How to do Contact page SEO?

Contact Page SEO is one of the mysteries of search engine optimizations. On one hand, the contact page is not seen as an important ranking page, on the other hand, it is the most important landing page as all the conversions occur here!

How to do Contact page SEO?

Aleph Website answers how to do SEO for the Contact Page. It is important to master this optimization as it will trickle down into leads and sales!

This article discusses the best SEO practices for the Contact Page. A really good contact page must contain certain features to allow it to rank higher and be presented better in SERP searches (search engine results page).

contact page SEO results in more calls, more leads, and more sales!

Why Do I need a contact Page?

The contact page is part of your basic website setup. The contact page is where your potential customers can get in touch with you. A website should have:

Organic Search Traffic is 5x more likely to convert than Paid/outreach traffic!

If optimized for search results, the contact page may serve as Landing Page too. Most websites focus only on the Homepage and forget that most conversions and lead generation happen on the contact page. That is why we are explaining how to create a contact page like a landing page!

How to Build A contact Page for higher conversions?

The best way to build a landing page is by creating a highly converting page where visitors will be prompted to fill out the contact form and get in touch with you that way.

If you are curious about what are some good contact page examples, then Aleph Website is here to help you by providing you with some examples that will help you create your own contact page.

1. On-Page SEO optimizations of the Content on the Contact Page

First, the Contact Us Page needs to be a separate web page. needs a separate page. It cannot be a pop-up window. Needless to say, Contact Page SEO is not possible without a separate web page!

Search Engines scan each page separately and based on what is on the page they get a better understanding of the internal structure of the website. Each time a crawl is conducted, the engines look for the basic page identifiers.

Basic Optimizations OF the contact Page SEO:

  1. Metadata (meta title tags and meta description that contain the keyword ‘contact’)
  2. H1, H2, H3, H4 (headers containing semantically related keywords such as ‘get in touch with us’ or ‘fill out the form’)
  3. Text (the text should help the reader navigate the page, find the contact form and understand how to fill it out)
  4. Image Alternative Text (all contact pages have a highly converting image/video – this DOM object needs to have an alternative text tag)
  5. Internal Links and anchor text
  6. Backlinks
  7. Email
  8. Social Media Links

If the website doesn’t have a Contact Page, that makes it harder to rank branded KWs. The Contact Page contains a lot of content that covers various points of contact. These important data points are:

  • social media accounts, 
  • names of people on the other end of the phone, 
  • A Contact Form 
  • An email address for direct mail
  • Descriptive text explaining the Contact Process
  • Text and creatives (image) geared towards increasing  CTR 
  • Links to About Page where the User has a chance to read more about the company and its people
  • An opportunity to create backlinks to the contact page
  • A map (local navigation) that connects with google

All of this data that Search Engines can parse and connect to the rest of the pages. Websites with a Contact Page will have a higher Domain Ranking.

2. Google Business Profile Optimizations for Better Search Appearance

Google My Business (Google Business Profile) allows businesses to offer an ‘appointment link’ straight from the knowledge panel. The knowledge panel is the Informational Graph that appears on Google. It allows the user to interact with your business without ever accessing your website.

This has its own advantages and disadvantages, but as long as you are using Google, you will have to utilize this platform fully!

Here’s how this feature works from within GMB (Google My Business, a.k.a. Google Business Profile):

google knowledge panel for aleph website - appointment link

This beautiful info graph belongs to Aleph Website and contains valuable information that the user can use to get in touch with you instantly. Not only that, but your viewers can get in touch directly by hitting the ‘appointment button.’

How Do I Sign Up for Google Business Profile?

Simply go to Google Business Profile, and sign up for free. From within your account, you will be able to add all the contact information.

google business profile. former google my business

To add the appointments link go to the INFO section and look up ‘appointments link:’

Now just drop the Contact URLs in this section and it will automatically pop up with your knowledge panel!

Other Search Engines

You can do the same for Bing, Edge, Safari, etc. All of the search engines have the equivalent of Google Business Profile.

3. Schema Markup for the Contact Page SEO

Schema markup is an HTML script used by Google to generate Rich Results, a.k.a. Featured Snippets. Schema markups allow the contact page to be more effective, more visible, and get you more clients in turn! Schema markup is an advanced Contact Page SEO action. Here are two schema markups you can use to optimize your contact page seo:

3.1. Site Navigation Markup

Site navigation is the menu that appears in search results right below no. 1 result. This featured menu is created by a schema markup. As you can see from the example of the site navigation below – there is a Contact Us link that leads to the contact page. That way the user doesn’t have to go through your website, instead can quickly get in touch with you via this link in the site navigation.

Site navigation provides an additional call to action and more leads

The Site Navigation feature grabs what is in the header of the website and supplies it to the user in search results. This is a superb Contact page SEO optimization.

Contact Page SEO is not only about keyword ranking, it is also about consuing the search results space with your brand – wherever and whenever you can – to get all the leads you can get!

If your business is well known and already ranking high for many keywords, you will get the site navigation by default. However, if you have a new website it takes between 3-12 months to get. This is why it is important to create this schema markup!

3.2. Contact Page Schema MArkup

Google crawlers use the schema markup to learn about the page type and content from a surface-level scan. This is very useful as the results can be generated using the schema markup rather than the actual content on the page.

The Contact Page has a special schema markup called ‘Contact Page.’ This markup contains vital information about the business such as:

  • telephone number
  • working hours
  • contact email
  • business location
  • social media profiles
  • logo image
  • Contact Page URL
  • Contact Person
  • type of business, etc.

In the example below, you see the schema markup detected by the validator: detection of the contact page schema markup

The above example comes from the Aleph Website Contact Page.

The Contact Page Schema Markup provides tons of valuable information to crawlers and bots alike. This type of information is later on used in generating snippets to queries such as: ‘where can I find Aleph Website?’

how contact page schema markup helps get better results

You can generate this schema markup manually by copying the markup for the contact page from, or you can simply install SEO Yoast and embed it from their tool:

schema markup with SEO Yoast for Contact Pages

Final Notes

Aleph Website aspires to help all entrepreneurs and small business owners generate more leads and more sales. It is our mission to see the people we work with succeed. Learn more about Aleph Website and Contact us if you have any questions. We would be more than happy to show you how we render our services.

We hope you have learned how to do contact page SEO optimization.

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