Top 5 Websites to watch anime For Free/Almost

So you’re looking to watch Anime online? Where can you find a streaming service to watch Anime? Aleph Website helps you find websites to watch anime!

1. Netflix Anime

Netflix is a reliable and legal streaming platform where you can watch all sorts of Anime in movies and series format. We recommend Netflix because it uses excellent Suggestion Tools that help you always get the type of Anime you like the most in your feed!

Netflix as websites to watch anime

Monthly subscription to Netflix is $9. It is not much really, you can binge watch all your series for just $9. It is worth it. Especially if you’re in Europe and USA where piracy and illegal streaming is very problematic!

While being Ads Free, you can also use 1 account for multiple devices. So just share your account with a friend or two and the monthly subscription will round to $3 monthly – you can afford this much, right?

2. Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can watch Anime on Amazon Prime Video for Free. If not, you still have the option of purchasing the stream license for $1 or $2 depending on what movies or series you want to watch.

prime video is one of the best websites like 123movies websites and anime

Amazon Prime is just $6 monthly. Besides, it is Ad-free and super fast and responsive to all devices. Again, this option is very convenient in USA, it doesn’t cost much and is 100% legal!

3. Hulu

If you’re a student, you can watch Hulu using a Student Spotify Account. This only $5 monthly and it gives you access to many cartoons, anime, movies, series and much more. Also, you get 3 months for free… I mean c’mon… Don’t be lazy just get an account, it takes you only 2 minutes to get you set up.

Hulu for watching anime

Besides, with Spotify, you now have access to all the music you desire to listen to at any time, 100% legal and super high quality and MOST IMPORTANTLY ——— NO FREAKING ADDS!!!

4. Youtube

Our #4 pick is Youtube simply because all streaming on youtube is free of charge and legal. If you search on youtube, you’ll find uploads of all your series and anime shows that you love the most.

For example, here at Aleph Website we’re big fans of Naruto Shippuden. You can Youtube Search all the best fights of Naruto or Sasuke and you’ll find a bunch of free uploads you can watch.

Why watch the whole series??? Ain’t nobody got time for that!!! Just skip str8 to the fights with YouTube!

5. Crunchy Roll

For our final pick we chose Crunchy Roll. These guys have all your favorite anime and manga as well. You can watch series and manage for free. The only downside of the Free version of Crunchy Roll are ADDS. However, if you ever get tired of adds you can level up with Premium package that costs $10 monthly.

crunchy roll watch anime for free or premium

With Premium you get to watch Add-Free on 4 devices and that can be across various devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

—————- PRO TIP:

Find 3 more friends and share one account on Crunchy Roll. Then the price is just $2.50 monthly. That’s really cheap!

Final words:

Aleph Website is against piracy and illegal streaming. Primarily because it slanders the work of these amazing artists, but also because illegal streaming always means low quality, slow and buggy players… Don’t waste your time.

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