Where Can I WATCH Movies on Websites similar to 123Movies Websites?

Looking for websites like 123movies websites????

Illegal streaming of free movies is against the law. Aleph Website recommends watching movies on legal streaming services. If you’re browsing on Safari or Chrome without a VPN service, you should definitely steer away from Illegal streaming and Piracy of any kind.

Here we give you a list of websites like 123movies Websites, that you can enjoy watching without getting in trouble:

1. Apple TV

With purchase of New Apple iPhone you can watching movies and series streaming on your mobile phone for free (as part of the package). Apple TV offers a wide set of different ways you can get your daily dose of screen entertainment. There Apple TV+, Apple TV app, Apple TV 4k, Air Play and much more.

Apple TV is a website like 123movies websites

2. YouTube TV

If YouTube is now offering enough already, you can always watch movies and series on YouTube TV. You can watch all you want for a price of $55. Although you may install it for free and give it a try. Trial lasts for 14 days.

Youtube TV is a website like 123movies websites

Moreover, Youtube TV syncs with your Google Account so you can have it on any device and it is pretty reliable when it comes to suggesting the right content for you!

3. Hulu

If you’re a student, you can watch Hulu using a Student Spotify Account. This only $5 monthly and it gives you access to many cartoons, anime, movies, series and much more. Also, you get 3 months for free… I mean c’mon… Don’t be lazy just get an account, it takes you only 2 minutes to get you set up.

hulu is  a website like 123movies websites

This is a really cheap way of getting your music and screen entertainment legally. As a student, you should avoid illegal streaming and piracy and just use this great offer!

4. Amazon Prime Video

If you have a Prime account on Amazon, you can watch new movies online, as well as series. It also offers you the option of reading books online for free. Amazon Prime is a great way to order anything and everything quickly. So why not try it.

prime video is  a website like 123movies websites

Amazon Prime is just $6 monthly. Besides, it is Ad-free and super fast and responsive to all devices.

123movies websites and other free illegal streaming websites are not a good choice if you are in USA. We don’t recommend these movie outlets as they might come with some consequences. In most cases, nothing happens; no one get sued. But in some cases, you might get a fine over $100,000.

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