The Aleph Workflow of Website Creation

Website Creation can be intimidating taking. Therefore, we have designed this document to onboard our most valuable clients. You will learn the secrets of website success as we guide you through each step of the website creation process. Our earnest goal is to provide the utmost and make this journey one of success and growth.

01. Discovery

The Aleph method begins by outlining your requirements, as well as the purpose of your website.

The 1st stage of Website Creation by Aleph Website

Your company has a unique business model that allows you to deliver your products and services to your own customers. We would like to understand your business goals and learn more about your customers. In doing so, we put ourselves in your customers’ shoes and eliminate some of the barriers they experience while considering you online.

Additionally, we want to make you a website that reflects your brand spirit and delivers the experience the customer is expecting. We believe that your website is the digital manifestation of your business. At this stage, we delve into the shaping of exploration of User Interactions on the website. The idea is to assimilate website interactions so as to give your users the real feel of your business.

02. Plan of Action

Now that we know your website targets, it’s time to devise a plan of action to whack those targets.

The 2nd stage of Website Creation by Aleph Website

Here at Aleph Website, we work together with our valuable clients to match their needs, but also to create a plan of action that suits the vision in your mind. At this stage, we unpack the tools required, the technology that needs to be used, plugins, interactions, and the website structure that will help you deliver the desired user experience.

Depending on the complexity of the plan, you will either get the Basic or the Pro Website Package. We can also discuss additional features, as Extras, that you can get with the package you purchase. Once we have agreed on the plan of action, we send you an Agreement that includes the workload and the price of our services.

Read this interview between Ali Sayyed (Co-Founder and Lead Specialist at Aleph Website) and Design Rush a design platform for professional agencies:

After reading this interview you will know how to make every dollar count when creating an effective website.

03. Web Design

Putting actions into beautiful and functional designs is our specialty. This stage is one defined by creativity and marketing.

The 3rd stage of Website Creation by Aleph Website

Our design is done in multiple phases. First, we begin with the Moodboard where we define the brand guidelines for the website. Here we include fonts, colors, icons, illustrations, etc. Second, we design your Homepage. Here we get your feedback (1st Revision), and improve further the design.

Third, we design the rest of the pages. At this stage we complete all the pages. Fourth, we design interactive and functional elements (header, footer, calls to action, forms, etc.). Finally, we sit down with you for a 2nd revision, where we will get your feedback for the complete website; all pages and content.

04. Web Development

It is time to translate the designs to web applications and online content. Here we bring our work to life.

The 4th Stage of Website Creation by Aleph Website

We don’t use themes and templates to build your website! No… Our developers have mastered the Art of Custom Codes! This is our little secret that makes our websites outperform everyone else. Each line of code is hand-made and plugged into the CMS technology. This makes you CMS super Light and permits Fast interactions.

All our designs are developed to be responsive to Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet devices. After coding, we install the necessary tools for you to operate your business online. Anything you need, we can build! Finally, we secure your domain with Hack-proof firewall protection. With this, you’re ready to rock’n’roll!

05. SEO

Conducting thorough Technical SEO, as well as optimizing your content using a Keyword strategy that will get you more organic traffic!

The 5th Stage of Website Creation by Aleph Website

SEO is not just about focusing on the keywords that your customers are typing in search engines. It is also about optimizing each piece of content and consolidating all your pages into SILO structured content verticals that create the perfect Sitemap! Our SEO specialists run technical analysis and establish the correct HTML framework for you.

Then, we plug in your website to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Cloudflare, and SEM Rush to further optimize. All these tools serve to deliver your content to the user at Lightning speed. On top of that, we check each link, page, and line of code to ensure that the User is not experiencing issues while looking you up on their Mobile devices.

06. Handover

We finish our work by handing over the accounts of your website. While at it, we train you to operate the website successfully.

The 6th Stage of Website Creation by Aleph Website

We don’t just hand you the access without walking you through and tutoring you on how to use your website successfully. Aleph stands with you and wants to provide you with all the necessary education to be able to manage your website successfully. So, don’t worry. Aleph got your back and we will guide you forward!

We will show you how to use each tool, and how to conduct simple maintenance. We also offer our professional maintenance, in case you prefer we do it, that’s up to you! Our experts will help you set up Google Analytics, and Social Media Accounts. Also, we will provide you with marketing tips and tricks!

Website Creation By Aleph Website

Aleph Website is a small, modest, and hardworking marketing agency that specializes only in Website Creation. We provide the best PRICE/QUALITY Ratio in the US.

Our mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs market their products successfully. It is our desire to see you flourish and excel using our website creation solutions.

Website Revisions

As we are going through the Website Design Workflow, you have noticed that we mentioned a couple of Revisions. In total there are 3 revisions:

  1. Design Revision
  2. Content Revision
  3. Development Revision

To read more about Website Design Revisions, go to:

Website Creation – Our Work and Our Joy

Here at Aleph Website, we don’t just hire people to work for us. Instead, we join many communities of developers and designers and acquire the finest minds – all across the globe.

We are a harmonious team of dedicated individuals who aspire to develop the best website creation solutions, and incorporate our comprehensive services for your benefit!

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