4 Ways to Create a Small Business Website Design

This is an article about 4 ways to create a small business website design. Building a website is not easy if you are a small business owner. You will see there are many challenges and not having a good plan will almost always result in trouble. Learn more about the ways you can do this successfully.

4 Ways to Create a Small Business Website Design

Why Would I need a new website design for my small business?

You might have already a website, and you might be thinking that you don’t need a new website. However, the pandemic has propelled many enterprises forward. Many organizations have improved their website design, optimized content for better ranking, invested in better web development solutions. Entrepreneurs have seen website design as a crucial investment to prevent risk in 2021. Following this premise, it is necessary for the small business owner and entrepreneur take the appropriate action and achieve a good small business website design!

Small business website design ecommerce

Ecommerce and online sales are all done through your website. You want to take control over this process and make sure you’re delivering the best experience for your customers. After all, who understands your customer better than you?

What about the website that I already have?

Have you improved your site significantly? Did you run regular maintenance and have optimized your content using SEO practices?

If the answer is ‘no’, don’t worry. You still can make the right call by building a new website – one much better and more optimized – that will get you more traffic, more leads, more business and secure your company success!

Many entrepreneurs wonder what is the best solution in such a situation; having a business website that is already working. Well, the domain name will remain the same, as well as all backlinks connected to your domain and respective pages. What needs to be analyzed is how well is optimized your website. Slow loading problems and SEO-friendly structure is a MUST.

Here are a few solutions for you to choose from. Aleph Website Website Design desired to help you in this journey, so you get only the best solutions at the best prices.

1. Website Design using Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Or Shopify for Small Business

WixSquarespace and Weebly are the most popular DIY Website Builders. DIY stands for Do It Yourself. Although this option is quick and simple, you must keep in mind that you’re merely RENTING a website really.

Website Builders are easy, drag and drop tools that allow you quickly to paste your design material onto a good-looking website template.

1.1. DIY Website Builders – Pricing

Total Cost in 5 years$2,880 – $12,840$2,820 – $12,900$2,460 – $12,060

While it is a cheap solution if you want to quickly upload an informational website, this solution still costs a lot if you’re serious about your business!

wix, squarespace, weebly, shopify for small business website design pricing

Read more about Website Pricing with Do It Yourself Website Builders:

1.2. DIY Website Builders – Disadvantages:

  • Very low quality of Web Design 

Without a professional Web Designer it is hard to build a good website. Design has evolved over the years and it is increasingly difficult for business owners to build a good small business website design.

While it may seem that with Wix and Squarespace it is easy to build a beautiful website. This quickly is overthrown once you’ve placed your images, your products, your branding style. By this time, you have significantly lowered the quality of your web design.

  • Spending extra money hiring Freelance Developers to fix your website, after modifying the templates

Templates created by Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are designed for Drag & Drop form of modification. If you’re adding/removing sections, you’ll end up with much JUNK CODE in the back end. There are so many problems that occur when you’re using a templates (and even more when you’re altering this template).

Professional web maintenance is always required for small business website design. Unless you have a strong IT background and knowledge of internet technology, then you should hire experts for professional website maintenance services.

  • Very slow WebsiteLoading time too long

As soon as you go live, many users will land on your website. The more HTTPS requests you get the higher is the pressure on the server. Normally, with you package, you get a basic hosting service. This is nowhere enough to handle the requests coming your way. Additionally, if you’re traffic is international, then you have a very slow response speed to these website requests.

Alternatively, you website might not be properly optimized for search engines. Slow loading websites often fail technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audits; as they are not properly optimized.

turtle speed - slow loading websites  is a problem for small business shops

So how do you go from turtle to rabbit?

Consider having a CDN. Also, check your website vitals with Search Console. These will help you identify and mitigate some of the problems. Also, follow the right way how to write SEO-friendly posts on your small business website design.

What usually ends up happening is that you’ll discover that the template you’re using is insufficient, combined with the web hosting that is not handling your website properly – that simply limits your performance online. There won’t be much you can do here, except of course to pay more to get a better performance.

