What is WordPress and Why You Should Use it

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What is WordPress

The Definition of WordPress CMS Technology

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) Technology. This type of tech is used to create content that will be available online.

WordPress initially was created only for text websites, a simple html page builder, something similar to a Word Doc that can be uploaded to the net. However, over the years, WordPress technology has evolved to become the most popular and reliable CMS technology out there!

Needless to say, Aleph Website is using WordPress technology.

Some facts about WordPress:

  • 40% of the WHOLE internet is powered by WordPress
  • Nearly 30% of all E-Commerce is powered by Woo Commerce (a sophisticated WordPress Plugin)
  • 661 WordPress Websites are created DAILY

Learn how a well-built WordPress website can help your entrepreneurship venture succeed:

Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is adapted to multiple levels of development.

WordPress for Beginners:

So, if you’re a beginner you can use a WordPress builder to build a quick and simple site. Additionally, there are many pre-made themes and templates offered to you. This makes the job of building the site simple and str8 forward.

Easy it may be, but this is also the WORST way to use WordPress. Actually, if you use a builder and pre-made themes you are surely to have POOR and LOW-QUALITY Site.

We recommend building out a simple website to all entrepreneurs and small business owners. The reason is that it will help you understand better what this technology is all about. You will learn how to use a few basic plugins, as well as your theme builder.

There are many Theme builders. Some examples are:

The best website/theme builder is Elementor Pro.

elementor pro pricing

To learn why WordPress Themes/Templates might be problematic:

WordPress for Professionals and Developers:

WP offers a complete CMS that allows professionals and developers to build GREAT websites. Super fast, highly responsive and beautiful websites!

The ability to run custom code, install premium packages, build optimized content in large quantities is what WordPress is really about!

How does Aleph Website use Elementor Pro and WordPress technology?

Of course, using Elementor Pro is reserved for agencies and Website professionals. We don’t expect you to be able to use this tool, simply due to complexity and the training required to master all the features available. Without 5+ years of web development experience, Elementor Pro cannot be fully leveraged.

Aleph Website uses Elementor Pro for building websites for our clients. We use the Studio package that costs $500 annually. Elementor Pro is easily the most powerful Theme Builder. It is light for hosting and very well integrated to WordPress technology, so much so that you will need only basic caching and optimization to make the website lighting fast.

To set up the theme, we use the Default “naked” Astra Theme. This is what we call the “child” theme.

astra theme on WP

With the child theme, we can define the website basics that will be used through the site, these are:

  • navigation type
  • features implemented
  • functionality of the pages
  • databases, etc.

Child themes can be updated, edited and modified as we build out the websites. As opposed to the Parent Theme, which is reserved for the pages and cannot be updated as it would affect the actual page and cause damage in the backed.

Editing the Parent page causes bugs, errors, and incompatibility with certain devices or browsers.

To learn why WordPress is the Best CMS Technology:

WordPress for Clients and Marketing:

WP allows clients to upload media and other content quickly and smoothly. It gives a wide range of free plugins that the client can use to optimize and manipulate the content. Unlike Joomla, or Drupal, WordPress is much much easier to use!

Also, when searching the internet you will find many forums, and YouTube videos where everything is explained in great detail. In essence, WP community is all around us!

wp beginner - what is wordpress

No other CMS technology allows you such control and easiness of use… Joomla is terribly difficult to use. Drupal doesn’t have not even 30% of the features and capabilities that WP offers.

Considering that you MUST PUMP CONTENT onto your website, as well constantly improve your site, there’s no better technology than WordPress!

How to Use WordPress to Create Websites

There are many ways you can use WordPress. Literally, an infinite number of tools, builders, templates, plugins exist within WP Hub. The possibilities are endless!

Aleph Team has composed a short 3-step process you can follow to build a WP Website on your own:

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What is WordPress?

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