What is a Good Marketing Strategy for Language Schools

After the pandemic, many language schools had to change their marketing strategy for language school activities. That was not an ease task for busy professors and managers running business and managing employees at the same time.

A handful of few seized this opportunity to implement Content Marketing and SEO as part of their activities. These companies have seen enormous growth of business!

As everything went suddenly online, it was the same having classes in Germany or USA. The market went berserk!

This article describes One (of many) Good Marketing Strategy for language schools.

marketing strategy for language school

The SEO and content marketing strategy for language school

Let’s break it down:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically understanding how people search on the internet and helping them find what they are looking for.

Think of it this way, you’re on your bike, and you need to find a song that is going in your head and you can’t remember the name – that is how every Internet Searcher behaves like! In your case, students, employees, and people interested in language classes online.

in a hurry - SEO

Everyone is in a hurry, typing half words half mistakes – trying to find something in too short of a time. Well, SEO is preciously adapting your content to account for this phenomenon.

Think about what your audience is looking for:

search engine results for language classes online

If you have a strong web development understanding and generally manage a few good software such as SEM Rush, Schema Markup Generator, Structured Data Testing Tool, WordPress, and a few dozen of its plugins, then you can do SEO on such a level of control that you can have a preview of the internet like no one else!

SEO helps you master the internet through SEARCH.

1.1. writing SEO-friendly blog posts

Knowing how to structure your blog post helps your content get more organic traffic. Simply by understanding what the Search Engines want you to create as content, and how to deliver this content to the internet will make your website grow and increase visibility on Google, Bing, Safari, etc.


All content uploaded (text, image, links, headers, videos, etc.) needs Optimization for Search Engines. Without it, your content will not rank high and might be buried by a heap of similar web pages that never get any attention.

1.2. Keyword Research

Another important aspect of SEO is knowing how to set up the right keywords for your content. There are many SEO tools you can use to determine the right Keywords. What you need to know here is that without Keyword research, there’s no keyword strategy. Without a keywords strategy, you are not really optimizing your content for the desired action. Make sure to understand what people are searching for, then embed this keyword meaningfully throughout your blog post!

Searching for the right keyword

In other words, if you are competing for something you don’t actually need, then even if you win, you end up still losing. This is why Keyword Targeting is super important as you set up your SEO strategy!

Here are a few tips you can use to create your SEO strategy right here and now:

  • Research what are all the keywords that your audience uses to find your services (for example “Language classes for adults near me”)
  • Create a File with all the keywords that you found people use for Search Engines
  • Create categories, or Keyword Clusters so you logically tackle each category based on your business needs
  • For each category create a Blog Posts Plan, followed by a Social Media Publishing schedule

Consider using a tool such as SEM Rush.

Only after you have done the keyword research, and re-structured your blog posts, can you plan for backlinks. This is so because you need to know what are the keywords you are targeting and which blog posts, or pages you want to get external links from.

Acquiring backlinks is tricky and you need to be careful! We recommend developing SEO collaborations with companies that deliver complementary solutions to your business.

For example, a language school might connect with bloggers who speak multiple languages and find a way to barter services and link to each other online. marketing strategy for language school requires you to move your thinking online and see what possibilities the internet can provide you.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the pretty cousin of SEO… It is more artistic, requires more creativity, and a better understanding of User Experience and Design.

content marketing for language

Content is not just a piece of blog you through somewhere, it is also focusing on solving a problem in a way that makes you want to stop and read a bit more.

No one expects you to read the whole article, we will break it masterfully into marked-up content to reach the 1st page of SERPs anyway. However, there is Spirit in this content, something the internet lacks and needs.

If we can breath life into codes, we may be able to aspire to create computers capable of simulating humans in every aspect.

We maybe able to spark something inside the very threads of the ether we have crafted. As the information journeys through air, it passes through my mind and picks up this spark!

That moment, when all dual in life becomes a point of singularity. All is one and one is all.

Ok, you get the point… So you write something that is not just “pizza domino near me” 🙂

Let’s explore how content marketing strategy for language school can be done properly.

2.1. Use Blog Posts intensively

Content must be regularly and intensely published. The best way to publish content is to create blog posts. These blog posts then you can always break down into social media posts, that you can then use for your Social Media Strategy to engage with your audience. Also, you may expand on these blog posts and develop downloadables that you’ll use for specific clients.

blog posts as a content marketing strategy for language school

From there, you can study which blog posts were the most successful ones. Using Google Analytics, you can study the post engagement and determine which topic resonated well with your audience. As you come to understand the User behavior and preferences, you should jot it down as your Customer Persona – or at least what your research is indicating is your potential customer segment.

create content that your audience wants to consume constantly

If you already have your customer segment outlined, but you’re not getting traffic and new business, then consider studying your customer relationship and analyze your business model to create a new Customer Value Proposition (CVP). This should set you up for a good marketing strategy for language school.

Make sure to enrich these blog posts actively so they encompass all the information the user might need. Keep the successful blog posts growing and consider creating videos about these topics. As you grow and expand, visitors stay longer on your pages, and Search engines rank your content higher in results. Finally, you will have many people consuming your content and enjoying your website – this will eventually lead to conversions and new business!

This is why blog posts are important. From them, you can learn so much about your audience online. You can also re-use the content, enrich it, expand, break it into posts, etc. There’s no better marketing strategy for language school than to focus on that which works!

2.2. use content to solve real-life problems

As you’ve done your research and come to know your audience better, it is time to provide solutions using content marketing. Be of Value, of relevance, of help. These are the most important attributes you always need to think about. Your goal is always to increase Customer Satisfaction for your target audience.

CVP small business model customer relations

Ask yourself these questions:

  • what do language school students really want from language schools?
  • how can I provide lesson materials to students in a useful and meaningful way?
  • what information do students and people learning languages need from us?
questions to ask for language school marketing strategy

Answering these questions helps you develop content that matters! Value creation is the cornerstone of this marketing strategy for language schools.

[Case Study] a good SEO and content marketing strategy for language school

There is one such language school that has used SEO and Content Marketing properly and has paid for tools such as SEM Rush that have prospered and grown.

BiCortex Languages has implemented SEO even before the pandemic. In doing so, they realized that they need a better website to rank higher. Investing in a new website, built by Aleph Website, has led to the creation of a highly optimized website that permitted organic growth.

3.1. Dynamic content for a multilingual audience

As an international online language school, BiCortex gets traffic from all around the world. It is not enough to use English for the website.

All the content can be delivered in 5 ‘major’ languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • French

When a user selects the language they want the website to be in, automatically they are served content RELEVANT ONLY to their native language. This is what we call ‘Serving Dynamic Content’ to Users.

dynamic content for language school marketing strategy

For example, if you choose ‘Spanish’, then all blog posts will cover topics that interest Spanish-speaking people that are looking to learn a different language. All other content is hidden from them. In doing so, we have seen much more engagement and users leave positive feedback and promote the pages externally as well.

3.2. Google Ranking after 3 months of SEO and content marketing

After 3 months of following this language school marketing strategy, the website has gone all the way up for searchers to find easily.

Important keywords such as:

  • group language classes online
  • group language classes
  • online group lessons

BiCortex has pages ranking top 5 on the 1st SERP (Search engine result page). As you can see, this is a really good marketing strategy for language school.

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