It doesn’t make much sense for you to pay $100 a month for a website cost that you’re building for yourself… This means you’re paying over $2,500 for literally renting a website for 2 years. Don’t waste your money with slapdash solutions.

  • Lacks marketing professionalism – You can’t modify the website to increase conversions

A very prominent issue with Wix, Squarespace and other website rentals is that you can’t modify the website to suit your marketing activities.

Let’s say you have measured online consumer behavior on your small business website, and you’ve noticed that people drop out on a certain page. You want to make sure to address this issue and get the desired results. Otherwise, you’re just losing leads by the minute. So, you go and edit the page, you experiment, adding new sections, removing elements, adding images, videos, etc. Meanwhile, in the backend of your website, all of these changes remain. You may have deleted it from the Frontend, but the Backend still carries the skelet and structure embeded in code.

This is not the only problem for marketing your website. Another one is that you want to have an original and unique FUNNEL as part of your website creation process. If you’re using Wix, Squarespace, then you’ll have to settle with whatever the template gives you. In essence, you’re lowering your performance and limiting your business with these DEFAULT templates.

  • Customer Support only with the Most Expensive Package – You’re on your own

They are not sorry for you, nor do they care… You want help, PAY FOR IT! Here they show their true gangster face…

gangster website design for small business

You see, most agencies and freelancers stick around to ensure your website works as intended. Wix and Squarespace will simply tell you that “It is your own doing that got you here, if you want us to help you, upgrade your package.”

Don’t put your business on the line because you’re trying to save a buck or two… Be smart, hire professional Website Designers to do the job well.

  • You Cannot do SEO

In order to rank high, you need to conduct thorough optimization of your domain and all pages.

On-Page SEO requires you to be able to dig deep into each piece of content on your page. This allows you to optimize fully for your desired keyword and targeted audience.

So far, ONLY WORDPRESS allows you maximum optimization. All other website builders do a poor job of it.

Conducting online business without SEO is like running a machine on rusty cogs… It’s bad practice, yields bad results and piles your website on the scrap heap along with all the websites that no one cares about anymore.

rusty cogs are like a website design without seo for small business
  • You don’t have professional maintenance so you learn about your website problems only from your customers

The only way for you to know that there’s a problem with your site, is when customers reach out to you to inform you. This is what we consider HORRIBLE USER EXPERIENCE.

Don’t let this happen. Professional web developers run Quality Assurance test for your website before launching it.

  • You don’t possess exclusive rights over Plugins, nor licenses for features and tools on your website.

Keep in mind, you’re just renting the website. Along with the website, you’re borrowing tools and plugins. If you’re serious about your business, you should take control over your assets. Both physical, and digital.

  • Website Responsiveness to other devices, browsers and operative systems

Finally, you want to make sure your website design is responsive. Most website builders have either default responsiveness, or they have no responsiveness at all!

You must do your research and find the right web design template for your small business. Failing to do so will cause many problems; as templates often cause User Experience issues.

2. Hire a Freelance Designer

This is a slightly better option because one way or the other you’ll need a graphic designer for your Small Business Website Design. Aleph Website lists a couple of solutions for your so you can choose the best platform to find your freelancer.

hire a freelancer on upwork or fiverr for small business website design

2.1. Upwork for Small Business Website Design

UpWork is by far the most popular platform for web designers. You can find other freelancers too here that can help you expand your business. Developers, Digital marketing experts, Paid Ads experts, content writers, etc.

UpWork is also the most expensive of all the platforms, simply because it is so popular and strict with freelancers.

