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BiCortex Languages is an Online Languages School. They have headquarters in Detroit (USA), Madrid (Spain), and Hamburg (Germany).

This client needed a complex Learning Content Management system, with intricate functions tailored for international users, and delivered in different languages.

Aleph Website has developed dynamic content solutions that permit the client to effectively convert different demographics. Additionally, we have done international and local SEO for all pages; making this website outrank 90% of language schools in the respective areas of competition.


Martindale Law group is a small law firm in Orlando, FL. They needed a cheap website that allows them to get leads and build visibility online.

For this client, we have developed a simple website, straight-forward web design, and focused on the marketing side of the website, to ensure the client is converting leads on the site.

Aleph Website has a powerful method of creating marketing-oriented websites for law firms. By sticking to basics and optimizing the website, we generate many leads and convert them with a high success rate!


Aleph Website is versed in software engineering. Whether you need a specific functionality tailored to your website visitors or just software solutions – we have the tools and the know-how to meet your requirements.


Undercover Outdoors build outdoors shading solutions and panels for private homes, restaurants, and businesses. They are all over the USA.

For this client, we have developed a low-budget, but an excellent website! The goal is to showcase all the work, present it in a branded style that fits the expectations of their current customers.

Aleph Website has experience in branding and developing branded content (icons, illustrations, fonts, logo, etc.) that fit the company’s already established brand image and portfolio.


Green Decor is a modern and innovative Landscaping company in Serbia (Europe). They are well-established leaders in their industry.

 The Web Design for this client required impeccable beauty and elegance that proves to online visitors that Green Decor is indeed the leader in this industry.

Aleph Website has developed the complete website from scratch. Branding, Web Design, and the Navigation blueprint. This website features many beautiful images taken by the client. These images are artfully displayed across the website as a company portfolio.


Circular Beacons is an EU-funded project managed between few European countries.

Aleph Website was entrusted to create a reliable and stable website that will serve the client without failing.

The client was focused on safety, security, loading speed, ability to handle many https requests, and online visibility in search engines. Aleph Website has successfully met all the requirements and delivered a beautiful web design that helps Circular Beacons stand out as a website that is both highly functional and beautiful.


MBD Fabricators is a manufacturing company specialized in steel, glass, wood, and plastic manufacturing. They are based in Orlando, FL.

For this client, we needed to encompass many services in one website, and showcase all the work in a synchronized form – so not to overwhelm the visitors. A challenging job indeed.

Aleph Website completed the website design and web development using a simple and modern style. We have successfully showcased their portfolio in many areas of their expertise, without cluttering the website.

Cardinal Architect portfolio 1


Cardinal Architect

Cardinal Architect is an Architecture agency in New York; specialized in luxury outdoor architecture.

We have developed a simple, but beautiful web design that allows the client to showcase their work on every page, in a subtle, non-aggressive fashion that permits the user to intuit the quality of the final product.

Aleph Website, for this website, has used modern interactive elements that further display the superiority of simplistic solutions. Such a style of web design and development empowered the client and poured assurance for all online visitors.

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