8 Top WordPress Websites that will change your mind! (2021)

Aleph Website lists 8 Top WordPress Websites that will make your head swirl! You won’t even believe what you see. WordPress technology is not just a blogging tool, it is an ALL-ENCOMPASSING SUPER WEB DEVELOPMENT TOOL that is chosen by small business owners, but also by the biggest corporations!

8 Top WordPress Websites

You can get a better picture of what is WordPress:

Here we go:

1: BBC America

BBC America is one of the biggest media outlets in the world. They use the website to deliver over 10,000 pages of content related to actual events. While pumping content at an incredible rate, the website provides many interactive elements such as:

  • Live Videos
  • Subscriptions
  • Program Schedule
  • Sign Up for Special Features

As you can see, these are pretty neat features for a website getting over 1,000,000 visits monthly. This website has Domain Ranking of 62/100; which makes it among the top 50 websites in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

BBC america - wordpress technology

You can see on the right side the CMS technology as revealed by WhatRuns Extension. A closer inspection in the technology used to run this site reveals its complexity and superiority of this website. For us, BBC America is one of the top WordPress websites.

2. The New York Times Company

The New York Times Company is known to every American. This is one of the most influential organizations in the world. They have an impressive role in shaping human perception as well as the history of humanity. They chose WordPress, entrusting their decisions to the capabilities of the WP CMS.

This Media giant has close to 5 million backlinks pointing to this site. Close to 500,000 visits monthly. Yet the website is incredibly fast and fully responsive. Anyone surfing this site won’t help but keep going through it. It is beautifully designed and so simple they can absorb lots of information; which is precisely what NYT co has intended with this site. That makes the site one of the top WordPress websites in the world.

new york times website on of the top wordpress websites

Evidently, Media, broadcast and Communication industry is fully trusting of WordPress capabilities.

3. Bloomberg Professional Services

Bloomberg Professional Services website offers:

  • Trading services
  • Risk management services
  • Financial markets insights
  • Databases for government, markets, trends, etc.
  • Software tools
  • Technology solutions
bloomberg website on of the top wordpress websites

As you can see, many services are delivered here. With all this complexity, Bloomberg insists on covering 360 degrees all customer needs, by providing:

  • Customer support online
  • Request a demo online
  • Login for customers
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Datasets download, and much more…

Alright, if this was not enough, then consider all the dynamic content that is delivered to users from different areas of the world. In other words, if you’re in China, you get:

  • Data relevant for Chinese economy
  • Chinese language
  • Chinese news and blog posts
  • Chinese market insights
  • Chinese trading services

Hold on, a 3rd major Media Outlet… Well, that could only mean that WordPress is really reliable! In addition to dynamic content, Bloomberg uses the WordPress CMS (Content Management system) for regular website visitors, but also for members. Unlike regular traffic, Bloomberg members get a special dashboard that allows them to review history, tutorials, and even access the online store from their account. Using WordPress, Bloomberg is delivering a complex net of services to various Users across the globe! No wonder they are #3 in our top WordPress websites list.

Here we’re using Wappalyzer Extension to discover what technology is running this site.

4. The Walt Disney Company

Okay, so if you’re into movies, series, cartoons; you better start considering WordPress as your go-to Web Dev tool.

Disney Company uses a very sophisticated website. They are using the site for:

  • News delivery
  • Job portal and headhunting
  • Trailers for new movies, series and cartoons
walt disney website

Despite being a powerful outlet for news, they are using basic WordPress plugins such as: Yoast SEO.

On the other hand, they’re plugged in with very powerful analytical tools such as: Adobe Analytics, Amazon Web Services.

5. Microsoft News

Microsoft has many collaborations with WordPress. One of them is their News Portal.

Here, Microsoft communicates with followers, journalists, customers and employees. You can find all relevant news, but also events, and online tools that you may preview and test.

This site has an eCommerce store embedded. This e-store allows users to find Microsoft tools, news, e-books, and other products and buy them. One of the most popular eCommerce stores for WordPress is Woo Commerce. In the dashboard, you see the ‘Cart’ Section. The Ecommerce widget allows the Users to add to Cart all that which they’d like to purchase from Microsoft News. While this Website is not strictly an Ecommerce Website, it still generates solid profits as there are many visitors coming here daily. This makes Microsoft News, de facto, one of top WordPress websites in the world.

microsoft news website

Beyond functionality, Microsoft News has almost 14 million backlinks, they’re ranking for 750,000 keywords, and monthly traffic of circa 800,000 visitors. All of this is why Microsoft News has an authority score of 92! That makes this WordPress website as powerful as google!

microsoft news is one of the best wordpress websites

There’s no doubt here… This website is one of the Top WordPress Websites.

6. Sweden – The Country Official Website

This one always cracks me up! Sweden is one of the most developed countries in terms of finance, civilization, business and the general economy. Yes… they too like WordPress so much so that they chose it as their Web Dev Solution.

sweden website

WordPress has passed all Trust tests, including powerful governments as we see in this example. The security and firewall protection available on WordPress is what makes this CMS technology #1 choice for corporations and governments.

Aleph Website prefers WordPress Protection and Security tools over any other technology. For our clients, we guarantee impeccable Anti-hack protection, as well as resistance against DDoS attacks. For you to own one of the Top WordPress Websites, you’d have to think about security, viruses, hacks, data protection, etc. In addition to great security, WordPress technology is compatible with many renowned web hosting servers, such as Site Ground and Blue Host.

Sweden official website is moving away from WordPress

We have official news that Sweden has decided to choose a different Content Management System. The reason might be because of the pressure from Media – just like this blog post here – Sweden had to move to a different web hosting server and, therefore, build the website in Nginx and Node. Due to this news, we are updating our content and saying Sweden Website was one of the top WordPress websites.

7. Obama’s Official Website

It seems to me that all the cool ones just wanna a WordPress site… Evidently, beside trust, reliability, ease of content management, WordPress has its own flamboyant character that attracts impressive world leaders!

obama website

Why don’t we all follow great leaders?

There’s a lesson here for us at Aleph Website. We want to emulate great leaders and follow their steps forward. We believe this was the real intention of many great individuals, such as Barack Obama. The lesson, or the message, left for us, is that we need to use WordPress technology. This is the path forward for many organizations looking to build a better future!

Just like everyone else, we intend to join the top WordPress websites list!

8. Sony PlayStation Blog

Are you into gaming? We sure are!!! We love reading about PS new games and consoles. In fact, the gaming industry has boomed during the Covid Pandemic! Check out their website, it is phenomenal how many visitors they get!

Around 2 million visitors monthly come to Sony PlayStation Blog for game previews and promotions. 90% of this traffic is organic; coming from Search Engine searches. Upon closer examination, most of the organic traffic comes from the following SERP features:

  • Image pack (5%)
  • Top Stories (5%)
  • FAQ sections (2%)
  • Featured Snippet (2%)

All of these SERP features come from Snippet information that is produced by WordPress tech. WordPress is an amazing technology for SEO optimizations. It enables companies to maximize organic traffic and take advantage of how Search Engines crawl pages thanks to WordPress tech.

You know, PlayStation Blog has over 600,000 pages live on their website… No wonder they chose WordPress. This is one of the top WordPress websites in the world!

playstation website

WordPress is super reliable for high-rate HTTPS requests. It also gives the User the power over content like no other Web Dev Solution. No doubt that Sony PlayStation is one of the top WordPress websites.

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Top 8 WordPress Websites

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