How to Use Content Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Since we work closely with Entrepreneurs, helping them deliver their products to the market and establish their online presence, we decided to write a blog post about content marketing for entrepreneurs.

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First, What is Content Marketing?

There are many content marketing definitions and even Hubspot experts claiming to know how to do it better. The reality is that content marketing is just marketing using online content. Literally, any online content that may help the online user to move through your marketing funnel, to finally buy your product/service. That’s what content marketing is. Regardless of whom you are targeting, or the size of your organization. Content marketing is simply connecting online users to businesses.

Depending on your industry, business goals, and your marketing capacity, you are to do content marketing on different levels. This has to do with the quantity and quality of content marketing that you need to do to get to your customers. Most companies will tell you that you need to pay for expensive tools and waste money trying to do content marketing. Others will convince you that you don’t need content marketing. None is correct. Again, this is all more speculation than ‘expert’ opinion.

To learn more about Content Marketing for Small businesses, check this article with the example of Porsche Carrera:

We’re gonna avoid all the complex stories of steps, sub-steps, phases, and stages – we’re gonna jump right into examples in a reality where you can use Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs.

We will give you a couple of examples of where you can use content marketing for entrepreneurs’ businesses:

1. Blog Posts

The most simple form of Content Marketing for entrepreneurs is Blog Posting. This is easy and very efficient. All you have to do is write about your business, your customers, your products. Make the blog post revolve around topics your customers want to learn more about. Blogging is powerful and easy at the same time. Simply write everything down about your business, your customers, your products, trends in your industry. Here at Aleph Website, we Think of it as RECAP HOURS or your Business Journal.

content marketing for entrepreneurs - blog posts

1.1. how to choose blog topics?

There are a few topic categories that outperform the rest. Make sure to follow this format of article writing to get your articles seen by online users:

  • Product Comparison (vs. articles) – Comparison between different products
  • Pros and Cons (Review articles) of using certain products
  • List Best Solutions for a specific problem (‘Best in class’ articles) that your customers encounter
  • Price Posts – reveal prices to customers shopping around
  • How-To articles – explanatory step by step articles for how to use a product, or how to do something particular
  • What-Is articles – descriptive articles detailing a comprehensive definition of a tool, product, service, trend, or a term used in your industry.

Many would hesitate to talk about prices. That’s a gold mine as far as we are concerned. HubSpot is one of the most revered authorities on Content marketing, and they continuously promote blogging and content creation as a marketing standard.

Blog Post’s success results in organic traffic. Search Engines will favor this piece of content, and you’ll do your best to understand why that happens. Whether B2B or B2C marketing, blog posts remain the backbone of your marketing campaigns. Use Google Analytics to understand user behavior on your blog posts. As a marketer, you want to make sure you are connecting with the right audience. So if some of your content is ranking high with non-customers, consider changing these blog posts to target the right User.

Here’s a good reference for you to educate yourself on how to best create your Blog Posts: They Ask You Answer – Marcus Sheridan

1.2. How to write seo-friendly blog posts

To avoid cluttering this page, you can learn more about this subject by clicking/tapping the button below:

1.3. repurposing your blog posts

Blog Posts are great for many reasons, one of them is that you can always break down this content into several pieces of content and re-purpose it. One common way of re-purposing your blog post content is creating small social media posts and publishing them on all your social media profiles. This is one-way content marketing helps you connect with your target audience.

You will provide links to your blog posts to those who are interested in reading more. Not only that, you’re also helping them get more information when they needed it, but also you’re getting traffic to the website and that is, ultimately, the goal of content marketing for entrepreneurs. You can always study social media marketing as it is very important in digital marketing, and content marketing for entrepreneurs.

2. Downloadables

Unlike blog posts, downloadables should be very specific and oriented towards clients who are coming to you with a specific demand. Depending on your marketing objectives and desired conversions, downloadables can be a good option for you.

For example, to download a pdf file, the user needs to give you his/her email address. In doing so, you obtain their email contact that you then can add to your email list.

A more sophisticated downloadables strategy is to understand in which stage the user is. The User Journey, as mapped out by your content marketing specialist, must be considered. Simply, understand where the user is: Are they considering your offer? or just got aware of your existence? Depending on the position of the user in the user journey, you will deliver them a downloadable that can help move them towards purchase!

content marketing for entrepreneurs looking to move the user through the user journey

2.1. Checklists to Download

The best example of Downloadables is a CHECKLIST document. People love checklists, they want to make sure they get the job done correctly and they want it cross-check all aspects. Since you’re the Expert, you provide them with this neat pdf where they can, on their own, complete the tasks. This is a great way to build a relationship with your customers and do content marketing for entrepreneurs.

downloadable files - content marketing for entrepreneurs

Don’t take our word for it. There’s a whole website based on CHECKLISTS for Download, ON Planners have all sorts of checklist available for download. They get over 400,000 visits monthly:

2.2. Instructions and Manuals to Download

Another example is INSTRUCTIONS downloadable documents. For any and all products sold, you’ll need a manual. A document you can read and follow as you learn about the product. This is also a great tactic to reduce the number of negative reviews – as you invest extra time dealing with potential obstacles. This helps reduce risk and maintain a healthy brand image! As you may know, brand awareness is fairly important as your content will reach thousands… A single speck on your reputation may prove to be your undoing.

If you’re selling gears, tools, equipment of any sort, you might need some assembling instructions for your customers. Why not create a digital downloadable file and send them the file so they can read it off their phones or tables – as they assemble the product.

Some people prefer Printed instructions, but Gen Z and Millennials are heavily leaning towards all-digital solutions.

3. Newsletters

Email newsletters are very useful if you have a steady influx of customers. Make sure to offer discounts, and provide valuable insight to your customers so that they give your their emails.

Many email campaigns target customers who are interested in discounts. Preferably ones who have already completed at least one purchase with you. But we all know there is no such thing as free lunch – this is a marketing truth, an axiom predating the internet.

newsletter as content marketing

As Russel Brunson explains, Email Lists are the most powerful form of owned assets for your marketing efforts. You need to build your list all the time. This is important because you will strive to move all of them through your marketing funnel until you find a way to sell them your product. To avoid being invasive and aggressive, content marketing helps sooth marketing efforts for entrepreneurs and deliver useful content, helping the user understand why your are the best product/service for them!

Over time, you’ll grow a big mailing list with which you’ll be able to ‘nurture’ the leads into prospects, and convert them when they are ready for purchase. You’ll find out, like many before you, that Email Marketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing campaigns and tactics – as long as you’ve acquired the list properly!

Another avenue is using ai for lead generation, more specifically for creating email copy targeting specific audiences and offering the suitable service and product for each customer segment.

The best Newsletter tools is Mailchimp.

4. Webinars

Today, everyone can host a webinar over zoom. If you are an entrepreneur expert in a Niche Field. You might want to host webinars for your customers to go over the updates, how-to’s, news, and even have a live QA session with your customers.

webinars as content marketing

This is a great way to connect with potential customers and current customers. They get to see you and confirm your authority on the subject of interest.

Beside, you can collect lots of information from Hot Leads. The Registration forms used for Webinars are often long and require everything from company size to phone number. There’s no limit to lid your lead generation capacities:

lead generation form for webinars

Leveling up from here would be using ai for lead generation – which is now more common than ever before as we have GPT bots that are able to help small business owners super-target their customer segments.

The best tool for webinars is Zoom. Video is a great way to do content marketing for entrepreneurs.

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