How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Sentiment analysis, a key part of natural language processing (NLP), helps businesses see how people feel in their reviews and posts toward trends, products and services.

With Perplexity’s help, companies can understand customer opinions better, manage their brand’s image, and make smarter marketing choices. 

We’ll explore why sentiment analysis matters in advertising and market entry, demonstrating how it helps businesses understand and respond to customer sentiments accurately, including how to conduct sentiment analysis with Perplexity.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Why Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis, often known as opinion mining, is an area of natural language processing (NLP) that examines textual data to determine sentiment or the expressed emotional tone. It classifies emotions as good, negative, or neutral depending on the content and context of the text. Businesses and organizations use sentiment analysis to analyze customer happiness, manage brand reputation, and better understand consumer perceptions.

Customer reviews, social media postings, and survey replies are examined using sentiment analysis, which combines machine learning, statistical analysis, and language norms. It recognizes and extracts subjective information from text by evaluating the language and phrases used to evaluate sentiment toward certain subjects, goods, or services. 

Insights collected from sentiment analysis help organizations address consumer problems, modify marketing tactics, and make informed decisions.

In this article, we’re using sentiment analysis for the following marketing tasks:

1. The Importance of Sentiment Analysis in Advertising

Sentiment analysis is essential in advertising as it offers valuable insights into consumer perceptions and reactions, enabling marketers to gain a deeper understanding of what matters to their audience and how they respond to different topics. These insights serve as a foundation for creating more effective advertisements that resonate with consumers and drive engagement.

Understanding how people feel also helps advertisers solve problems before they happen. If they see that people might not like something in an ad, they can change it before it goes out.

So, sentiment analysis helps advertisers make smart choices about what to say in their ads. This means they can make ads that people really connect with and want to buy from. It’s like a secret weapon for making ads that work!

Additionally, where you’re advertising is really important. Different places have different cultures and ways of speaking. This means what works in one area might not work in another. It’s like knowing the rules of the game in each place you’re playing.

For example, in some countries, ads need to respect local customs and traditions. In other places, people might care more about things like simple design and being eco-friendly.

So, by understanding both how people feel and where they live, advertisers can make ads that really speak to them and make them want to buy what’s being advertised. It’s all about making ads that people love, no matter where they’re from.

2. Applying Sentiment Analysis for Market Entry and Product Launch

Understanding how people feel about a new product before launching it is crucial. It helps businesses understand if people will like it or not. This understanding is influenced by many factors, including where people live, their cultural beliefs, traditions, and the environment they’re in. By understanding these factors, companies can adjust their plans to match what people want. This helps them sell more and satisfy their customers. So, paying attention to people’s opinions and the cultural context helps companies make better decisions about how to sell their products.

Imagine you’re launching a new line of plant-based meat substitutes. In a country like Sweden, where there’s a growing trend towards vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, the sentiment towards plant-based products is generally positive. So, introducing your new plant-based meat substitute could be a smart move, as it aligns with the values and preferences of the Swedish market.

However, if you were to introduce the same product in a country like Argentina, where meat is a significant part of the culture and cuisine, the sentiment towards plant-based alternatives might not be as strong. Here, the sentiment towards traditional meat products could be much more positive, making it challenging for your plant-based substitute to gain traction.

By understanding the sentiment towards your product in different markets, you can gauge where it’s likely to be well-received and where it might face challenges. This insight allows you to tailor your marketing strategies and product offerings accordingly, maximizing your chances of success in each market.

3. Sentiment Analysis in Micro-Influencer Recruitment

When considering hiring a micro-influencer to endorse products or services, assessing sentiment towards the individual becomes paramount. 

It’s essential to gauge whether the influencer’s reputation aligns with the brand’s values and if any negative sentiment, such as a criminal record or other stains on their name, could impact the brand’s success. 

Understanding public sentiment beforehand is crucial as it directly influences the effectiveness of the influencer’s promotion and the overall reputation of the brand.

Why Reddit for Sentiment Analysis?

Reddit serves as an invaluable platform for sentiment analysis, particularly through its vast repository of User Generated Content (UGC) in the form of forum discussions. These forums, known as subreddits, are dedicated to specific topics, hobbies, interests, and industries, where users engage in open discussions, share experiences, and express their opinions.

User Generated Content (UGC) refers to any content, such as text, images, videos, or reviews, created and shared by users on online platforms like social media, forums, or websites. It includes contributions made by individuals rather than content produced by the platform itself.

UGC forums on Reddit provide a unique opportunity for sentiment analysis, as they offer real-time insights into the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes of diverse communities.

Reddit is a valuable platform for sentiment analysis due to several key reasons:

  1. Diverse User Base: Reddit hosts a highly diverse user base with millions of active users participating in various subreddits, offering a wide range of thoughts and feelings on a variety of issues.
  2. Real-Time Honest Opinions: Reddit is a wealth of real-time honest opinions and reviews on a wide range of topics and niches, making it an ideal source of data for sentiment analysis.
  3. Valuable Insights: Users on Reddit share their thoughts, feedback, and expectations regarding companies’ services and products, providing companies with important insights for analyzing brand reputation, services, and products.

