How to Build a WordPress Website in 3 STEPS

Are you wondering how to build a WordPress Website? You’ve landed on the right article. This is a very short article with useful links that will help you establish a 3-STEP Process to get yourself a Good WordPress Website!

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Step 1: Buy Domain and Hosting Space

The first step is to set up your DNS (Domain Name System) which is basically your Internet address. Here, we also will need a Hosting Server where your DNS can be located, and from where it will communicate with users who are sending HTTPS requests with your DNS.

1.1. Buy Domain Name System (DNS)

There are many DNS providers. To list a few:

This cost varies anywhere between $8 to $50 annually for a single domain. In most places, you get a discount if you purchase a domain name 5 years in advance. Plus if you’re serious about your business and have determined exactly what you want to do, then you should buy domains for a longer period.

Sometimes the domain name you desire is already purchase and there’s one-time fee you need pay to get that particular domain name.


We use Google Domains and Name Cheap.

name cheap - wordpress domain - how to build a wordpress website

Our favorite though is Name Cheap. It allows you to secure privacy and protects your domain spyware right from the start.

Name Cheap also give you a free 1 month account if you wish to build a WordPress Website.

1.2. Buy Hosting

There are lots of Hosting Providers. We list the most popular ones:

Depending on how much traffic you’re gonna get, and the complexity of the website you’re building, you can find Hosting Services from $3/monthly to $200/monthly.

The difference in the packages regards:

  • CPU – Central Processing Unit of the Physical Server (the Computing power of the engine delivering your website)
  • RAM – Random Access Memory of the Physical Server (The Memory capacity for handling requests and responsive-fast loading)
  • SSD – Solid-State Drive (how many Gigabytes of storage space you’re getting)
  • Customer Support
  • Extra integrations and Protection
  • WordPress Integration Feature

So as you can see, Hosting Providers have also special offers for those looking to build a WordPress website.


All Providers are good, but 2 stand out in terms of compatibility with WordPress CMS:

  1. Blue Host
  2. Site Ground

Our Favorite is Site Ground because it also provides you with SG Optimizer that helps manage Caching, Image Optimization and has a little smart feature for Cloudflare integration. Additionally, Site Ground has great prices and works closely with WordPress. They are reliable and give you nice management tools in their Control Panel.

SG Optimizer Site Ground - Caching, image optimization

Step 2: Setting Up Your WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

Once you’ve bought Hosting and DNS, it is time to set up your WordPress CMS Account.

WordPress is the easiest and most reliable CMS technology out there. We have proved this with multiple firm arguments.

For our choice of technology, Site Ground, we are providing a nice little tutorial that helps you set up your Word Press account. This tutorial by Sling & Stone Marketing helps you understand what is a Word Press Theme and how to lay down the building blocks properly. This video shows how to build a WordPress website after you’ve acquired DNS and Hosting:

———- Aleph Note:

While it may seem easy to follow the steps in the video, we assure you that NOT UNDERSTANDING what you are doing is going to cost you more than you think. Any mistake you make may lead to errors down the road. Such errors can be an easy fix, but for the most part you’d have to hire a developer!

Step 3: Optimizing the WordPress Website

We assume that by now you’ve already chosen your templates and basic plugins. We also assume that you have your website secured with a SSL connection, and all your pages are HTTPS encrypted.

Now, the 3rd step is optimizing your website so it runs faster. Here’s video by Ahref’s amazing Sam:

———- Aleph Note:

We actually use a different setup for optimization, one a bit more complex and professional. As formerly stated, we use SG Optimizer and Cloudflare in Combo. These two help us deliver high-quality content at lightning speed. However, this video is designed to help you get started and learn the basics of WordPress Website Optimization and how to properly build a WordPress website.

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How to build a WordPress Website?

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