6 reasons Why You Need Wholesale Real Estate websites?

Short answer: Yes. Wholesale real estate websites are needed! For a few reasons:

why wholesale real estate need websites
  1. It is easy to connect with people highly motivated to sell their house
  2. It allows you to collect information and pre-qualified house owners into your database
  3. You can negotiate price and even pay online
  4. Websites help you exhibit your properties so you can then resell them at a higher price
  5. People in need of a house can find you online quickly and get in touch with you
  6. A good website serves as Social Proof that your company is legitimate and worthy of consideration

1. A website helps you Acquire Houses at lower prices

When someone is highly motivated to sell his/her property they’d usually go online and look for companies buying houses. So, the company with the best and optimized website gets this business. Real estate investing is all about capturing the property at a low price point. So, having a website where you can get such leads is a prerequisite for a house flipper or a real estate agent.

property buying for real estate using wholesale websites

Without a website, you’re missing many low-cost properties and houses that otherwise could be in your portfolio! Buying a property requires you to be online and follow the housing market eagerly. Such an activity can be also incorporated into your website. Whereby, a plugin or a feature would permit you to do property flipping, distinguish between a single-family house and rental properties, etc. This form of wholesale real estate organization will surely skyrocket your real estate business!

Other wholesale real estate websites, if you don’t have a website, are using the fact that you’re not present and dominating online sales using your website. So the sense of urgency and necessity to incorporate a wholesale website to your real estate agency organization is also a matter of defending against other realtors. This is more true for the real estate business than any other, because the geographic location is so important, and because google will make sure you show up for the local area you are working on!

2. Collect Information in a database

One of the perks of having a website is the capability of collecting data. Whether you’re scouting for low-cost distressed houses to purchase, or prospects to sell houses to, a database is super useful!

Here are a few reasons to consider having a database on your website:

  • Connect the Database to Leads that are qualified for Sales calls
  • Associate properties with accounts
  • Centralized system for manipulating all data

This is an example from Realtor’s website:

realtor example of how to collect data

This is taken from the page where you can check the price of your home. This way, the user enters the details of the property and some basic personal information (email address, physical address, etc.).

Now Realtor.com has this data and they know that the User is looking to sell the property in the near future. With this data, they can approach the User with an adequate offer.

Wholesale real estate websites help realtors to interact with users and obtain valuable data that helps them get a steady stream of real estate clients! It is so much easier to flip houses, rent apartments, regulate rental payments, and store documents with a website.

rental contract for real estate

Wholesale real estate websites also allow you to nurture leads. By collecting data about their online behavior, you can learn at which stage of property purchase/sale they’re in. Knowing this, you are able to hit a great price point and make a good bargain as a real estate agent.

How much does a website cost?

3. Negotiate price and convert leads

Studies have found that many house buyers make the first step toward buying a house online. So if you have your contact forms ready for leads, the likelihood that you will be able to negotiate price and convert the leads before even showing the house is high.

A great Contact Form we recommend at Aleph Website is WP Forms:

wp forms help convert prospect

This is a great opportunity to warm the prospect and set up the atmosphere for faster closure!

Foreclosure is crucial for a successful realtor! This stage must be well planned for. Good wholesale real estate websites play a major role in foreclosure. Having the data at hand will allow you to negotiate and protect your interest – that’s what makes a real estate website so important!

4. Websites help exhibit your real estate portfolio

Uploading high-quality images to your website and promoting the content to users online is a very helpful marketing trick to attract more visitors and leads!

exhibit wholesale real estate portfolio on your  websites

One of the best Real Estate Websites is The Altman Brothers Team. On top of an already beautiful website, they have an excellent Portfolio Page, where you will see many beautiful images and nice effects helping you cruise along with the page and explore various real estate properties.

It is this ability to showcase your portfolio that makes the user bookmark the page and desire the property even more. Increased interest is not the only effect achieved; good images make the property look better and you can sell at higher prices! Good web design, therefore, will set the right prior context to increase interest, trust, and online sales.

5. People Looking for houses will visit your website

51 percent of today’s home buyers find their home on the internet. This means that you if you don’t have a website, you’re likely to lose half of your clients!

Don’t miss out! Wholesale real estate websites are necessary for this industry. Not having one is simply being absent altogether!

Make sure to have a good quality website and create SEO-optimized pages on your site. That way you can rank high and searchers may find you in Search Engine Results Pages.

Aleph Pro Tip

Always keep publishing new blog posts. Using these posts, you will increase your visibility and learn more about your visitors. From there, you can define the Customer Persona and start delivering the right content that will effectively convert visitors into prospects!

6. Good Websites serve as social proof for wholesale real estate business

You are in a very specific industry, where certain malpractices do occur. On Craigslist, for example, many of the houses exhibited are fake posts and scammers trying to get you to pay the deposit, or give some personal information prior to visiting the house.

scammers and fake house posts

High-ticket buyers are surely going to focus on Real Estate companies that have a STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE. That’s how trust is built between the buyer and the seller in the digital world of business. That’s why professional websites are more likely to win new business!

Real estate investing, brokerage, property trade, house flipping, and renting are all very sensitive activities. There will be many documents exchanged, high quantity of money at stake. This is why TRUST is the key ingredient to success. Make your wholesale real estate agency stand out by owning a good website!

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