Top 5 Best Website Builder For Small Business

Aleph website picks the best website builder for small businesses.

Website builders are a great temporary solution if you need a new website. It is a fast, drag-and-drop style, and you get pre-made templates with good design.

Top 5 Best Website Builder For Small Business

As far as quality goes, Website Builders offer more or less the same quality of websites. Some have a slightly safer platform, others a bit faster at loading the site, but more or less you’re looking at equals.

“Website builders such as Wix and Squarespace are used if you’re looking to RENT a website. This Website Rental Solution is just like Car renting, or Apartment renting. You don’t own the property, you’re its temporary user!”

We’re listing the top 5 Website builders here and measuring their performance across 4 main factors:

  1. Feature Functionality
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Design Flexibility
  4. Price

The Website builders we are comparing are:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Shopify

1. Best Website Builder for Specific Functionality required for your Small Business:

Feature functionality simply refers to specific features, i.e. plugins and tools that the website needs to have in order for it to deliver solutions to your customers.

For example, if you’re a restaurant, you need a website that allows ordering online and has good access to the database that permits your restaurant to complete orders and communicate them, back and forth, from client to delivery team.
Order Online3/54/52/50/51/5
Booking Online4/53/53/50/52/5
Learning/Course Platform2/53/52/50/53/5

We can see here the performance of each website builder:

  1. Ordering (food, and delivery) Online – the best solution is Squarespace.
  2. Booking Online (tickets, seats, etc.) – the best solution is Wix.
  3. E-Commerce – the best solution is Shopify.
  4. Blogging – the best solution is
  5. For Learning platforms (courses/online videos) all these options are weak. This is so because Udemy, Coursera, Plural Sight, Youtube and other big players exist and have dominated this Niche.

2. Best Website Builder by Ease of Use for Small Business

You need something simple so you don’t spend over 4 hours daily manipulating content. Additionally, you’ll have to manage your tools and media. This factor is broken down into 4 segments:
Uploading media3/54/53/52/53/5
Creating Pages3/53/53/52/53/5
Updating Content3/53/53/51/54/5
Bugs and Error Frequency4/53/52/52/54/5

As you can see, all website builders rank the same. We can say that Wix and are the most reliable and the least buggy of the 5 Website Builders. Squarespace offers more design options (scrolling features, animations, effects, etc.)

Also, Shopify is pretty complex. Most Shopify users need to hire a developer to manage pages and tools!

3. Design Flexibility of the Website for Small business

It is never an easy task to run a company, do marketing and be a designer at the same time… This is super exhausting and this is where most entrepreneurs get burnt out and decide to quit!

Know that Website Builders promote their platforms as pre-set and ready-to-go solutions while the REALITY IS QUITE DIFFERENT.

As soon as you start uploading your media, tweaking colors, adding some text here and there, you’ll see how the website design is worsening each step of your journey. Finally, as you’re about upload the last item, your website doesn’t look anything like you thought it will!

In this situation, most people decide to hire a Freelancer to get the job done. This might be costly, but it is definitely a necessity when the quality of your web design has dropped.

“The shoemaker is no dentist.
The dentist is no shoemaker.
So why do you think you are a Web Designer? Yet worse – a Web Developer?”

Yet again, Wix and WordPress have shown the best results if you’re looking for a simple temporary website solution. If you wish to create design yourself, or hire a freelancer to do graphic design for you, we recommend Wix and WordPress, as the best website builder for small business.

4. Price

best website builders for small business

Here are some prices that might interest you:

Total Cost in 5 years$2,880 – $12,840$2,820 – $12,900$2,460 – $12,060$5,700 – $23,050$1,500 – $8,000
Time Invested to Build the Website2-3 hours daily3-4 hours daily3-4 hours daily4-6 hours daily2-3 hours daily
Value for money4/53/53/52/54/5
Customer ratings4/53/53/53/53/5

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