Consumer buying behavior towards online shopping

This is a short preview of how the Consumer’s mind works. We outline how savvy Marketing Practitioners create Marketing Cues to leverage Consumer Buying Behavior towards Online Shopping.

Human (Purchase) Behavior – The Great Evolution

We came a long way, from Bacteria, to Mammals, to Binging Netflix Series… Consumer Evolution theory reveals how Human beings have adapted their perceptions and changed behavior towards products, whether physical or online. The human brain is comprised of multiple brains. Each Brain is responsible for a set of tasks.

There are 4 types of Brain Activity that affect Consumer buying behavior towards online shopping:

  1. Instinctive-Reflexive Purchase behavior
  2. Emotional-Attachment Purchase behavior
  3. Cognitive-Rational Purchase behavior
  4. Intuitive-Habit Purchase Behavior (a.k.a. Irrational behavior)
consumer buying behavior towards online shopping - Aleph Website


When the car fuel is low our INSTINCT kicks in and we are on a mini-mission searching for a gas station to refuel. This process is triggered by a small event and it bypasses the conscious mind. At this level of mental activity, the consumer is faced with a problem of URGENCY. It is usually an essential product or a commodity. However, note that our instincts kick in also with expiring offers, one-time discounts, etc. Undoubtedly, you’ve run into such offerings on Amazon, Best Buy, Ebay, etc.

Reflexive Purchase - Consumer buying behavior towards online shopping - Aleph Website


As mammals learned to socialize and use group strategy to survive, we started bonding with other creatures and forming attachments to our close family members, group leaders, and attractive individuals. EMOTION capability meant that Humans are able to Attach Value to group members, ourselves, and even objects that resemble something/someone valuable. Consumers, too, use Emotions in making Purchase Decisions. In fact, Emotions are one of the most powerful drivers (motivators) of Purchase Intention!

2.1. Website Color and Brand Colors

Colors create moods that trigger emotions. Marketing Experts always communicate with Designers before choosing the colors they’re going to use for the Brand, Product, Web Pages, Cart, etc. Moreover, you should use colors for backgrounds – the context also affects users’ online shopping behavior.

consumer buying behavior towards online shopping - Yellow Color - Aleph Website
Lordz’s Website uses Yellow Color to depict a Dancing Happy Mood

2.2. Content and Copywriting

Following your color scheme, go with compatible content. For example, if you choose Redish, then use a more direct language. However, if you decided to go with Brownish, then keep it subtle and indirect. That way you maintain Design and Content Consistency, but also you’re compelling with your messages across the whole website.

Red Color - Consumer buying behavior towards online shopping
Brown Color - Consumer buying behavior towards online shopping


When Humans became self-aware, they have gained a new kind of mind; the COGNITIVE mind. With it, a new set of skills; measuring, cooking, tool-making, farming, warfare, and so on. When observing Consumer Behavior, we see the Rational Mind as the Decision maker, the price calculator, the Pros-and-Cons Measurer, and the Comparison-machine. If you wish to buy a car, usually you would jot down some numbers to figure out your budget, then you’d search for cars, then compare them. Finally, you call the distributor and try to negotiate purchase conditions.

3.1. Price Comparison Online

Many Car dealers show you Kelley Blue Book Prices to convince you that they are offering you a good deal. Even though the car could be easily overpriced. In fact, many websites specialize in Price Comparison, such as or Google Shopping.

Price Comparison -  Aleph Website

3.2. Customer Reviews

A bad review can be the end of you. Always make sure to get positive reviews and display them next to your products. Also, more customer reviews are appreciated. Some companies even purchase their own products to be able to write positive reviews. We are just stating facts here. In the picture below you can see how Mercedes Toy Car losses against a really ugly car, partly because of the price, but also because of the number of customer reviews.

customer reviews - consumer behavior towards online shopping


Intuition, also known as the Irrational Mind, is very much like Machine Learning. The basic workings of INTUITION are still not fully understood. However, we do know that it pulls information from deep memory and forms habits, attitudes, and perceptions, over long periods of time. Consumers exhibit Intuitive decision-making all the time. When you go to the supermarket to buy food products, you can quickly the shelves in search of your Habitual Choices. Habit, once developed, cannot be broken or even changed easily. Think about all the bad habits you are aware of and yet you still do it!

4.1. Copy Industry Standards to Meet Consumer Expectations

If you search for fragrances and perfumes, you’ll see that 90% of the e-commerce websites are the same.

Consumer habits and expectations -  Aleph Website
Sephora – Online Shop

For their online e-commerce websites they all use:

  • White Background for Product listing
  • Black/Dark Color for Font
  • Product Image – Product Name – Product Price – Reviews (slight difference in order, but always the same setup)
  • Most Perfume websites have pop-ups with discounts, special offers, newsletters, etc.
  • Similar type of blog content around e-commerce sites

If you’re creating a Perfume Website, make sure to stick to your industry standards. This is important because your consumers have expectations that must fit their purchase habits. If the consumer is used to a certain arrangement in the (Online) shop, make sure to deliver those. Otherwise, the Consumer might feel intimidated or distrusting of your brand.

Consumer buying behavior towards online shoppingEXPLAINED by Aleph Website

We just provided you with valuable information that we have learned over the years. Aleph Website is a small company specialized only in building websites. We have experience in all sorts of E-commerce websites.

Consumer Buying Behavior towards Online Shopping

For more, visit our Cornerstone Article.

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