How to Build An Audience Online In 5 SIMPLE Steps

Curious how to build an Audience Online? Here’s a 5-Steps System that GUARANTEES SUCCESS!

Shortly, we will see a great pool of new ‘small’ influencers entering the marketing game and contributing to businesses through advertising, affiliating, and promoting products to their small-sized audiences.

The year 2021 is one of Digital Expansion and Social Media connections. So, if you’re looking to get traction with your audience, you need to start doing social media marketing.

But first, let us explain how to build an audience online so you can actually manage successfully your social media accounts!

1. Create All Social Media Profiles

If you’re a Small Business pondering how to Build An Audience Online – You Must Build Many Social Media Connection Points!!!

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you want to create and influence your audience! But, in order to achieve that, you must first CONNECT with your audience! Luckily, Aleph Website has poured over 10 years of Professional Audience Building Online so you can learn how to do it too!

How to Build An Audience Online In 5 SIMPLE Steps

Our Social Media Strategy is two-fold:

  1. Be Present on all Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Youtube)
  2. Focus on Your Star Social Media Profile (Aleph Website Linkedin Profile)

The reason to have all social media that you can is that you want to have many links going from social media platforms to your Website. Also, in time, these profiles will grow and you’ll soon have the traffic coming your way.

As for your Star Profile, this is where you build your Social Proof.

how to build an audience

2. ENGAGE Your Audience

First, you need to understand your target market needs. Then develop solutions to their problems and alleviate pain for them through products you are marketing.

engage phase of audience building online

Once you have such a product, you will ATTRACT consumers toward your business.

If you don’t have a good product you won’t have any attraction by their side, and therefore your engagement will be weak!

Once you got this right, the next step is to APPROACH your consumers. Start by introducing yourself; who are you, what you do, and most importantly why you do what you do!

In the beginning, your audience is small, and you can quickly write to them and ask questions. Simple ones, such as “what did you like about my posts?”

This type of feedback is invaluable as it will help you understand why your brand is attractive and how it attracts attention. Blog Posts are particularly useful in this; as blog posts can be repurposed into social media posts. That way you can easily read the comments and outline the sections that might need improvements.

3. COMMEND Your Audience

Be kind, be charming and recognize your audience’s importance by paying them COMPLIMENTS. They will appreciate that behavior and you will have the opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship with them!

commend phase of audience building online

Now that you have the attention of your audience, DON’T WASTE IT RUSHING TO SELL STUFF RIGHT AWAY!!!

It isn’t enough to just compliment though, you must do your research on your audience. Studying your Customer Persona Segment will help a lot. That way, you can understand what they go through, what troubles them, and what they are good at doing. This is the perfect moment to address their qualities and give them PRAISE that genuinely shows your understanding of their point of view!

Complimenting and praising your audience members makes them feel special! Everyone wants to feel special. Additionally, this helps them feel like they made the right choice to join your network and follow you. Ultimately this will give you more engagement back from them. But also, loyalty in the long run.

4. ENTERTAIN Your Audience

At this stage your audience is relaxed, happy to be in your presence and they listen to you attentively, ready to absorb the information coming from you.

entertain phase of audience building online

Create an Outbound Marketing Plan; whether it’s an email campaign or adding them to your Social Media Groups. If the previous steps were respected, you will have a high CTR (click through rate) which can lead them to your landing page.

It is best to use this opportunity to EDUCATE your audience about your products and how you can help them solve their problems and obtain value from purchasing your products.

Once they can relate to your product, make sure to leave the communication with a high-note!

AMUSE your audience here. It is important to develop their perception of you and your company as a virtual place of fun, happiness and entertainment!

It’s all about maintaining their attention! Once they are part of your network, make sure to give them material that they enjoy. It is not always about education, sometimes it is about art and pleasure. Content should be diverse, NEVER BORING!

5. MAINTAIN Your Audience

At this stage, you will see increased sales conversions! So congratulations!

maintain phase of audience building online

It’s highly likely that consumers will be happy with your products and leave you good reviews that will generate future revenues for you.

While reaping the benefits of your hard work, make sure to LISTEN to the feedback given by your audience.

There is a lot to learn from listening to what consumers actually think is good/bad about your product.

Finally, don’t wait! INTERACT your audience and make sure they get what they want. If you just listen and do nothing, it translates to negligence and lack of customer care!

In the phase of interaction with the audience, we’re closing a full loop – back again to engagement. Albeit, this time, our engagement is more powerful and solidified by creating an emotional bond.

Be proactive and keep your audience
communicating back-and-forth with you!
That’s the best data you can gather!
Plus, your customer will respect you very much
for taking the time to tend to their needs!

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How to build an audience online in 5 SIMPLE steps

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