Top 10 Contact Us Page Examples that Experts Use!

If you are looking for Contact us page examples, then you are at the right place. We reveal some of the best world-class contact us pages that everyone needs to check and learn from!

Top 10 Contact Us Page Examples that Experts Use!

What is a Contact Us Page?

If you are totally new to this subject, you might want to learn more about the Contact Us pages first. In essence, this page is unique because it is the point of contact on your digital assets.

Leads, potential customers, and buyers in the early stages get in touch with companies using the Contact Us Page. In many ways, this web page can be tweaked, altered, and improved so you can increase the conversion rate (lead generation) and the number of qualified leads that will enter your upper funnel.

This is the short list of the Top 10 Contact Us Page Examples:

  1. Zendesk
  2. Zero Code
  3. Marvel App
  4. Aleph Website
  5. Juliana Laface
  6. Leeds Golf Centre
  7. Lumo Design Studio
  8. BodyRock Bootcamp
  9. Maria Ogawa
  10. Bright Local

1. Zendesk

Our #1 pick for the best contact us page example is Zendesk. We love it as we know the brand very well and yet the contact us page is surprisingly non-aggressive and non-salesy. Instead, they chose to make it as user-friendly as possible. Providing the options for users to be able to get in touch with sales, but also with product support. That way, you can steer away from salesy pitches and touting, and head toward the team that can provide you with the solutions you are looking for.

Zendesk contact us page example - Aleph Website Blog

If that wasn’t what you needed, then with a single scroll/swipe down you will see many telephone numbers for each country where Zendesk has a presence:

Zendesk contact us page examples - Aleph Website Blog

This is neatly and simply presented with the ability to write them an email, or contact via phone.

Believe it or not, Zendesk gets 100’s of calls every day. Unlike Google, Microsoft, and other companies, Zendesk is transparent and open to communicating with users. The latter makes this corporation hold a great online reputation.

2. Zero Code

Zero Code has one of the most complete contact us pages we have come across. This is definitely one of the best contact us page examples.

This contact us page fulfills the contact us page criteria to the last drop:

  • it has a unique and very representative image reflecting their services
  • A strong punchline with their sales point (no code) featured saliently
  • a prompting fact that is pretty convincing
  • 5-star reviews on trust pilot – positioned right below the CTA (call to action) for those who are at the fence
  • F shape of the page (ideal text/image strucuture) which is a proven best practice for contact pages and lead generation web pages
Zero Code contact us page examples - Aleph Website Blog

Some companies use ai for lead generation, which makes it harder to assess the efficacy of landing page. This is so as they may be ultra targeting audiences with GPT bots that create personalized forms for each customer category.

3. Marvel App

Extraordinarily simple and straight to the point, the Marvel App Contact Page is definitely one of the best contact us page examples! While being discretely clever and asking for the bare minimum, Marvel App has increased the conversion rates. We know that landing pages with fewer steps and boxes to fill have a higher click-through rate (CTR).

marvel app contact us page examples - Aleph Website Blog

Simplicity and transparency are underrated by many companies. This though is a sign of true market maturity and confidence, exhibited only by market leaders. So take it as an example of what a contact us page should look like!

4. Aleph Website

Our pick #4 of the best contact us page examples is the Aleph Website Contact Us Page. This creative contact page embodies the spirit of Aleph Website and represents it in the beautiful design we see in the example:

Aleph Website contact us page examples - Aleph Website Blog

The first part of the contact page has a COUNTER. This is a great feature that helps users make a move faster and by doing so it increases the efficiency of the web page by increasing the click-through rate (CTR). Aleph Website provides marketing and web design services to small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Aleph Website to see how they have positioned themselves against competition and make sure to check their portfolio.

