The Aleph Team has developed a
Successful System that allows us
to deliver Excellent Web Solutions
for Small Business.

- 1 -

Discovery phase

The Aleph method begins by outlining your requirements, as well as the purpose of your website.
Your company has a unique business model that allows you to deliver your products and services to your own customers. We would like to understand your business goals, and learn more about your customers. In doing so, we put ourselves in your customers’ shoes and eliminate some of the barriers they experience while considering you online.
Aleph Website - Services - Discovery

Discovery services

Market Research

Understanding your Niche/Industry. Studying successful companies delivering similar solutions. Understanding the needs of your Customers.

Website Objective

Pinning down your goals for the website; the particular functionalities you want, the type of online service you are offering. Understanding your expectations from us.

User Experience

Simulating the ‘real’ user experience in your store, and creating a compatible buyer journey on your website. This way your customers feel the website to be an online extension of your business.

Before commencing web design, we intent to understand the marketing side of your business. Thus, we can implement your marketing style into the website layout, interactive elements, and navigation flow.

For us, User is the King!

- 2 -

Plan of action

Now that we know your website targets, it’s time to devise a plan of action to whack those targets.
Here at Aleph Website, we work together with our valuable clients to match their needs, but also to create a plan of action that suits the vision in your mind. At this stage, we unpack the tools required, the technology that needs to be used, plugins, interactions, and the website structure that will help you deliver the desired user experience.
Aleph Website - Services - Plan of Action

Plan services

Website Technology

Your business is specific and will required a unique set of website tools to deliver your services. In this phase we outline the following:

  • Type of plugins needed
  • interactive elements that for better user engagement
  • effects and animations that help provide a better user experience.
  • software you may need to convert customers online
  • the complexity of the Content Management System technology required for the website.

Website Blueprint

Defining the number of pages, navigational levels of the website, and the website layout. From the blueprint, you will be able to see how Users journeys through the website and how they interact with your pages.

Package Recommendations

Finally, we give you our package suggestion for your website. Here, we discuss alternative solutions for you, in case your budget is limited.

- 3 -

Web Design

Putting actions into beautiful and functional designs is our specialty. This stage is one defined by creativity and marketing.

Our design is done in multiple phases:

  1. First, we begin with the Mood-board where we define the brand guidelines for the website. Here we include fonts, colors, icons, illustrations, etc.
  2. Second, we design your Homepage. Here we get your feedback (1st Revision), and improve further the design.
  3. Third, we design the rest of the pages. At this stage we complete all the pages.
  4. Fourth, we design interactive and functional elements (header, footer, calls to action, forms, etc.).
  5. Finally, we sit down with you for a 2nd revision, where we will get your feedback for the completed website mock-ups; all pages and content.
Aleph Website - Services - Web Design

Web Design services

Website Branding

With your website, you will receive your brand assets. With the Pro Package you get the full branding umbrella, and that is:

  • Logo Design
  • Unique font combinations for your brand
  • Unique icons
  • Unique illustrations
  • Unique interactive elements

Marketing-oriented Design

Your website will not only embody your brand spirit. It will also be designed to mimic your sales funnel.

Our Web Design is an extension of your marketing efforts online. It is familiar to users in and out. Your pages will lead the user to desired actions that are in line with your marketing strategies.

Custom Page Design

Unlike other freelancers and agencies, we don’t use templates and pre-made website design.

Each page is designed from scratch and made only for you.

During our revisions with you, we get your feedback and edit the pages to suit your expectations.

Aleph Website build authentic websites that are beautiful and highly-operational.

Responsive Design

We create responsive pages for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Also, we create unique pages for the Mobile Website – increasing Mobile traffic Conversions and improving Mobile Experience.

- 4 -

Web Development

It is time to translate the designs to web applications and online content. Here we bring our work to life.

We don’t use themes and templates to build your website! Our developers have mastered the Art of Custom Codes! This is our little secret that makes our websites so fast!

Each line of code is hand-made and plugged into the CMS technology. This makes your CMS super Light and permits Fast interactions.

All our designs are developed to be responsive to Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices. After coding, we install the necessary tools for you to operate your business online. Anything you need, we can build! Finally, we secure your domain with Hack-proof firewall protection. With this, you’re ready to dominate your Niche!

