The Truth About Marketing for Campaign Success

The Truth About Marketing for Campaign Success

Over a decade of work and study in the field of marketing and consumer behavior has fueled my confidence in designing marketing strategies! Here is the eternal truth about marketing broken down into 5 Facts.

Aleph Website brings you the 5 Eternal Truths of Marketing.

The Truth About Marketing for Campaign Success

1. Familiarity breeds liking

Attraction occurs naturally towards people that behave like us, talk similarly, share our attitudes and beliefs. Think about the music you liked as a kid and its role in shaping your social life.

1. Familiarity breeds liking

If we respond positively to people that share our characteristics, values and preferences, is it then possible that we like products that reflect who we are?

Absolutely! If you’re looking to connect with your audience online, there is no better way to be engaged in a conversation than talking about what you know most, or to feel entertained – to be with those who share the same taste for fun as you!

Increased familiarity of the product leads to increased interest and correlates to purchase behavior.

How Familiarity is used For Website marketing

Humans are habitual creatures. We like to stick to routines and avoid anything that is unknown to our senses. The same goes when people search for a website online. They have expectations, and if these are not met, then the online user is discouraged from taking action.

This is very important if you’re building out a new website, you need to stick to industry standards so that the online visitors recognize intuitively that your website is legitimate – since it reflects the industry standards and meets all expectations. The truth about marketing is it doesn’t change over time. Instead, technologies change, but the same principles are applicable!

2. Repetition equals truth

One of the most powerful learning tools is repetition! In the words of Romans who said it best “Repetitio est mater studiorum”. (Repetition is the mother of learning). This statement has a powerful message and persisted for millennia with a modern extended version ‘Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action and the architect of accomplishment.’

2. Repetition equals truth

Marketing-wise: think of the shockingly high daily frequency of Coca Cola’s aired ads and the visibility it is creating in almost every way and with every means to reach the public’s attention. There’s a good reason behind this incessant frequency.

Ever wonder why they keep telling us to drink that sugary poison despite the fact that we know it is just colored sugar and water? Well, beyond the obvious, Coca cola is teaching the subconscious mind that it will be happy, appreciated and accepted IF it drinks coke.

Furthermore, the company will pay whatever it takes to keep reminding us! The trickery of classical conditioning – and you can see what I mean if you just understand that what Coca-Cola spends for marketing is more than the entire annual budget of the World Health Organization!

Repeat what matters on your website

Web Design is no difference. Consistency and alignment with brand image must be followed throughout the whole website. Your job is to make sure that the online visitor is exposed to the same effect as much as possible – this is how repetition is used across websites to influence the visitor on a deep emotional level. The truth about marketing your website is that you need to build an Identity for yourself – that’s why repetition is the key for ingraining your digital identity!

The more it is repeated, the truer it becomes! As people start talking about the experience, through Word of Mouth, it becomes ever-more the truth. Such is the case with online customer reviews – encouraging people to believe that a product is good – simply because of the repetition of good reviews.

3. No such thing as free lunch

“Buy 1 and get 1 for free” – we all have heard that before. Classic promotion that leads to purchase behavior.

What companies do here is to try to lure the consumer to choose them over the competition. Companies know that most consumers are price-sensitive (strongest purchase cue).

3. No such thing as free lunch

Gradually, consumers develop the perception (actually illusion) of winning by buying the product – without considering other options that may be (and often are) cheaper. 

Discount emails and Newsletters

One powerful way of using this bait is with Email marketing. Simply offer free products, materials, checklists, downloadables. Anyone who wishes to acquire the freebie, needs to leave their email address and accept newsletters.

You can keep an email list from all the people who are clearly interested in the product/service/material, but don’t have the money to buy it. Make sure to send warm emails with discounts, to simply encourage them to take advantage of better deals.

What started as a give-away is now turning into a constant flow of sales! This is the truth about marketing; once you have attracted attention, you now have a lot of space to experiment and see which of your offerings suit the visitors of your website!

4. Attention is Interest

Whether you like something or not, the more attention you pay to something the more you are attracted to it. Human attention is limited and every company knows that, and they try to get a piece of the attention cake.

4. Attention is Interest

Therefore, things we constantly envision become important to us (interesting to us), regardless of the direction of our emotions (negative/positive).

Hence the saying of Oscar Wilde: “Bad publicity is still publicity!” might after all be true even 120 years after his death, making it an eternal truth of marketing!

Writing compelling content to attract attention

Content marketing is all about getting attention. Whether you’re writing blog posts, or creating downloadable materials for your website visitors, you need to make COMPELLING CONTENT!

However, great content in itself is not enough to get the maximum attention. You will have to write SEO-friendly blog posts to get ranked higher and grab more attention! This is why Search Engine Optimization should be part of your Content Marketing efforts.

5. Sex sells!

One of the highest forms of pleasures conceivable by humans is sex. That’s what this article is about… Revealing the truth about marketing. For better, or worse.

5. Sex sells!

Our lives start from sex and revolve around sex and sexual attraction. With this said, can it be true that products believed to increase sexual attractiveness have better chances of being purchased? You bet!

An endless, historical loop of unfulfilled desires for both sexes. A curse for the general populace and a blessing for corporate profiteers.

Even I left the topic of sex for last. Coincidence?

Sexy and beautiful Website Design

Just like we admiring seeing a beautiful body, we also like to see beautiful cars. Not so different is the case of websites. Many companies have default websites that do not have any beauty in it. This is a mistake though, because we use our eyes to judge all the time!

75% of opinions of Website Credibility come from the Website DESIGN

– Visual Oak

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The Truth About Marketing for Campaign Success

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