Longtail keyword strategy for generating traffic in 2024

Learn how to develop Longtail keyword strategies for generating traffic in 2024. Using Ai, SGE tactics, and a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Longtail keywords are search phrases that are highly specific and have low search volume. Some common rules are that they include three or more words and have less competition, making it easy to rank for that phrase.  

Why focus on Longtail Keywords over high-volume topical keywords?

Why is shifting your focus on longtail keywords with minimal search volume suddenly becoming important?

1. SGE rollout will make long-tail keywords more popular and lucrative

What is SGE? Search Generative Experience is Google’s new AI-powered feature that offers an instant summary of your search topic, with key points, visuals, and related questions. This feature will use up the first position when you search for something on Google. Currently, SGE is in its testing phase, and it hasn’t been released to the worldwide public yet. 

Think of it as a new, highly detailed featured snippet. It will contain answers to your query eliminating the need to further open any other page on Google. This will impact high-volume keywords which will produce 40-80% less traffic.

That’s because SGE for longtail keywords won’t be as detailed and contain as much information compared to the topical keywords. Competing for position number one for high-difficulty keywords and investing effort and money seems pretty pointless since the return on investment will be minimal if even in positive numbers. 

The best thing you can get out of SGE is a link from your page being used in this snippet. That means AI pulled information from your website and listed you as a source. Still, this will not generate much traffic, but its value lies in visibility and awareness. People could see your brand there and become aware of it, making them begin the journey through the conversion funnel. 

SGE will imapact various countries, industries, and websites differently. Optimizing for SGE in Webflow, for example, will require the addition of certain input fields into the CMS that previously did not exist.

2. Advantage of longtail keywords for small business sites

As mentioned earlier longtail keywords won’t be affected as much with this update making them perfect for generating a profit and getting the most return on investment. There will be less info presented in the Ai Snapshot (SGE Snippet) which leaves more room for you to get the attention of the user if positioned in the first place. This will generate much more traffic and if done right conversions. 

Some advantages of longtail keywords include:

  • They are very easy to rank for because they are specific and have little competition. 
  • It’s a lot easier to create content for short-form articles because you’re answering a single specific query rather than describing the entire issue. 
  • You don’t need authority to start ranking high for these keywords, which makes this technique ideal for websites with low domain ratings.

The process of creating a longtail keyword strategy 

The switch from high-difficulty topical keywords to longtail keywords is, among other advantages, more economical.  We have developed a technique for writing articles for these keywords that is suited for any website, which involves everything from choosing the right longtail keyword to creating the entire article on your own, with little help from AI.

1. Longtail keyword research

You should start with a general idea of what kind of article you want to make. For example, you would like to make an article that has something to do with boosting conversion rate. With this idea, head over to ChatGPT, where you will ask it to generate longtail keywords around that topic. 

Ai generated longtail keywords

From this list pick out the ones you like the most. When you do that head over to Google and search for these questions. 

Google search for a longtail keyword

Open the pages that are ranking well for this query. We can see that the first ranked page doesn’t provide a specific solution, it addresses the entire topic of landing page optimization.

The next step is to head over to Semrush and look at the keywords all the well-positioned pages are ranking for. Filter out the keywords with:

  • relatively low search volume and 
  • low keyword difficulty. 
Example of longtail keywords from Semrush

Here we can see a few good longtail keywords, like for example the one with 170 monthly search volume and 28 keyword difficulty. These kinds of keywords are easy to rank for, they are also indexed the fastest. 

What’s worth noting is that they have the highest search volume in America, but don’t forget about all of the global traffic that will boost your profit. Also when you start ranking for these keywords, google will automatically start ranking you for the semantically related keywords, increasing your impressions.

For the sake of this example, we will use the “How to optimize a landing page for lead generation”.

2. Content drafting

This is the part where you collect content for your article from different places. A good way to do this is to ask Bing Chat to explain your chosen longtail keyword.

Bing Chat answer on how to opitimize a landing page for lead generation

Go to the Learn More section where you will find sources used to generate your answer. Go to these pages and take out the text explaining your query.

Learn more section on Bing Chat

Do this a few times, and you can also take information from the pages ranking well at that moment when you search your query. 

Google search for how to optimize a landing page for lead generation

As a savvy content marketer, you should explore how to use Bing Chat ai tool for small businesses.

3. Content generation (Bundling and synthesis)

Collect all that text you just pulled from various sources, go to Bing Chat, and ask based on all the information to explain how to optimize a landing page for lead generation. 

Bing Chat example of synthesis

To further enrich your article go to Perplexity where you can extract information from YouTube videos. 

How to use perplexity to extract information form youtube

Once you chose only Youtube as your set of sources, you will see the following results displayed:

Perplexity answer

Add all the new information to your previous text and ask Bing Chat to generate new and more complete content based on all the information you brought together.

It can be easily spotted that Bing Chat and other such ai tools can be used for market research.

At this point, you will have a whole AI-generated article. You should only use this as a draft rather than a complete article. What you should do is start rewording based on the foundation you have gathered. 

Use your own words, otherwise your content will be generic and thus it will not be of good quality. 

4. Content Organization

When you reworded your article you will start decorating and organizing it, making it more appealing to the user. 

Do not use long blocks of paragraphs, instead break off your text into smaller parts with:

  • tables, 
  • bullet points, 
  • graphs, 
  • mind maps, etc. 

You can use AI to generate whole tables within seconds. 

Table example form Bing Chat

You can ask for how many columns or rows you need based on the text you would like to put in this table. For the graph part, there are a lot of good free websites where you can make them, such as Whimsical or Canva.

5. CTA section

All the work you have done until this point won’t be useful if you don’t do this last part. The whole point of making an article is to guide the user through the conversion funnel from awareness to consideration. And you do that by adding a Call To Action section. 

Conversion funnel

This is where you offer something like gated content. This is online material that’s hidden behind a “gate” and can only be accessed by users who provide their information, like email, usually through a form. 

These can include ebooks, white papers, webinars, case studies, research reports, templates, checklists, exclusive videos, and so on. 

This kind of free material isn’t available through SGE, but it offers practical solutions, usually free of charge, in exchange for the user’s email for example. From there you can retarget this user through email marketing, taking him deeper into the funnel, which gets you closer to your conversion!

The Process of Creating a Longtail Keyword Strategy

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