if you have no experience in Web Development. Alternatively, you might want to explore the cost of responsive websites.

Curious how to build a law firm website properly?

Here are a few solutions you need to consider before going with the cheapest and worst option out there:

Or check our method of website creation to see how we do it:

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