Top 10 Best Attorney Websites in 2022

Aleph Website list the top 10 best attorney websites in 2022. This list includes all websites online today, regardless of whether we built it or not.

Spoiler alert: most of these websites are built in WordPress.

Top 10 Best Attorney Websites in 2022

1. Marrone Law Firm

Marrone Law Firm comes in 1st place. With a beautiful design, an excellent mix of colors in foreground and background. As well as great hover effects. This website covers all design aspects beautifully. Not just that, but it is a very fast and highly responsive website.

the #1 best attorney websites

For a website with so much content, effects, animations, and HQ images, this website loads quickly. Additionally, the journey from one page to another is smooth and logical.

Here’s why this website is our #1 pick for the 2022 review:

  • Excellent effects implemented on the images used, but also the sections themselves (icons, illustrations, text, etc.)
  • Images used are HQ and light for the Website at the same time
  • Color choice is really good – the branding of this website is done by a professional designer
  • The Website Hero section depicts all relevant information: who are the people working here, how to contact them, who are the customers, and finally a call-to-action is available for a free consultation
  • The Website is optimized for Local SEO in Philadelphia.
  • The Web Developer have even gone as far to manually pick the H1. It is on the 2nd section “Civil Litigation & Trial Attorneys.”


Our #2 pick is W3IPLAW, an Australian law firm highly specialized in online law services, such as privacy, data, contracts, IP infringements, international trade, etc.

the #2 attorney website

While being incredibly optimized, fast, and beautiful, this website is developed in WordPress and can be built for less than $5,000. This goes to prove that price is not always a good indicator, and why this website is one of the best attorney websites.

Here’s why this website is our #2 pick:

  • While it is not the most beautiful design, this website intelligently uses the space to quickly introduce all their services to the visitor. It is not an easy task to create 20 unique icons and have them all on your hero section displayed properly.
  • Instead of having an About Us page, they have a video educating you on who they are. This, again, helps with the speed of information absorption.
  • This website has a secondary Menu, one designed to help you navigate thru lower levels inside of each of the services. You can get to what you want within 3 clicks. That is yet another time-saving feature.

3. Axiom Law

Axiom Law has a very compelling homepage depicting relevant stats and showcasing some of the big clients they worked with. While the design itself is very basic, they mold simplicity together with proof to make one excellent website!

the #3 attorney website

If you’ve not discovered it on your own, we will tell you. This website is built using HubSpot CMS Technology. This powerful technology is designed primarily for generating leads and automating Lead Nurture. If we were to measure Marketing automation alone, this would be the best attorney website.

Note, Axiom is not a solo attorney website, it is a website that hosts almost 6,000 lawyers. Their database is enormous! The client success team must go above and beyond to ensure that all hearings in front of court judges, legal disputes, testimonies, etc., all this has to be neatly ordered within a law firm CRM system. Axiom did preciously that – which is why it’s featured as one of the best attorney websites in 2022.

Here’s why this website is among the best attorney websites in 2022:

  • This site has an average design. It is not bad, it is simple and to the point, with a good color, font, image and button combinations. Considering that this website is heavily concentrated on lead generation, it has still a good design. This, according to our standards, is worth admiring.
  • HubSpot Lead Generation Tools are hefty for any business. Axiom is using their recommendations, design style and buyer journey. This is supremely advantageous because it is TESTED TO PROVIDE THE BEST MARKETING RESULTS.

4. Y Law

Y Law is an award-winning family lawyers firm. Their website is great! It has a very nice design with some interesting effects. Besides being creative in the photos the website displays, they also reveal pricing right away on their homepage. Albeit, very expensive, still transparent and that goes a long way when it comes to building trust with the User! Y Law has earned this top #10 featuring for the 2022 year!

the #4 attorney website

Yet again, another website was built in WordPress.

Here’s why this website is our #4 pick:

  • Intensely creative display of images of the workers and what they are specialized in. You simply need to take time to see what all of them are doing and how they’re doing it. Not only that this shows them as a unique team of lawyers, but the time spent of their homepage is longer than other attorney sites. The latter is a signal to Search Engines that this site has a lot to provide to users, as opposed to other law websites, where the user would spend much less time, scrolling and viewing the site.
  • Despite high-quality images, and effects used, this website maintains fast loading speed.

5. Blaney McMurtry has an EPIC homepage design. A great photo and the perfect blend of simple geometry with compelling text and some nice interactive elements to view their social media and news. The reason why this website is not #1 is that the footer is not as good. Also, the whole website is a bit clunky when journeying from one page to another. The Menu has some user experience issues. Nonetheless, this website did make it our best attorney website list for 2022.

the #5 website

However, a bit of work here and there and this website could be turned into a really good one! Too bad they didn’t use WordPress technology. That would definitely solve User Experience issues!

