Why video marketing is so powerful for small businesses

In the following text, you will learn why video marketing is beneficial for small businesses and how to enhance your ROI using today’s essential marketing medium. 

Video marketing helps you create lasting and emotional connections with your users. Plus, people remember what they see and what they feel while watching. With good video marketing, you humanize your brand. 

Keep that in mind when considering this type of marketing. Because of all these factors, video marketing is very effective.

what do you gain from video marketing?

By using video marketing in your business, you will:

  1. Increase your online presence and thereby strengthen your brand.
  2. Build trust and lasting relationships with users.
  3. Increase traffic and, therefore, sales.
  4. To appeal to search engines that also like video as a form and to be more visible.

*We have also prepared for you a table with potential pros and cons when it comes to video marketing: 

AspectWhat You Gain by Using Video MarketingWhat You May Lose by Not Using Video Marketing
Increase online presence and strengthen brandImproved brand visibility and online presence. Missed opportunities to stand out online, resulting in lower brand recognition.
Build trust and lasting relationships with usersBuilding trust and long-term connections with usersBuilding strong ties and trust with your audience may be difficult to accomplish.
Increase traffic and, therefore, salesHigher website traffic and more salesWithout dynamic video content, there is a chance that traffic and sales growth could stagnate.
Appeal to search engines and increase visibilityFavorable treatment by search engines and increased visibilityLack of video content leads to reduced discoverability and less successful search engine rankings.

More than 80% of marketers claim that video marketing has influenced the time spent on the site, and 76% of businesses that it has increased their sales.

The benefits are clear to see.

What exactly is video marketing?

Video marketing is a marketing tactic that has grown in popularity in recent years, particularly as the use of social media has increased and business has shifted to it.

Based on research conducted in previous years, it turned out that video marketing is not only used by more than 86% of businesses already, but this marketing tool will not be any less relevant even in 2024.

What exactly is video marketing

People spend a lot of time watching videos, so why not take advantage of this when your competitors have been doing it for a long time?

Two types of video production

You may use video marketing in two ways:

1. Professional video production 

This type is primarily used by larger brands and is better suited for websites and official channels. 

Today, professional production is not so expensive, so it is not bad to have a few videos in that format on your official website, in which you present your services, activities, and products in the best possible way. 

You must have noticed that you place more trust where you see that effort and money have been invested.

2. Informal video form

This type is used by influencers and wins the hearts of potential consumers with its immediate approach. 

Also, don’t be afraid of using a more informal video format in which you present the processes, origin, background story, user experiences, evaluations, explanations, etc. You may record all of this yourself or pay influencers.

Today, you are able to record high-quality 4K video with your smartphone’s camera.  According to HubSpot Research, clients prefer low-quality, “authentic” video to high-quality video that appears fabricated and inauthentic. 

Personalized content may target a smaller audience, however, in terms of efficacy it will be more powerful and will result in generating the right type of following for your marketing channels.

For small businesses, it is best to use both forms.

Why is video marketing a powerful tool for small businesses

Why is video marketing a powerful tool for small businesses?

Because people prefer video content over text. This gives small business owners a direct access to consumer attention by simply producing video content, whether using phone devices or a camera.

Also, it turns out that half of Internet users prefer to watch videos with the necessary information rather than any other type of information. 

The average person spends about 2 hours a day watching video content!

So video content attracts more traffic to your business. Video is the format that is most often shared with other people, which means even more visits for you.

Videos not only inform potential clients but also establish trust with them, which is extremely important for making decisions about purchases or cooperation.

For example, up to 40% of customers discovered certain products and information about them on YouTube, and so made a purchase using video marketing.

Imagine what you can convey about your business or product to a wide audience if you use this type of marketing. 

You can display whatever you want and help to build trust, and thus business. People connect to your story through videos, and maybe even if they don’t make a purchase right away, they will be interested in following your marketing drip.  

Maybe later, in the future, they will cooperate with you on account of the built relationship and trust with you customers

This, however, shouldn’t downplay the importance of other content marketing strategies for small business, as there are many ways to galvanize attention and generate necessary conversions. 

Content is the beginning, but as a business owner, you will need to focus on profitable strategies that drive conversions. This rings true, especially for gated content provided by small business sites.

What AI tools could small business owners use for video production?

What AI tools could small business owners use for video production?

There are many AI tools that can help you produce, edit, and translate your videos. Here we list 2 AI tools for video production that can amplify your video production quantity and quality by 10x:

Visla AI

Visla AI is a comprehensive video storytelling platform that uses artificial intelligence to expedite the video creation process. It allows teams and individuals to quickly record, edit, and share high-quality films.

HeyGen Video Translate Ai

HeyGen Video Translate Ai is a video-generating tool created by HeyGen Labs, an AI-powered video creation and translation platform. This software generates human-like avatars for videos and employs AI-generated human-like voices.

What forms of video are useful for business?

As already mentioned in the text, there are two types of production, but what is even more important is the content that these productions try to present. 

Let’s see what you can present in your video forms to keep potential customers interested:

1. Behind-the-scenes videos 

We have already talked about the importance of humanizing the brand, and accordingly, it is good to show how the magic happens. 

You should demonstrate what is needed for the product or service to exist. 

People love the creation process, and if you can credibly portray that process, you will surely win their trust.

2. Showcase your product with demo videos

This goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning. 

Showcase your product or service authentically and in detail, and don’t leave customers and clients wondering if there’s anything else they need to worry about.

3. Customer testimonial videos 

People like what other people like.

It’s always been that way and that’s okay because it gives us a sense of security. 

That’s why testimonials are worth their weight in gold, especially if they are in the form of a video where the possibility of forgery is less. 

They see the friendly face, and the whole effect is achieved.

4. Educational and how-to videos 

This is an effective indirect method of reaching out to potential clients.

If your service or product is something, and it certainly is, which can be linked to some general how-to or hack video, this is a great way to present your product. Just think creatively.

 Record a video that serves a different purpose, to teach someone maybe something new, but along the way, your product or your service is used there.

It can also be a free webinar. 

It is important that you are present and that people gain trust in you and see quality and concrete values ​​in you. It is giving always results in receiving in the end.

What forms of video are useful for business?

Social networks and video marketing

People view 10 billion videos on Snapchat every day. Every day, half a billion individuals on Facebook watch video content. 

82% of Twitter users also watch videos. Not to mention Instagram, and especially TikTok. Do you need further proof that social media is a good fit for video marketing? 

Social networks and video marketing

Social networks have become extremely important in people’s daily lives. Be present on them, especially in the form of video marketing because it is the most digestible.

You would think in ways of how to connect to this audience using a video format.

This way you create a community of potential clients, increase the visibility of your brand and increase popularity. 

Furthermore, people will better understand what you offer and you will be in the database of remembered and seen, which is essential for long-term survival. 

Be patient and open to new ideas!


Višnja is a passionate digital marketing advocate that works with Aleph as an author, contributor, and consultant to our clients. She has a degree in psychology and a knack for content marketing.

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