The 3 STEPS of Faith Marketing – Apple I Phone Case

Faith is a big thing for us! It is the fundamental seed of all religions! How do Humans form faith? And does marketing profit from the Faith aspect of human nature?

In behavioral marketing, we use the Placebo Effect to instill beliefs and expectations about the performance of our products. The effect encourages consumers to magnify product quality.

There is overwhelming evidence that suggests that perceived quality translates to experienced quality!

Aleph Website is a professional entity that embodies the eternal principle and opens the gates for it pour its content here online for audiences across the world!

We present you with a 3-STEP System of Belief Affirmation that will make any thought be turned into unshakable FAITH!

stages of belief affirmation to faith marketing 3 steps

Belief Affirmation: The Foundation of Faith Marketing – Apple Case

Faith does take time, but not too much. In fact, if nurtured right, any belief may become Faith in a matter of months!

When we say nurture, we mean a definite process of belief affirmation.

Does marketing use this strategy to affirm your beliefs?

You bet!

Let’s take Apple’s iPhone as an example. Their famous moto (slogan) is “Think different.”

think different - faith marketing

A powerful slogan that reflects their mission to be the technology that everyone will use in the future (and even already using).

Clearly targeting the young generations, who naturally think differently and want to differentiate from previous generations, Apple has set their target mark and the Faith Marketing Campaign is on!

STEP 1: Belief Elaboration

Individuals that chose Apple over any other competitors, think of themselves as Advanced, Open-minded and Forward-thinking! You can see how easy it is to relate and  Elaborate on this particular belief; as younger people are constantly searching for ways to stand out, differ and diverge from old generations and other peers.

apple - belief elaboration STEP 1

It is easy to elaborate on why your taste of music is great. While it is hard to support the argument that you are not smart enough to do something. These are psychological basics. Nobody wants to be told what’s wrong with them, but everyone likes to hear what’s great about them. Elaborating on one’s qualities is EASY!

This is how Apple chose to impose it’s brand. By affirming the uniqueness and intelligence of the user, they have set the floor for the User to elaborate further on these beliefs. Not only that the User is creative, but the User is also talented, has a great eye for great products, chooses always the most modern and best quality, because the User has great taste!

STEP 2: Belief Personalization

Once Apple has set the standard for Innovation, now it is time to allow the customer to personalize their products and experiences; to make it their own!

Each smartphone became special! Each customer was able quickly and easily to personalize their cell phones. The cell phone became their music and video player. It became their small on-the-way diary. It contained the background they like, the theme they liked and so on.

apple - belief personalization STEP 2

Truth is, there are no two iPhones that are similar. Every iPhone is different because of the user!

The Personalization phase makes the User emotionally attached to the product. Now this product, that help the User feel special, hip and intelligent, is also in an emotional bond with the User.

The i phone becomes far more valuable because of personalization. Losing the phone, and with it, the images, personal settings, messages, and other, comes at a far greater price than the phone itself!

STEP 3: Belief Repetition

Branding is all about shaping the perception of the consumer about a product. Apple did just that!

Branding reminded everyone how special and unique Apple was. So much so, that better products produced by competitors (at a cheaper price) still didn’t match the experience provided by Apple’s iPhone.

But that was not enough. To ensure that all customers attentively stick to the iPhone, Apple’s marketers decided it would be best to integrate all Apple’s devices and give the customer a wholistic experience over a multitude of devices. This seems as a great way for customers to access all their information and manipulate it with ease.

apple - belief repetition STEP 3

Such convenience has bounded the User to this product. By repetition of actions, messaging and decisions, the User is now completely hooked to the iPhone. Having a different mobile phone is NO LONGER AN OPTION!

They may not refer to it as “Faith” but choosing another vendor is BLASPHEMY!

The customer is forced to elect the same behavioral pattern and stick to Apple’s iPhone – repeating the purchase over and over and reaffirming it with other Apple’s devices, such as laptops and tablets.

Such reinforcement of behavior leads to ingrained habits. Users will always explain that they simply have all they need with this product and that they cannot use any other product as they don’t INTUIT other products.

This phase is associated with Classical Conditioning.

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The 3 STEPS of Faith Marketing – From Thought to Faith

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