How to get backlinks for any small business website?

Have you wondered how to get backlinks to your site and why it’s relevant? Why do many SEO strategies in various companies worldwide focus on backlink campaigns to improve the positioning and success of the site on Google?

How to get backlinks for any small business website?

How to get backlinks for small business

First of all, the internet has become an oversaturated place with a billion sites popping up on a daily basis. In order to stand out on Google and other search engines, it is crucial that they have a long-term, white-hat SEO strategy that will allow them to stand out and get to the best possible place on the first page of SERP. Keep in mind that black-hat techniques could only do harm to your site, and must be avoided at all costs.

As a backlink campaign is only one of the proven SEO strategies to help your site climb to the top positions, you must know how to get them the best way. But before getting to know how to get backlinks, let’s see how to check whether your website already has some, shall we?

What backlinks does my website already have?

Perhaps you aren’t aware of it, but if you’ve been writing optimized and original content on your website, it’s very likely that your site may already have backlinks to it. How is it possible? While you were asking yourself how to get backlinks, someone has likely already linked to your site without your knowledge. 

The reason is mostly very simple, and that is your high-quality, original content that provides the most complete and useful information, that is, the answers to the query. This means that you take very good care of the quality of the site’s content and publish it regularly, with wisely chosen keywords.

However, it is still a dream for many, as most website owners must find and provide quality copywriters who will write backlink articles and other websites in the same or similar niche that will publish those articles, which often costs a certain amount of money. 

how to get backlinks from high quality and relevant sites

How to identify existing backlinks on your website?

If, in addition to getting backlinks, you are also interested in how to identify existing ones on your site, the best way to do it is with the help of famous SEO tools such as SEMRush. SEMRush is high-quality software that assists companies and individuals in running SEO campaigns and other digital marketing strategies.

It’s often described as an “all-in-one” digital marketing program that is an absolute must for all serious SEO strategists. To identify backlinks in SEMRush, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the SEMRush Backlink Analytics Tool 
  2. Type in the domain of your website 
  3. Find and click on the “Backlinks” tab to get the list of your backlinks
  4. Click the “Anchors” tab in order to analyze anchor texts and see link profiles.

However, remember that besides the SEMRush software tool, you can also identify backlinks in programs such as MOZ, Ahrefs, Majestic, etc.

What to do if you see toxic backlinks in SEMRush?

If you spot any toxic backlinks in SEMRush, it’s crucial to move them to the “remove list.” After that, it’s necessary to click the “Remove” tab, where you’ll get the contact details of the site owners. 

Besides all that, you can also create a “removal-request letter.” Ensure that you’ve added your contact mailbox once prompted. 

Three different levels of backlinks

There are three different levels of backlinks in terms of their quality:

  1. Low-quality that Google classifies as web spam (toxic backlinks)
  2. Medium-quality that offer certain value and are much easier to earn than HQ ones
  3. High-quality that are relevant, natural, and reputable. 

Speaking of high-quality backlinks, no one is sure how Google measures them. However, a great majority of SEO experts agree on three core elements such as natural, reputable, and relevant. 

How to get quality backlinks from numerous high authority sites?

As we have seen, toxic backlinks can also harm your website. So, when you are wondering how to get backlinks to you, make sure that you only think of the high-quality backlinks from quality sites in the same and similar niches. 

High-quality backlinks are those that come from high-domain authority websites that are 100% trusted by searchers and search engines. They are crucial for all your web pages because they are able to help you rank higher in Google and other search engines.

What types of high-quality backlinks are good?

Various high-quality backlinks could be beneficial for your website. These backlinks usually are from:

  • Industry-relevant sites
  • Articles from library-type websites such as Wikipedia, public blogs, journals, etc.
  • Relevant anchor text examples and images
  • Domains with “com”, “net”, and “org”
  • Citations for local search include Google and Apple maps, yellow pages, Yelp, etc.

How to get backlinks from blog comments?

Before asking yourself how to get backlinks from blog comments, it’s crucial to understand whether it’s a good idea. It’s usually not recommended to get backlinks from blog comments because they are “NoFollow links” It means that they have the “Nofollow” tag or attribute. 

For those unfamiliar with these terms, the main difference between links with DoFollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks is that NoFollow links don’t pass the link juice, which is crucial for boosting SEO rankings and domain authority (DA). However, even if NoFollow links don’t actually pass the vital link juice, they could contribute to the overall backlink portfolio.

