What is Social Entrepreneurship Marketing?

What is social entrepreneurship marketing?

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If you’re into Social Marketing, or Social Entrepreneurship, you’re gonna find a lot of useful information about how to use Social Media in your Entrepreneurship endeavors.

social entrepreneurship with friends

This article is designed to explore the various aspects of Social Entrepreneurship Marketing. If you are an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner, then you have already realized how important it is to network, socialize and connect with the right people.

Digital Marketing has permitted for Entrepreneurship to be expanded online. Now we are able to network over Social Media and secure important connections for the growth and development of our businesses.

“While Social Entrepreneurship, as a term, refers to the Entrepreneurship ventures that aim at dealing with social issues. Social Entrepreneurship is indispensably tied for Social Media Marketing. In order for the Social Entrepreneur to engage, connect and promote their work, they must be fully active on multiple Social Media Platforms.”

Social Entrepreneurship relates to marketing through Social Media Platforms. This is the content medium through which all entrepreneurs reach their target markets, and communicate their messages to their Niche audience successfully. Social Entrepreneurship is no different. All you have to do is get acquainted with your audience and find them on Social Media – so you can connect and deliver your content. That is how social media marketing helps social entrepreneurs succeed!

Depending on which industry you’re in, you’re going to have to master one of the Social Media Platforms.

The following represent many aspects of Social Entrepreneurship Marketing:

1. LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the most popular social media network for general entrepreneurship. Here, you can connect with professionals and explore business opportunities. LinkedIn has a Search Feature, which enables you to pin point the type of person you need to get in touch with in order to grow and develop your business

This neat option is available to anyone. In the example below, we are searching for people who are involved in Plastic Production, Second Connections (friends of our friends), in the industry of Plastics, and have studied at RiT.

Search Filter Linkedin

Who knows… Maybe the 3rd page holds the right contact for your business!

linkedin for social entrepreneurship marketing

Examples of LinkedIn is Used for Social Entrepreneurship:

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect and work out the details of your marketing efforts. There, you’ll meet many people, get inspired and develop your business further.

To show you the power of this platform we provide you with a few links to get you started:

2. Facebook Marketing

Facebook used to be the best Social Media Network but ever since they started prosecuting their management, this Social Media Platform got worse and worse.

facebook is for senior population and the elderly

Nevertheless, when it comes to building personal connections with people, this is still one of the best social media networks.

facebook #1 social media platform

Additionally, Facebook uses the most sophisticated algorithms for B2C Advertisement. Using this algorithm, you are able to target audiences based on what they have liked on Facebook. Once your Ads have started, you can even retarget the audience based on achieved engagements with your content. If that wasn’t enough, then you should know about Facebook lookalike audiences; which is part of the complex algorithm functionality – to target audience you haven’t specified that fulfill the criteria and will give you the engagement you want!

Actually, Facebook Ads are entirely different than Linkedin Ads, and you should make sure to understand these differences before delving into budgeting your Ads. Prime example is LinkedIn Lead Gen Format of Ads which is super powerful, but also very expensive.

Using Facebook for Social Entrepreneurship targeting Seniors and Elders

Today, Facebook is mostly used by seniors and elderly population. So if your Niche Segment is 45+, then Facebook is the right Social Media for your Entrepreneurship marketing strategies.

Facebook Ads are much cheaper than LinkedIn Ads. Also, Facebook Ad Manager is well-developed tool. In fact, Linkedin has hired former employees who have developed the Advertisement tools for LinkedIn.

reasons why you should use Facebook Ads are:

  • Cheap CPC
  • Big Customer segments (VOLUME) for Seniors and elderly
  • Seniors and Elderly are more ACTIVE on Facebook than any other platform
  • A/B testing is possible and quite successful on Facebook
  • Marketplace is available for additional targeting
  • Re-targeting is possible for those planning to catch new customers on the rebound

3. Instagram Marketing

Instagram belongs to Facebook. It is all about pictures, pleasure, joy, beauty and visual sensuality.

instagram for social entrepreneurship marketing

This platform is ideal if you’re in the Beauty, Makeup, Hair, Clothes, Hats, Footwear business. As well as food, cakes, coffee, fitness, gym, tourism and nature.

While on the topic of instagram marketing. Ensure always to adhere to best marketing ethics practices as you want to grow your audience steadily instead of taking the risk of losing followers due to unethical practices.

Social Entrepreneurship is great for Instagram

Helping the society and dealing with social issues is a noble cause. If you’re working with marginalized groups, there’s no better way to communicate what you do than taking pictures and videos and sharing it on Instagram.

Quickly, people will follow you and like your content. Many will support you and even donate to you to continue your work!

You can find all the Social Entrepreneurs on Instagram simply by following the #Socialentrepreneurship Hashtag.

4. You Tube Marketing

YouTube is a Video Platform that also serves as a Social Media Platform. Gary Vee explains how YouTube compares to other Social Media platforms:

Additionally, YouTube gives an opportunity for super Niche Entrepreneurs to review products, explain more about their services to loyal customers. Also, you customers get a chance to unbox products and post videos online. So this is a pretty cool Social Media Platform where you get to watch videos, stream and interact with so many people!

Youtube for Social Entrepreneurship

Some ways you can implement youtube marketing for your social entrepreneurship efforts are:

  • Upload videos of your field work with targeted social groups
  • Upload inspirational videos to promote your line of work to potential sponsors and collaborators
  • Upload videos of internal meetings, presentations, and other material to help educate people on the subject
  • Upload videos taken by the marginalized categories, to show the world the conditions they live in, and why your work matters

5. TikTok & Snapchat

Younger populations are more into TikTok and SnapChat. These platforms are infamous for Dance challenges, memes, pranks, group gigs, parties, jokes, face swap, face edit apps, etc.

Basically everything teenagers are into is on TikTok and SnapChat. You can find other content too, like pets, food, journalism, etc.

These platforms are still developing and they’re using super powerful AI algorithms to deliver content. So no one really understands fully how they work, but they do Work!

TikTok and SnapChat are well-known platforms where influencers often get famous for viral content. It’s never a bad idea to practice ethical influencer marketing as you want to stay in good light with your audience.

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