How much does a Responsive Website Cost?

Firstly, not all websites are responsive. If you need a new website, you’ll need to make sure you can have a responsive website design. Otherwise, you are going to lose a big chunk of your online business – around 50% of it. So how much does a responsive website cost?

Aleph Website explores the pricing of responsive web design. Read more to get a better understanding.

how much does a responsive website cost? Explained!

1. DIY (Do it Yourself) Website Builders

We are listing the three most famous Do-it-Yourself Website Builders. That is; Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. These builders are advertised as Responsive. However, the Responsiveness is actually just a minimal function of checking how the design looks on mobile and tablets. Needless to say, you don’t get to control the elements fully and you cannot really provide a different user experience on mobile phones. It is a problem because users behave differently on different devices.

Responsiveness is not just device compatibility of the design, it is the provision of an adequate User Experience tailored for a specific device with the objective of maximizing conversions.


Price of Website Builder$13 – $39 [monthly]$12 – $40 [monthly]$6 – $26 [monthly]
Cost of Additional Features$10 – $50 [monthly]$10 – $50 [monthly]$10 – $50 [monthly]
Cost of buying Stock Photos$5 – $25 [monthly]$5 – $25 [monthly]$5 – $25 [monthly]
Cost of Education$20 – $100 [monthly]$20 – $100 [monthly]$20 – $100 [monthly]
Total Cost $48 – $214 [monthly]$47 – $215 [monthly]$41 – $201 [monthly]
Total Cost in 5 years$2,880 – $12,840$2,820 – $12,900$2,460 – $12,060
Time Invested to Build the Website2-3 hours daily3-4 hours daily3-4 hours daily
Value for money4/53/53/5
Design Flexibility3/52/52/5
Customer ratings4/53/53/5

Make sure to study carefully website builders. They all have the same business model – luring you with the monthly fees that see affordable and approachable. However, once in business with them, these perks turn into liabilities and now you have yourself a website to build, manage and fix, on top of all the work you have to do on a business level.

Aleph Website is not trying to convince you not to use website builders. Actually, we disclose the best website builders to you so you can choose what you like most! We just want to make sure you get the Service you need!


  • Cheap websites can be built with builders.
  • Quickly set up pages and launch a basic website just to share online information with your customers.
  • If you are in need of a temporary solution, these are effective.


  • Low quality of Web Design across your devices. Ask yourself ‘how much do i know about mobile website design? Do I know how to wireframe? Did I create a blueprint of my website navigation specific to mobile devices?’ If the answer is ‘no’ you shouldn’t proceed with this option.
  • Experiencing bugs and issues on mobile and tablet devices. This will force you to hire a developer to debug your pages on mobile devices.
  • Very slow Website and long Loading of Mobile pages. There are features such as AMP (accelerated mobile pages) that can be developed into your website to allow fast loading. If you’ve never heard of AMP before, you should hire a professional.
  • Low conversions and many dropouts on mobile devices. You’ll see from google analytics that mobile visitors are dropping out quickly. This sends a signal to Google that your website is not good, and in turn, deranks you from Search Engine Results Pages.
  • You won’t get customer support or maintenance with DIY builders… So good luck with that.
  • Most Website templates available are not custom-designed for your business, instead, they are default across your industry
  • With website builders, you don’t get premium plugins which are necessary for high-quality performance
  • e-commerce is considered as a whole separate feature that you have to pay extra for. In the case of Shopify, there’s even a 20% racket on your sales…

So, how much does a Responsive Website Cost? If you ask us, not much…

2. Hire Freelancers

A slightly better option is hiring freelancers to get the job done for you. This option is good if you are tech-savvy and understand web development technology or design on a proficient level. In such a scenario, you’d hire someone who has the time and experience to do that which you don’t have the time and experience to do… Any other scenario and this option can turn into a nightmare.

Freelancers are self-employed one-man-show individuals. They design and develop the responsive website from scratch for you. The most popular platform for hiring freelancers are UpWork and Fiverr.

what hiring the wrong freelancer feels like.
What hiring the wrong freelancer feels like.


Price of Registration on the platform$0 – $500 [monthly]$0
Platform Additional Fee per Project20% – 5%5%
Number of Hours required to build a Website160 – 480 hours160 – 480 hours
Cost per working Hour$15 – $120$5 – $80
Total Cost of hiring a Freelancer to do the work$2,400 – $57,600$800 – $38,400
Total Cost after Platform Fees$2,880 – $61,970$840 – $40,320
Time Invested to manage the Freelancer2-5 hours daily4-5 hours daily
Number of Freelancers on the platformMassive global talent poolMany freelancers of all levels of expertise
Quality of FreelancersRanges from Amateur to ProfessionalRanges from Amateur to Professional
Customer ratings4/53/5

With freelancers, you need to ask many questions. To be on top of their work everyday! Here are some topics you should be asking your freelancer:

These are just a few questions that will help you set the scene before you hand over the access to your digital assets. Bear in mind that you need to trust this person. Find a way to hold them accountable; whether by signing an NDA or getting their documents sorted out before commencing the website development project.