Aleph Website - Services - Web Development

Web Development Services

Hosting for Business

Aleph Website provides Website Hosting for Professionals and Businesses. High CPU, memory and fast-loading is what you get with all our packages.

Website Security

Aleph Website provides Anti-hack security for your website, along with DDoS malware protection and a strong firewall to prevent any unwanted entry.

Email Addresses

Depending on your Website Package, you may get between 2-5 email addresses with your website domain. This service is tied to your domain and hosting.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most-widely used and a very reliable website solution. We use WordPress because you’re getting the best for the lowest possible price!


We build E-commerce websites and product pages for our clients. We recommend selling online as this is the future of sales!

Custom Page Build

We use custom code to build out. This means that you get only what you need. This is why our websites are super-fast and highly responsive; because the backend is tailored for your business alone.

- 5 -

Website SEO

Conducting thorough Technical SEO, as well as optimizing your content using a Keyword strategy that will get you more organic traffic!

SEO is not just about focusing on the keywords that your customers are typing in search engines. It is also about optimizing each piece of content and consolidating all your pages into SILO structured content verticals that create the perfect Sitemap! Our SEO specialists run technical analysis and establish the correct HTML framework for you.

Then, we plug in your website to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Cloudflare, and SEM Rush to further optimize. All these tools serve to deliver your content to the user at Lightning speed. On top of that, we check each link, page, and line of code to ensure that the User is not experiencing issues while looking you up on their Mobile devices.
Aleph Website - Services - Website SEO

SEO Services

Technical SEO

We conduct a Full SEO Audit to analyze your Website – turning every stone – ensuring there are no development issues that are holding you back from ranking #1 on Google and Safari.

Technical SEO is the analysis of your domain, internal and external links, page speed, page performance, mobile usability, domain security, and other ranking factors that determine your Domain Authority.

We use SEM Rush, SEO Minion and Google Search Console for SEO.

Image Optimization and Caching

As part of our SEO efforts, we optimize all content pieces (images, videos, test, headers, links, etc.)

We also set caching for the most requested pages to secure fast loading of your most popular pages.

On-Page SEO

For each of your pages we devote time to optimize the content. We ensure that all your pages have the right SEO structure. On-Page SEO allows your pages to rank high and deliver a good User Experience.

Schema Markup

Schema Markup is simply an HTML code that helps Search Engines deliver content from your website straight to Search Engine Results Pages. We create Schema for:

  • Your Organization (Knowledge Panel)
  • Local Business (for Google Maps)
  • Page type (Contact, Homepage, Article, etc.)
  • Sitelinks (for quick access to your pages)
  • Videos, Images and other objects
  • FAQ (for Featured Snippets)
  • Events and Special Offers Markup

- 6 -

The Handover

We finish our work by handing over the accounts of your website. While at it, we train you to operate the website successfully.

At Aleph, we ensure comprehensive handover of your newly developed website, coupled with multiple training sessions to empower you to use all the professional features. With all the necessary materials, you will be able to maximize the utility of website features, while reducing the time needed to execute marketing operations.

We show you how to use each tool, and how to conduct simple maintenance. However, we also offer our professional maintenance, in case you prefer we do it, that’s up to you! Aleph experts will help you set up Google Analytics, and Social Media Accounts. As well as send monthly reports on key marketing metrics.

Aleph Website - Services - Website Handover

Handover Services

Quality Assurance Testing

By now, the website design is completed, and you are live! Before handing it over to you, we make sure your website passes our comprehensive QA checklist.

We test:

  • All external and internal links
  • All plugins functionality
  • Effects and animations across multiple devices and browsers.
  • Interactive elements (forms, buttons, navigation menus, etc.)
  • On-page SEO for every single page
  • 3rd Party Plugins (installed Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Cloudflare, etc.)
  • Email addresses work properly
  • Other functions specific to your needs

Basic Optimization Training

We teach you how to maintain your website on a basic level. In this training, you will learn how to do caching and image optimization when uploading new content.

If need arises, we can provide you with our professional maintenance – debugging tools, editing pages, complex optimizations, security boosting, etc.

Plugin Selection

We select the finest plugins you are using to conduct your business online.

The first month we will spend with you, helping you manage the tools and plugins to run a successful website.

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