Once you have swiped/scrolled down, you come across the contact form itself and it looks like this:

Aleph Website contact us page example - Aleph Website Blog

You can see here some features that a contact page must have in order to increase conversions. Features such as:

  • Social Proof on the side – social handles for those who want to check social media profiles of the company
  • Email and Phone contact details on the side for those who do not have the time or desire to fill out the form
  • the call to action button (CTA) is in red which is a very attractive color suitable for the CTA
  • An address available so users trust the company more
  • A beautiful non-agressive design that allow the user to quickly and smoothly fill out the form

In fact, the only reason that Aleph Website is #4 of the best contact us page examples is because the website is still young and it still building reputation and a brand image. As such, we do have to respect the companies that have a proven record of success and value that as a great sales point that must be, in one way or another, represented on the contact page.

5. Juliana Laface

Juliana Laface has a contact page that stands out in terms of its brand matching. No wonder they are offering branding services! They are so clearly stating it with the design of the contact us page. Besides the branding match, we also find this contact page to be one of the best examples because it offers a CHATBOX along with the form. For all those who’d like a more customized service or maybe someone who has a rather specific question.

Check it out for yourself and let us know: would you agree that this is one of the best contact us page examples?

juliana laface contact us page example - Aleph Website Blog

6. Leeds Golf Centre

Leeds Golf Centre Contact Page is unique for many reasons. We list a few important facets of this contact us page and why it made it on our list of best contact us page examples:

  • Simple and great web design
  • Properly featured logo that is easily recognizable and meshes well with the overall design
  • An interactive form rather than filling blanks you have buttons which is better user experience
  • Two contact options for different types of users (visitors and members)
  • The ability to book online
  • No sales stuff – just being helpful and providing options to the user

leeds golf centre contact us page example - Aleph Website Blog

7. Lumo Design Studio

Lum Design Studio is an agency that specializes in Web Design, graphic and product design. They have some great work to show and their contact page is definitely great!

This contact page, unlike the other ones we have listed, is pure art combined with amazing design skills and branding prowess. While it features basic functionalities; it sets the right tone and attracts the ideal customer persona that this agency wants to work with. This is a point of quality we did not cover with other contact us page examples. Indeed, gearing your design to be attractive ONLY to your ideal customers is a trick done by those who know Design very well!

lumo contact us page example - Aleph Website Blog

8. Maria Ogawa

While many would find this Contact Page to be just a default, Wix Contact Page. One must keep in mind that there are subtle cues that we need to keep an eye on when evaluating the contact pages. While most contact page examples have an image or a video, this one is focused on colors, fonts and text copy. Sometimes, standing out is done by simply removing everything that does not represent the brand. For most companies, identifying clutter (and dealing with it) is a very tough task – but not for Maria Ogawa Contact Page.

9. BodyRock Bootcamp

Another great example of a contact page straying from the traditional web design practices and venturing into the unknown with much success! The BodyRock Bootcamp has a great contact page that is unique and enticing in its own way!

bodyrock bootcamp contact us page example - Aleph Website Blog

This contact us page example shows clearly the understanding of the type of customers/leads that visit the contact page. The little yellow circle with the radio and ‘jump jump!’ little text copy in it, is precisely what fits with their customers. Knowing the context and applying it as part of your marketing efforts to target a specific type of customer – a.k.a. Priming – is what top-dog marketers do!

10. Bright Local

Bright Local is a citation company that helps local businesses get healthy backlinks to improve organic rankings. As such, they are in a very fishy industry and this industry is known for scams and other problems. Getting in touch with them is already highly unlikely to happen due to the nature of their business. So, as a marketing agency, we studied their contact page to see what they did – what we found was amazing!

bright local

As you can see here, the way Bright Local deals with the problem is by adding photos of their customer support team and their full names. You can quickly and easily google them up or check their LinkedIn profiles. By doing this, they are setting the right environment – assuring the customer that this is not an India-based company that provides shady backlinks coming from various suspicious PBNs that Google will likely un-index.

In many ways, businesses should focus on providing solutions and addressing the pain points of their customers. Measuring Customer Satisfaction is very difficult, but most necessary in order to succeed. The journey always starts will the Customer Value Proposition. While we’ve rated it #10 due to bad web design, this is still one of the best contact us page examples.

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