Top 3 Best Female Entrepreneur Website Design in 2022

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What does a Female Entrepreneurship website look like? Why does it differ from a standard website?

These questions we cannot answer simply because anything and everything would be just generalizations. However, we can point you to a few EXCELLENT WEBSITES where you can find the answers for yourself!

What makes a website great in terms of femininity?

This article is about Female Entrepreneur Website Design, and we have chosen a few to present to you:

1. Julia Johnson

Web Design is a blend of new-age modern, abstract, and fashion photography with a great website to support all these artistic moments put in one place. Julia Johnson is a real rollercoaster of a website.

female entrepreneur website design #1 - julia johnson

The hardest part to achieve is creating such great photos and the artwork that is involved in making it all happen. The website itself is not complex. It is straightforward and very simple.

1.1. High quality images on the web design

Not only that the images super HQ, but also unique to the internet. You cannot find another similar image here unless taken from a magazine and posted online (which is illegal).

So you see having good quality and unique images do make a difference! Even Search engines like original images to learn more about the world and be smarter.

1.2. Impossible to template this website design

There is no way to template the design. It was created by a designer who wanted to express originality on top of quality. That requires 10+ years of design mastery and to be in a team that understands fashion and marketing, working all together.

1.3. years of experience needed to build the design

Aleph Website guarantees that behind this website design are years of experience and an excellent understanding of CMS (Content Management System) and web development expertise.

It doesn’t matter whether the website design is masculine or female in character for this web design. It is rather a mastery of human fashion that is exhibited from a universal aspect. However, since the business is female-owned and operated, then we consider it to be Female Website Design #1 for us!

1.4. What Makes Julia Johnson Such a Great Female Entrepreneurship website?

  • Professional fashion models that set the bar high
  • Excellent Photography that reveals the artistry and professionalism of the team that has worked on the photo shoots
  • The Simple Website Design meshes well with all the images. With no excess or lack – web design is fully optimized to nicely meet the foreground pictures.

2. What is the Beyond

With a gentle order of elements, circular shapes, elegant fonts, and natural colorsWhat is the Beyond represents a great website that any female entrepreneur can get inspiration.

female entrepreneur website design #2 - what is the beyond

This website is elegant, modern, simple, and beautiful. It is not too complicated to design, but definitely is a great mix of complementary branding elements.

2.1. Professional and high-quality branding in the web design

It doesn’t take too long for any User to understand what the website is about. This is not so because the information is easy to perceive, but because the brand is so clear, so easy to set the mood and connect with the user. Note how the colors are all Earthy; which brings a sense of naturality, spice, and sense of easiness.

Observe how while this brand is smooth, there’s a video in the foreground playing. You see the vibe, you feel the beat and there’s no off-beat when switching from web design to brand. This is not an easy task to achieve. In marketing, we refer to this activity as Current Context Marketing. The crew that has worked on this website understood very well what the brand is, and went through the logo design, wireframes, design mockups, branding material, color pallets, etc.

It probably took the team around 3-6 months to complete this website.

Website design is complex, it requires years of experience and a good understanding of the CMS (Content Management System), how Search Engines work and scan websites, what website templates allow you to do, and blending it all with the brand.

2.2. E-commerce right in your face

For a subtle website, this one is quite a strong sales punch to the face. The Hero Section carries a strong CTA “Tickets” that makes it impossible for you not to click it. The way they prime online visitors is very powerful. It indicates to us that the team working on the psychological aspects of the web design indeed possesses a great understanding of the human mind!

Try it for yourself and see. This is what good brand marketing does. Simply using colors and context, you are already in possession of the User’s credit card!

2.3. What Makes What is the beyond Such a Great Female Entrepreneurship website?

  • There is no ambiguity in the energy of this website – IT IS FEMININE all over the place. Every color, every line, every shape, and animation – all points toward a female aspect of web design
  • The Color choice and the way it all blends together with shapes make the experience of this website very soft and smooth. You can just open this website and leave it on your screen as a screen saver.
  • Non-aggressiveness and smoothness are helping the user read more, spend more time on the website, and appreciate a different form of marketing; one non-typical to the ‘normal’ expectations of website marketing.

3. Studio Love Lock (since 2022 it is Good Love)

Studio Love Lock/ Good Love has a very Female-oriented web design – with purple, dark blue, pink, orange, yellow, and other warm gentle colors that contain red color in them. It is oriented toward Arts, Music, and Fashion. The design feels like Instagram materials coming to life.

Trint Design

The Font is very stylish, typical for fashion design but can be used across other industries for makeup, clothing, etc. Definitely seems like a website design that an Instagram Influencer could use.

Additionally, it has really really good animations, along with a nice horizontal page scroll which is striking the viewer with a different experience and therefore showing off a new direction for art, fashion, and design.

3.1. Why is Love lock at the bottom of our list?

Aleph Website is not just a Website Design agency, we also do SEO as part of our Services. You need both in order for your website to rank high and do well with users. Therefore, we appreciate websites that have built their design with an understanding of SEO Foundations. Whereas, Lovelock doesn’t meet the requirements of Search Engines.

Many design agencies focus on creating beautiful designs that cannot be found by anybody because the SEO is not done properly. This is the On-Page structure for the Lovelock (Good Love) homepage:

love lock SEO on-page results

3.2. Why is Love lock still one of the best?

The answer is Engaging Content. Love Lock may not care for SEO after all. Even their website makes it clear at a few points that their goal is not to get traffic or deal with backlinks, or SEO altogether.

3.3. What Makes Studio love lock Such a Great Female Entrepreneurship website?

  • This website is extraordinary because it combines amazing features, animations, and effects in a way that sets a new TONE for fashion and web design. There’s an impression that the designers of the website intended to reveal a NEW STYLE of web design – one that is Bold and Feminine – not passive, but rather HYPER active!
  • The Experience of this website makes the User feel the uniqueness of the brand. This sense of originality raises curiosity while leaving far much open for interpretation, it does scream COMPETENCE pretty clearly.

3.4. For Additional Inspiration for Female Website Design

Check out these interesting pins for Female Website Design.

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