  • Preview portfolio and reviews before choosing the adequate freelancer you need
  • You can use the platform for other services you may need to kickstart your business (Ads, Social Media, SEO, etc.)
  • it is cheaper than Website Builders (Wix, Squarespace, etc.). Even though it doesn’t seem like it, when measured for a duration of 5 years, it does!


  • In order to get a good responsive website, you need to actively manage your freelancer.
  • Most of them don’t speak English! It is extremely hard communicating with them. Especially because they always say they understand what you need, even if they are completely confused.
  • Freelancers use Pre-made templates for the website. So often they try to avoid building responsive designs, but instead, use pre-made responsiveness – which in reality is just like Option 1 (DIY Website). This is a trick, they’re very much cheating their way thru.
  • Most Mobile pages will not be properly optimized. Even your homepage will load slowly and provide a very bad user experience. Check page speed always and ensure you’re getting at least 70.
  • SEO and Content Strategy are different for the mobile experience. As mobile users interact with content differently. This is almost never taken into account when freelancers are building the website. This is the case simply because your freelancer is good at one thing, but not the other…
  • All good freelancers are taken!

So, how much does a Responsive Website Cost? If you ask us, not much…

3. Contract a Digital Marketing Company

Marketing agencies are your best option. They have experience, understanding, and teams of experts ready to serve you. This however comes at a significant price point!

The following prices are from We chose companies that have good ratings and are more or less known for their work: Digi Tech, Smart Sites, Caveni Digital Solutions, and 3 Media Web.

How much does a Responsive Website Cost? by Aleph Website

This is the best website solution for your business. Especially if you are a medium to large enterprise, you would need a company with 10+ years of experience and many previous clients from your industry. Professional websites are high-quality websites. Unlike personal websites, they are much more expensive!


Cost of a BASIC Website$20,000 – $80,000$10,000 – $25,000$5,000 – $10,000$15,000 – $35,000
Cost of a PRO Website$80,000 – $200,000$25,000 – $50,000$25,000 – $50,000$35,000 – $80,000
Cost of Additional Hour$100 – $200$100 – $149$200 – $300$150 – $200
Main SpecialtyWeb DesignPaid AdsWeb DevelopmentWeb Design


  • Professional Look and Feel of the Design
  • Fast Loading of mobile pages
  • SEO and Content, as well as Web Dev Best practices, implemented
  • Excellent Customer Support and Professional Maintenance of your Website.


  • Besides the obvious downside (price), you will get overcharged for a responsive design that can be done even better.
  • Any additional requirements (which you will surely need as they don’t ever complete the website in one swing) will be charged highly. The cost of 1 hour of labor can be even $300/h. So if you need them to punch in 20 hours more, you’ll end up paying $6,000. That’s insane.
  • Customer support is very corporative. This means they will try to sell you things and avoid actually helping you.

4. Contract Aleph Website to build you the Website you want

When we say that we have the best Price-Quality Ratio in USA, we REALLY DO MEAN IT!

Aleph Website is a team of three Specialists; One Developer, One Designer and One Content Manager. We don’t have a Sales Rep, or a platform to mediate between us and the client. We’re a small team of highly dedicated individuals, whose purpose is to help Small and Medium Business Owners have the Best Website they can get at the lowest price possible!

You can learn more about us and our services. We build professional websites and we do discounts. So tune in!


TOTAL COST $599$1,590$3,690
Web Design Services
Template Design– Custom Design
– Marketing Funneling embedded for Mobile experience
– Mobile Design based on your industry and needs
– Custom Design
– Marketing Funneling embedded for Mobile experience
– Mobile Design based on your industry and needs
Unique Branding (Icons, Fonts, Images, Illustrations, Colors, etc.)
Web Development
Services Included
Professional Hosting + Customer Support– Hosting + Customer Support
– RESPONSIVE to Mobile/Tablet/Desktop
– WordPress CMS + Training
– Firewall Protection against Hackers
CUSTOM Page Build [No themes or templates used!]
– Hosting + Customer Support
– RESPONSIVE to Mobile/Tablet/Desktop
– WordPress CMS + Training
– Firewall Protection against Hackers
Premium WordPress Plugins/Tools
– AMP – Accelerated mobile pages
E-commerce Store
CUSTOM Page Build [No themes or templates used!]
Web SEO Services
KW Research– Cloudflare for CDN and Fast loading of mobile pages
– Google Search Console Optimization for Mobile Experience and Interface debugging
– Cloudflare for CDN and Fast loading of mobile pages
– Google Search Console Optimization for Mobile Experience and Interface debugging
Web Maintenance
None.None.All Support and Maintenance done professionally.


Many of our current customers have wondered how come we can deliver such web solutions at low prices. There are no secret folks, it is all about optimizing the process and standardizing basic functions. Our workflow allows us space for creativity and brainstorming, but the rest of the steps are very controlled and easily executed using automating features.

Of course, if is easier said than done. We do provide you with a blog post to reveal more information about our workflow:

ALEPH WEBSITE – How much does a Responsive Website Cost ANSWERED

As initially stated, the price varies… But the reality is that around 50% of your online visitors are using your responsive design.

To build a good responsive design, one needs to invest at least $5,000.

Here at Aleph Website, we can get it done for less.

How much does a Responsive Website Cost depends on whom you hire to do the job.

How much does a Responsive Website Cost?

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