Why is WordPress is the best CMS Tech?

WordPress is the most popular, most evolved, most customizable, and easiest Web Development and CMS technology out there. This article explores the reasons why WordPress is our #1 favorite, and we also list a couple of big names using WP.

1. It is the most used and most reliable

So, here are some stats pulled from Hosting Tribunal:

  • 40% of the WHOLE internet is powered by WordPress
  • Nearly 30% of all E-Commerce is powered by WooCommerce (a sophisticated WordPress Plugin)
  • 661 WordPress Websites are created DAILY
Wordpress is the most used technology

As such, WordPress has evolved and created over 50,000 fantastic plugins. In fact, WP technology uses the User’s data to constantly improve their services.

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2. Powerful Custom Code and Design

This is where things get a bit technical. WP technology is NOT A GENERIC BUILDER. Generally, WordPress is used by the best developers and agencies to render custom code and design. In other words, WP is used to develop custom design and pages tailored specifically for each business.

Unlike Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, WP allows us to control the code, which in turn allows us to use only the codes we need.

Custom Code in WordPress

Reduced CSS and JavaScript means faster Websites and shorter loading speed. This is the best way to build a website that receives many https request. If you want to rank higher in Search Engine, and to give a good User Experience to your Customers, WORDPRESS is the way to go!

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3. Easy for Content Management

Unlike other Web Dev tools such as Joomla and Drupal, WP allows users to quickly and easily upload content and optimize it for SEO.

3.1. WordPress is the best CMS solution for Blogging

LOL. Don’t even try to use any other tool… Conversely, WP tech is 5x better than all CMS for blogging. Actually, it is so easy to blog that anyone can become a blogger and publish super High Quality Posts daily… In a nutshell, WordPress is the ‘Google’ of Blogging.

3.2. Upload Media (Images, Videos, PDFs, etc.)

Simply, Drag and Drop… That’s it… Any type of content can be easily transfered to the WP Media Library. From there, we are able to distribute the content anywhere we like.

Additionally, you can use many plugins to optimize and reduce the size of uploaded images. Prime example: Optimole.

drop files to WP

3.3. Easy and Professional SEO for all your content

Unquestionably, WP tech is the ONLY web dev solution that permits newbies to apply SEO practices on a professional level.

This includes the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Alternative Text
  • Schema Markup
  • Internal and external linking check
  • Focus Keyword for Posts and Pages

There are many tools we use for SEO on WP tech. One of the most prominent tools is: SEO YOAST.

SEO Yoast for WP tech

4. Big Companies LOVE WordPress

So, Here’s a list of all the companies that use WordPress Website Technology:

These are big websites getting enormous quantities of traffic daily. Not just that, but they got a high-level optimization done using WordPress tech. We have seen many comparisons in the past, between WordPress websites and other CMS technologies, every single time WordPress has shown better results.


On behalf of Aleph Team, we hope you have gained insights as to why we chose WordPress. To sum up, we too prefer a reliable and easy technology!

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Why WordPress?

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