How to Use Content Marketing for Small Business

This article is designed to help you implement content marketing for small businesses. After reading this article, you will be able to compete with large organizations in terms of content marketing. With the presence of giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and others, all small-medium businesses are prompted to get louder and spend more effort on adapting business and content strategies to meet the qualifying standards of these megalomaniac, reticent and autonomous organizations.

The case of the Porsche Carrera

Let’s analyze Porsche Carrera, albeit not a small business, but still, you will learn exactly how to use content marketing for small business like yours.

In this article, Aleph Website guides you step by step towards the development of your content marketing strategy. It is much easier than you think! Content is in many ways fully integrated with all your digital marketing activities!

1. Define the Customer Segment

First, who is the customer? You’ll find that most Porsche Carrera customers are middle-aged, divorced/single, and financially well-situated men. These men are looking to revive their old selves and be at their prime again!

This feeling is possible when you drive a Porsche Carrera – from the masterpiece of interior design to the artistry of bodywork – you will fall in love with this car!

But this Love is Pricy. Between $80,000 and $150,000, to be exact.

Porsche Carrera Case study
Content Marketing for small business – Porsche Carrera Case study

2. Problem identification: The infotainment System

According to Edmunds (One of the most visited Online Car Reviews Page), Customers seem to think that the Infotainment system is ‘Quirky.’

infotainment problem identification in content marketing
Intimidating dashboard functions – A problem that needs a Content Solution

The Customer feels outdated and inferior when toggling through the computer’s options.

This feeling is bad for the relationship with the customer. In conclusion, It is a clear sign of misunderstanding the customer!

The customer wishes to be young again,
not to feel old, outdated, and intimidated!

3. Content Solution: Creating content to remove the barrier to acceptance

Content Marketing for Small businesses must always be relentless in solving customer problems.

By creating content that educates customers about Infotainment Technology, marketers could improve the chances of purchasing the Porsche Carrera. That is why Aleph Website is showing you how to optimize your funnels to increase clicks, conversions, and ultimately dominate your market niche!

Here is the Decision Making Process for purchasing a Porsche Carrera:

how to use content marketing for small business
how to use content marketing for small business

Your job is to find the missing link and fill it with Content Marketing tailored to help the Consumer move forward in their Customer Journey.

Here are two simple Content Channels you can apply to deliver content marketing for small businesses:

A) Youtube ‘How-To’ Videos on how the Technology is Simple and Easy to Use in Porsche Carrera

Generally, People will search for reviews online and watch videos to preview any and all products. That includes the Porsche Carrera. Thus, this is your opportunity to use content marketing for small businesses, or even medium to large businesses.

Therefore, a Short Video about how Infotainment works would fit this process well, and it represents a great content strategy!

As the Consumer is searching, they will get educated and feel more comfortable to take the leap.

Customers will YouTube Search the car prior to buying it. Coming across a video – that depicts the infotainment system as user-friendly and beneficial – customers are encouraged to consider the Purchase!

So, you have a question regarding Content Marketing? Consultations are for FREE:

B) Blogging about The Power of Technology in Porsche Carrera

Blogging is a powerful content marketing tool. It helps you rank higher for the search terms that reflect your business. Done properly, you won’t need to invest heavily in Ads, since organic traffic will bring in a sufficient quantity of leads!

Content Marketing for Small businesses is far more flexible than you may think. You can easily grab a defect and through the art of marketing turn it into a desirable advantage!

Indeed, no difference is the case with the intimidating technology in the Porsche Carrera. Simply by turning the tables:

Content Marketing can make this technology seem like a desirable POWER that the Customer can possess by purchasing the car.

Overall, such articles turn this mess around 180 degrees. The customer will be convinced that the Porsche Carrera is nothing but True Joy. 


How to use content marketing for Small businesses

Essentially, as a small business owner or an entrepreneur, you MUST use Content Marketing. It is not optional…

In fact, Aleph website assures you that it is much easier to use Content Marketing as a small organization. This is due to the fact that you’re much more flexible and you can spin your efforts faster and adapt the story to fit the narrative that profits you.

Content Marketing is what defines your Digital Presence. Hence, content is what your customers read and watch about You!

Content Marketing is how you rank up in Search Engines – by delivering solutions, not gaming the algorithm!

How to Use Content Marketing for Small Business

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