Top 5 Useful Tips when Using Amazon Website

Aleph Website ventures to help people better use Amazon website and understand how to leverage this powerful platform. Amazon is more than just an e-commerce site, it offers much more!

Tip 1: Send GIFTS across the world with Amazon Prime for FREE

If you have friends around the world, we recommend you buy them gifts using Amazon Prime!

amazon prime - amazon website

You can register a new Prime account from anywhere and you’d get a 30-days free trial. With this account, you can for example buy your old schoolmate from Hamburg a new Halloween custom!

Tip 2: Reduce Tax Charge

With Amazon Smile you can reduce the Tax charge and even choose what causes you wish to contribute. You can always change the options and explore new ways to help people around the world and save yourself some money!

amazon smile - amazon website

Tip 3: Watch Free Movies and Series with Prime Video

Don’t download pirated movies or watch series on illegal streaming websites that keep bugging and buffering. Instead, get all your deliveries in 2 days AND watch free movies and series. Amazon Prime Video also offers you free books you can read, if you’re into reading books.

prime video - amazon website

Tip 4: Get a Prime Rewards Visa Card

The Amazon Prime Reward Visa Card created by Amazon is a true delight for the shopaholics! With this card, you get a $100 Gift Card upon approval, a 5% cash back on Amazon purchases, and more cash back when purchasing at restaurants and drugstores. Note, you get a lower cash back rate if you are not a Prime user.

prime visa card - amazon

Tip 5: Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Online shopping for clothes was always a pain. How to find the right fit? What to do if it doesn’t fit well? It is really inconvenient to shop online for clothes and footwear. Not with Amazon Prime Wardrobe it is not!

prime wardrobe

If you have Amazon Prime, you can use Prime Wardrobe. This shopping feature allows you to try on as many sizes and clothes you want. Get all those shoes you have bookmarked! Try them all on and return the ones that don’t fit or you don’t like for any reason!

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