Here’s why this website is our #5 BEST pick in 2022:

  • The Hero section depicts testimonials and Reviews in a non-aggressive way. This subtle transition of reviews and recommendations doesn’t negatively affect the hero section. This is remarkable considering that most law firms aren’t able to place testimonies at the top.
  • Beautiful Single Image that combines excellently with icons, branding elements and the header menu.

6. Taylor Janis LLP

A good website doesn’t have to have a great design or even a good design. If the infrastructure behind the backend is strong and if the user gets the information needed, that’s a good website! So is the case with Taylor Janis Workplace Law. This is easily one of the best lawyer websites as it features crucially important attributes that significantly improve conversion rates for law companies!

the #6 attorney website

This website provides optionality and great interactions with the User. It is also well built in terms of SEO and Sitemap structure. This website is dense with over 50 pages. With such interactivity and so much useful information, the user is able to surf the site and that is a really good sign of a Great User Experience.

Oh and yes… This website is also has built-in WordPress. WordPress is ever-present with the best attorney websites.

Here’s why this website is among the best attorney websites:

  • Early Secondary Menu that provides a great interaction with the user. This interactive section helps the user quickly navigate to the type of service they need. Without too much fluff around it, cutting right to the chase, saves a lot of time and increases trust between the user and the company.
  • Displaying a Side Pop-up with Google Ratings is always a good way of showing what people think of you. This is exactly what Taylor Janis has done here.

7. Winckworth Sherwood

Winckworth Sherwood Law Firm comes in 4th place. This British company has a great website with a great starting menu as well as a very creative footer solution.

the #7 website

This is yet another website developed in WordPress. Damn… Seems like WordPress is dominating Law Practice!

Here’s why this website is our #7 pick:

  • Most Law firm websites have Serif type of font. This website has both Sans Serif and Serif fonts, beautifully merged together to provide a great visual effect. One sufficient in itself that nothing else would be needed; from a design point of perspective.
  • Beside the great video which shows the area where they operate and the functions of law practice that they cover, the Homepage has nothing but the Main menu. It is very clean and allows the user to enjoy the video while figuring out the category of interest.

8. Surrano Law Offices

Surrano Law Offices, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an insurance law firm. We list them as #7 of the best attorney websites because the website is short, precise, and has lots of images and videos. This website acquaints the user very quickly with the people who work there. So the user feels he is already in the office, familiarizing himself/herself with the people there.

the #8 website

The website has a compelling tagline and a clear focus when it comes to law practice. Something very important to the user when it comes to learning about the website quickly.

And yes, this website also has built-in WordPress.

Here’s why this website is our #8 pick:

  • While the web design is pretty simple, this website has great images, excellent video representation of the company. High-Quality Images and Videos are very important as they increase Lead Generation conversions.
  • The Images and videos depict beautiful people. Although not part of the design, but it is a proven fact that beauty helps increase sales and the likelihood of doing business with a company.

9. Graham and Graham Law Firm

This is a classical website design that Graham & Graham Law Firm has. One with no fancy features, animations, or effects. Just a reliable, highly responsive, and fast-loading website. The style itself actually fits the Brand this company has built for itself. This law firm demonstrates true loyalty to the core of law practice – keeping it simple and neat across the webiste.

graham graham website

This is also built-in WordPress. Now, it seems like WP products and plugins serve well in combating slow loading websites.

Here’s why this website is our #9 pick:

  • Although this site is very default type of website typical for law business, it still is neatly done and simple enough to hit all the marketing points that an attorney website needs to.
  • This site has a good blog page with nice posts that are filled with keywords that help the site rank better. From a SEO perspective, this site is good.

10. ParLee McLaws

ParLee McLaws website has an incredible landing experience. As soon as you’re there you get an interactive tool that allows you to search for lawyers in your area. Most attorney websites don’t have this option which is why this website made it to the list. On the other hand, this website is VERY slow.

parlee mclaws website

Additionally, as you scroll down the homepage, you’ll find some sections are stuck when scrolling. This makes the User Experience more challenging. ParLee McLaws has done an outstanding job, though, providing a special feature that helps the user quickly choose the SERVICE they are interested in. So if the user wants to learn more about civil law practitioners, common law services, probations, tickets, law cases, judges, marriage law, etc., it would be all possible within a few clicks!

Here’s why this website is among the best attorney websites:

  • Despite being last on our list, we still value highly the development of a search box in the hero section. This little useful feature helps the user orient towards the area where the service is needed. Such an interaction increases the time spent on the site, as well as user interest and, ultimately, increases conversions.

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