4 Law WordPress plugin That Your Law Firm Must Have in 2022

4 Law WordPress plugins That Your Law Firm Must Have in 2022

You are building a new website for your law firm using WordPress, and now you’re curious about what plugins you should use?! This article is designed to help you set up your WordPress account properly and ensure the success of your website!

Law WordPress plugins

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What is WordPress Technology?

Some facts about WordPress:

  • 40% of the WHOLE internet is powered by WordPress
  • Nearly 30% of all E-Commerce is powered by Woo Commerce (a sophisticated WordPress Plugin)
  • 661 WordPress Websites are created DAILY

To learn more about WordPress:

Law WordPress PLUGIN #1: SEO YOAST

This is the most popular SEO Plugin for WordPress. SEO Yoast allows you to quickly and easily optimize your content so you can target a specific group of people; that may be your customers. This is a good law WordPress plugin.

All you have to do is write down the keyword and the tool itself provides a nice checklist so you can do on-page SEO with ease!

law wordpress plugin - seo yoast

You can do the same for any keyword, for example, “IP infringement” – so you see SEO Yoast is a great WordPress Plugin for Law firms.

See how we optimized this page for the keyword “law WordPress plugin”

seo yoast wordpress optimization

SEO Yoast is free of charge. There is a PRO Package, but for your basic SEO needs, you won’t need it!

Law WordPress PLUGIN #2: WP Form

Visitors of your page will want to get in touch with you, so you will need WP Forms. This plugin creates contact forms that are adaptable depending on what it is you exactly need. It also has an automatic feature that sends all submissions to your emails, where you get an opportunity to take that conversation from your website to emails – so you can write back to leads from your phone! WP Forms is an excellent law WordPress plugin.

law firm wordpress plugin WP FORMS

Pretty nice, isn’t it? WP Forms is free of charge. There are paid options that allow you more power over these forms and extra options.

WP Forms is such default and must-have law WordPress plugin for law firms. We recommend it to all lawyers and attorneys we work with!

Law WordPress PLUGIN #3: Word Fence SECURITY

Hackers are always on the lurk! So make sure to protect your website with Word Fence. This tool will control access to your website, prevent brute force attacks, and set up firewall protection for DDoS attacks. We recommend WordFence as a law WordPress plugin.

Word Fence Security for law firms

There is a free and a paid version, depending on how much traffic you’re getting – you should protect yourself accordingly. Although this plugin is not exactly a law WordPress plugin, it is nonetheless very important for your law firm! Protecting your content management system will prevent hacks, malware, identity theft, corruption of your database, and other problems that are real and happen!

We cannot stress this enough, it is absolutely crucial for a Law Firm to have a WordPress Plugin that protects the website successfully!


The final law WordPress plugin we recommend is Autoptimize.

You need to deal with caching problems. If you don’t know what that is; Caching is simply the storage of frequently requested data using HTTPS requests. There’s a nice Amazon AWS blog post about Caching that helps you wrap your head around the concept.

Anyway, Autoptimize is a BEAST when it comes to caching. As far as free caching plugins go, this one is the best!

How Do I test the caching on my website?

To test how well your website is performing, go to Google Page Speed Insights and test your website.

If you’re looking for a second opinion, we recommend GT Metrix.


Optimole is a superb plugin for Image Compression and Size reduction. It also does offer additional features such as :

  • Lazy load – this feature hides the image until the user scrolls over to it. So it doesn’t load until needed
  • Image Resize – if an image is blurry or too small, Optimole can resize it to look good
  • Static images – some images tend to move up and down, this can be prevented by locking the position of the image
  • GIF conversion – convert GIF to video and vice versa. IF needed.
  • CDN for images – Content Delivery Network for images. This serves to increase the speed of loading an image while reducing the pressure on your website servers

———– Aleph Recommendation for caching and Image Delivery

While the solutions we have recommended are the best free solutions you can get, there are other paid options you need to consider.

Our top pick for caching and image delivery, which is a paid version and goes best with Site Ground Hosting, is SG Optimizer.

This powerful plugin is easy for your WordPress website, but hardcore for caching and image management. It does such a good job and makes your website lightning fast.

We are certain you’ve experienced Aleph Website before. Our loading speed is impeccable and the transition is super smooth partially thanks to this tool!

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