By analyzing user-generated content on Reddit, companies can stay informed about evolving consumer preferences, enhance brand reputation, and foster deeper connections with their target audience.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Perplexity is referred to as an ‘ask engine’. It produces results very similar to search engines, except it relies on GPT-4 to produce the layout and output.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to conduct sentiment analysis for you small business:

Navigate to the ‘New Thread’ option to initiate research on a specific topic. 

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Select ‘Reddit’ as your primary source of information by clicking on ‘Focus’. 

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Opting for the PRO option is beneficial as it utilizes the advanced capabilities of GPT-4. 

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Then, input your prompt regarding the particular term you’re interested in exploring. Perplexity will present the sources used to collect comments on the desired issue, providing you with valuable insights.

These sources consist of authentic, credible opinions, reviews, and attitudes from individuals regarding the topic under research. This allows you to explore sentiment analysis of the specific topic and delve deeper into it.

After providing the prompt, Perplexity will present the results. You can check and see the sources Perplexity used for this research. If you want to delve deeper into specific aspects, you can open the provided URLs to review the original information and opinions shared by participants in the discussions.

1. Sentiment Analysis for Market Entry & Product Launch

We would like to illustrate how introducing a new product into a new market can be achieved through sentiment analysis. In this case, we aim to determine whether introducing eco-friendly packaging for my natural juices in Berlin is a viable option for marketing, targeting a specific market niche, and considering the market’s geographic location.

For instance, our scenario involves the expansion of natural juice business by introducing eco-friendly packaging in Berlin. To assess the overall customer sentiment regarding eco-friendly packaging in the city, we formulated the prompt: ‘What is the general sentiment toward eco-friendly food packaging in Berlin?’ We selected Reddit as the platform for our study and enabled the Pro option.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Analysis Breakdown

We examined three key variables simultaneously as part of our research into entering the market with a new product:

  1. Firstly, eco-friendly packaging and it serves as a marketing cue or strategy.
  2. Secondly, focusing on food products targets a specific market niche.
  3. Lastly, Berlin represents the market geo-location, where we aim to introduce our new product with eco-friendly packaging.

Regarding the output from Perplexity, overall customer sentiment towards eco-friendly food packaging in Berlin is generally positive.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Perplexity provided an amazing collection of sources. It efficiently addressed all of the variables we were interested in, offering complete information. The process of picking information to create output was outstanding, guaranteeing that we gained clear and accurate insights into Berlin people’s views about eco-friendly packaging.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Perplexity displays related questions and offers the opportunity to ask follow-up questions within the same thread. This feature enhances user engagement and allows for further exploration of the topic at hand, creating a more interactive and informative experience for users.

In this case, the related prompts are:

  • What Are Some Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Options Available in Berlin
  • How Do Berliners View Eco-Friendly Food Packaging
  • Are There Any Initiatives in Berlin to Promote Eco-Friendly Food Packaging
How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

2. Sentiment Analysis for Hiring a Micro-Influencer

We conducted sentiment analysis for hiring a micro-influencer. In our scenario, we aim to engage a fitness micro-influencer to promote fitness equipment, and it’s crucial to evaluate the overall sentiment regarding our choice.

The prompt we used is: “What is the predominant sentiment towards Natacha Océane, a London-based fitness micro-influencer?” 

As already explained, we selected Reddit as our platform for analysis and enabled the Pro option.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Using sentiment analysis for this purpose will help us determine if it’s appropriate to hire a specific influencer to meet your needs.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Additionally, we received related questions and suggestions from Perplexity, which can help us analyze deeply.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Moreover, sources covered for this topic range from reviews regarding their fitness program to her behavior, providing comprehensive insights.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

And more:

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

3. Sentiment Analysis for Ad Copy and Perception by Market Segment

In our latest research, we aim to demonstrate that specific advertisements cannot be universally applied across all markets with the same tone and copy. They are influenced by the traditions and cultural norms of specific territories. Additionally, they can impact vulnerable groups, necessitating careful consideration of the message’s tone and content. This is where sentiment analysis plays a crucial role.

Let’s consider the market potential in Saudi Arabia, where traditional clothing holds significant cultural importance. To understand interest, we asked: “Do men in Saudi Arabia embrace wearing skirts?” This question aims to grasp their feelings toward this garment and whether they identify it as such.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Although it might seem unconventional, exploring men’s skirt advertisements could offer a unique opportunity given their wealthy population. 

Perplexity’s response shed light on the clothing norms in Saudi Arabia, revealing that men typically wear a garment known as “wizar,” which bears a resemblance to a skirt. Moreover, it provided insights into women’s clothing and the broader cultural context.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Upon analyzing the output, we recognized the importance of using culturally appropriate terminology in our advertising. Instead of referring to “skirts,” incorporating the term “wizar” aligns better with local customs and preferences. This strategic approach ensures that our ad copy resonates positively with the target audience, contributing to a more effective marketing campaign.

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

Also, we got relevant queries and recommendations from Perplexity, which can assist us in conducting a thorough analysis:

How to Conduct Sentiment Analysis With Perplexity

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