Read more about Hourly Rates and Project Cost on UpWork and Fiverr:

2.2. Fiverr for Small Business Web Design

Fiverr is the 2nd biggest platform. It is also a cheaper solution. Although if you’re looking for FULL WEBSITE Design, then you shouldn’t hire a Fiverr freelancer as you are putting all your eggs in one basket and you have no idea what will come out of it. Instead, use Fiverr to hire Graphic Designer to do small tasks. For example, design Social Media posts, Banners, Promo materials, etc.

fiverr - website design for small business

2.3. LinkedIn Platform

Linkedin is not a platform for designers. However, if you search for ‘UpWork’ or ‘Freelance’ in the Search Box, you’ll get all the people who are on Linkedin. This is super useful because you’re skipping the middle-man and going str8 to the Website Designer.

As a tool, this allows you to save money that otherwise you’d spend on Platform fees (around 20% of total price). Also, you are negotiating directly with the designer so you might win a better bargain too!

3. Contract a Design Agency/Marketing company

This is by far the best option. Albeit the most expensive one!

3.1. Design agencies specialized in Small Business Website Design

There are not many design agencies specialized only in Small business work. The reason being is that such specialization is costly and small business owners rarely have the budget for it. Instead, you might run into freelancers who have their own small team that works together from time to time.

—————— Aleph Website Tip:

Use Canva. This little design website is built to serve small business for simple web design and graphic design purposes. They have a bunch of free templates and you can easily and quickly edit the design online and post it, or print it!

uploading content easily with canva

3.2. Marketing Companies that do Full Website Design and other Services

Hiring a marketing company is the least cheap option for website design. The bare minimum to get you started is $10,000. This is an abnormal cost for a small business.

However, if you are an accountant, financial adviser, attorney that needs a new web design, then this might be a good option for you. Also, if you’re looking for a marketing company to take care of all of your marketing activities, then this could be a good option. Just keep in mind that this is super costly!

contract a marketing company for small business website design

Read more about How much Companies Charge for a New Website:

4. Hire Aleph Website to do Website Design for your Small Business

Aleph Website has perfected a successful system of website creation that allows us to deliver excellent web solutions at low prices. This is no secret formula, nor do we intend to hide our strategy from the competition. We are disclosing our work and hope to help every visitor on our site. In fact, we challenge our competitors fearlessly.

Web Design Agency Aleph Website

In Our Arsenal of Services, you will see that we do everything that makes the website great! Our Team and all about us will tell you exactly what you need to know and to understand our work and how we develop websites for our clients. If you have questions, you can always contact us.

4.1. Aleph Website Pricing

A good website costs a lot… Actually, it varies anywhere between $5,000 to $500,000… Ridiculous right?

website design - aleph website

Not with Aleph Website… We Build Great Websites At Low Prices:

TOTAL COST$599$1,590$3,690
Web Design Services
Professional template design– Custom Page Design
– Marketing Funneling embedded in Page Design
– Design based on your industry and needs
– Custom Page Design
– Marketing Funneling embedded in Page Design
– Design based on your industry and needs
Unique Branding (Icons, Fonts, Images, Illustrations, Colors, etc.)
Web Development
Services Included
Hosting + Customer Support– Hosting + Customer Support
– WordPress CMS + Training
– Firewall Protection against Hackers
CUSTOM Page Build [No themes or templates used!]
– Hosting + Customer Support
– WordPress CMS + Training
– Firewall Protection against Hackers
Premium WordPress Plugins/Tools
E-commerce Store
CUSTOM Page Build [No themes or templates used!]
Web SEO Services
KW Research– Cloudflare to increase loading speed
– Google Search Console Optimization
– KW Strategy for the whole Website
– On-Page SEO for each page
– Cloudflare to increase loading speed
– Google Search Console Optimization
– KW Strategy for the whole Website
– On-Page SEO for each page
Web Maintenance
None.None.– CMS updating and technical care
– Customer Support for EXTRA NEEDS
– Weekly Website Performance Analysis
– Weekly SEO Audits with SEM RUSH

The average cost of small business website design:

Varying from $5,000 to $500,000, prices depend on the quality and the person/company doing the job for you. Most services out there are OVERPRICED. Check Aleph Website for Great and Affordable Website Design!

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