So, if you still want to get these NoFollow backlinks, you can do so by commenting on other relevant blogs of the same niche as yours with backlinks to your website. Sometimes, SEO managers include this as a part of the overall SEO strategy where the whole team has their profiles on legitimate blogs and where they periodically leave comments with backlinks.

How to get citations for your small business location?

The term “Local citation” refers to any mention of your brand or business name, phone number, or address online. Numerous SEO specialists are convinced that these citations might be one of the key factors for the local SEO when they appear in the search results. 

These citations appear in numerous places such as social networks, business directories, or any other place where an individual could look for local business information. 

If you’re interested to learn how to get citations for your small business location, to learn more, we recommend you to use local falcon or visit: 

How to get backlinks organically to my blog posts?

Now we come to the crucial question regarding backlinks: how do you get backlinks organically to your blog posts? As we explained in the last part of the text, the best way to get backlinks is to have quality and original content on your website. Original content is the cheapest and the best way to attract tons of backlinks to your site. 

With good keyword and competitor research on a daily basis, you’ll increase your chances of writing high-quality content that will attract more traffic to your website. 

All that is necessary is a wisely chosen keyword and an excellent SEO copywriter who will write you a top-quality text that will answer all relevant questions related to that topic. Articles that usually have a lot of traffic provide the best answer to a query, have a lot of quality backlinks, and are SEO optimized.

However, there are, of course, other useful strategies that can help you with how to get backlinks to your blogs, and these are:

1. Guest Articles

Guest blogging is perhaps, the most popular and effective way to reach new audiences and get high-quality backlinks. It simply works where articles with a backlink to your site are published on other sites from similar niches and with high domain authority. 

This way, your site will get significant exposure, new readers, and the possibility to rank higher on SERPs. Besides that, this method assists your website in expanding your audience and leveraging your relationships. Remember, sometimes it’s not just about the backlinks but gaining more social media followers or improving your online reputation.

Here’s a few websites where you can upload a guest post for free:

2. Backlinks from infographics

Another popular way to get high-quality backlinks and website traffic is through infographics. Visual data is always easy and fun to use, understand and share. The demand for infographics has grown significantly in the last couple of years.

3. Internal Links

Internal links are another great way to get backlinks to your preferred blog. They are key to running a successful blog because they pass on the link juice. You’re able to build them by using anchor texts.

The reason why internal links, if structured well, are beneficial for any website and blog is that they assist users in increasing their overall experience and navigating through the website easily. 

4. Broken Link-Building Method

In order to improve your Pagerank, there is the technique of broken link-building method. It involves reporting broken links on someone’s website to him while simultaneously recommending other websites replace these broken links. 

So, because you are doing a favor to webmasters by reporting his/broken links, you can use that opportunity to mention your website and replace their broken backlinks with high-quality ones that will link to you. 

To find these broken links, it’s necessary to either type your main keyword + links in the search engine or type your keywords + resources.

5. Testimonials 

Writing testimonials is, perhaps, the easiest way to get high-quality backlinks and improve chances for better search engine rankings. It requires just a few minutes daily for you to earn a quality link from an authoritative website’s homepage or a landing page for example. Remember, you can also get a backlink in exchange for a testimonial if you’re a long-term customer of that product or service. 

What are the best backlinks companies for small businesses?

So, now that you understand how to get backlinks most effectively, you’ll probably want to know the best ones for small businesses. These are:

  1. – 100 DA (Domain Authority)
  2. – 63 DA
  3. – 99 DA
  4. – 98 DA
  5. – 97 DA
  6. – 97 DA
  7. – 97 DA
  8. – 96 DA
  9. – 95 DA
  10. – 95 DA
  11. – 95 DA
  12. – 82 DA
  13. – 94 DA
  14. You Tube – 98 DA

It’s crucial to comprehend that authority builders provide link-building services for all websites that aim for high-quality guest posts. One top-notch guest posting service allows people to pick from hundreds of different HQ sites that will cover all niches online. 

Some of the quality sites that you should also consider visiting: 

Conclusion on how to get backlinks

Backlink campaigns, which are also referred to as “building links” or Link building strategies, represent some of the best SEO tactics that numerous Search engine optimization specialists use on an everyday basis. It is one of the most effective, inevitable strategies that any SEO department or individual should use to help their website rank better on SERPs. 

In conclusion, of all practices to gain high-quality backlinks is to focus on your content marketing strategy. 

How to Use Content Marketing for Small Business

If you want to avoid the Google Penguin Penalty scenario, make sure you update new content in a fixed time interval, to have outbound and inbound links,  and that every article you publish is original, SEO-optimized, and of the best quality!  


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