How much are attorney websites? [2021 prices]

If you are an attorney, or a lawyer, or a legal business, then this post is for you!

The price can vary from $50 to $500,000, as there are multiple factors that may affect the final 2021 price of the website. These factors are the following:

  • Number of pages needed
  • Quality of Web Design
  • Development requirements (special features, tools, plugins, database, hosting, etc.)
  • Number of https requests (online visitors daily)
  • Desired level of performance in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and level of SEO optimization
how much are attorney website cost? Can i afford a new law firm website?

So, how much are attorney Websites? Aleph Website explores this question and provides you the pricing you can expect from multiple vendors.

1. DIY (Do it Yourself) Website Builders

There are many companies out there that allow you to build websites on your own, a.k.a. DIY (Do it yourself) style. We are listing the three most famous DIY Website Builders. That is; Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. Website costs vary depending on your business requirements, specific to law practice. While the prices are all different, most of DIY solutions offer the same services at closer price ranges (at least the basics).

It is noteworthy to know what are the best website builders for small business websites. With this knowledge, you’d be able to choose the right website-building strategy for you. Besides that, understanding what content management system (CMS) you need for your law firm would make the whole thing much easier. Some website builders provide you with hosting, but in most cases, you need to find the best website hosting for your small business.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re now ready to dive into the real question: ‘How much are attorney websites?’

PRICES in 2021

Price of Website Builder$13 – $39 [monthly]$12 – $40 [monthly]$6 – $26 [monthly]
Cost of Additional Features$10 – $50 [monthly]$10 – $50 [monthly]$10 – $50 [monthly]
Cost of buying Stock Photos$5 – $25 [monthly]$5 – $25 [monthly]$5 – $25 [monthly]
Cost of Education$20 – $100 [monthly]$20 – $100 [monthly]$20 – $100 [monthly]
Total Cost $48 – $214 [monthly]$47 – $215 [monthly]$41 – $201 [monthly]
Total Cost in 5 years$2,880 – $12,840$2,820 – $12,900$2,460 – $12,060
Time Invested to Build the Website2-3 hours daily3-4 hours daily3-4 hours daily
Value for money4/53/53/5
Design Flexibility3/52/52/5
Customer ratings4/53/53/5

One important note here is that Shopify and some other website builders have a different pricing scheme. Namely, if you are an online store and you’re using e-commerce, then the price of using the website builder will depend on how much you are selling. Shopify takes a 20% percent of your sales. Therefore, the cost of Shopify websites can be very very expensive!

An attorney website should be a professional website. As you will see from the PROS/CONS study; this might not be the best option for a professional site.


  • This option is Cheap if you need a website right away.
  • It is good for informational websites built to provide information online to users you are directing to this site.
  • For a temporary website you may urgently need, this is a good solution. Ideally, get rid of it in less than 1 year.
  • The content management system is simple and work as a drag and drop mechanism.


  • Low quality of Web Design (you cannot build a great website without a designer)
  • Spending extra money hiring Freelance Developers to assist you edit the bits and pieces you don’t know how to do on your own
  • Slow Website (loading speed is a serious issue for this type of websites, this is so because there is tons of codes in the background – most of them lie unused)
  • Marketing is not implemented as part of the design (you need a content and digital marketing expert to help you organize your website to emulate a sales funnel)
  • No Customer Support. Yup… You want help? You gotta pay for it.
  • You cannot do SEO (without the proper optimization your website can never rank high enough to get your organic traffic)
  • No professional maintenance. As you grow your website, you need to conduct maintenance to ensure it is not getting cluttered with spam, hack attempts, unused plugins, etc.
  • You don’t possess exclusive rights over Plugins. This is indeed a problem if you need to build up on existing technology. So, in many ways, expansion is not possible.
How much are attorney Websites? Aleph Website

It is interesting how many people still choose DIY web solutions, simply because they don’t wish to spend money on good websites. There is a sense of distrust towards design agencies and contempt for high prices. The latter is precisely the reason why Aleph Website has become an agency.

We build great websites at lower prices. Factually, most marketing and design agencies consider us to be a serious threat. Not only that we can build them cheaper, but we provide better quality and a better customer experience. So, in all likelihood, it will impossible for us not to get more business as our company grows.

A professional entity with professional clients (B2B) requires having a professional website. This is the prerequisite to running a successful B2B online business. Some lawyers still believe that the Law Business doesn’t require a good website. Invariably, a good website is one of the best strategies that any business person or entrepreneur can focus on!

So, how much are attorney websites? If you ask us, not much…

2. Hire a Freelancer

Your second choice is to hire someone else to do the job for you. Freelancers are self-employed one-man-show individuals. They are often new to the market and looking to sharpen their skills by providing cheap services to larger communities. By gaining experience and meeting clients, they get an opportunity to get the feel of it and build professional relationships while proving their capabilities.

The most popular platforms for hiring freelancers are: UpWork and Fiverr. Although you search them up on Linkedin too.

Let’s take a look at how much are attorney websites built by Freelancers:

PRICES in 2021

Price of Registration on the platform$0 – $500 [monthly]$0
Platform Additional Fee per Project20% – 5%5%
Number of Hours required to build a Website160 – 480 hours160 – 480 hours
Cost per working Hour$15 – $120$5 – $80
Total Cost of hiring a Freelancer to do the work$2,400 – $57,600$800 – $38,400
Total Cost after Platform Fees$2,880 – $61,970$840 – $40,320
Time Invested to manage the Freelancer2-5 hours daily4-5 hours daily
Number of Freelancers on the platformMassive global talent poolMany freelancers of all levels of expertise
Quality of FreelancersRanges from Amateur to ProfessionalRanges from Amateur to Professional
Customer ratings4/53/5


  • Each platforms allows you to preview the portfolio and reviews of each Freelancer.
  • The platform can be used for other services too, not just design and development (other marketing services like Ads, Videos, etc.)
  • In the long run, it is cheaper than DIY Websites (Wix, Squarespace, etc.)


  • To get the outcome you’re looking for, you must manage the hired freelancer EVERY DAY.
  • Most freelancers don’t speak English! Also, you will find this out somewhere half-way to the end, by realizing that the Freelancer was actually lying to you…
  • Pre-made Themes are very often used by freelancers. These are plug and play templates that they trick you to believe was built for you, when in reality you could have done just the same on your own.
  • Most Pre-made Website themes that freelancers use are clunky; they are slow, and buggy.
  • Freelancers are either a Designer, or a Developer. You’ll never get a full package service. It is tricky though, because you don’t see how the codes were built. If you get a professional to do your Quality Assurance, they’ll find the errors for you and explain how your site is suffering from web dev malpractice.
  • Freelancers on these platforms don’t do SEO or Content Marketing. If you ask them if they’d know how to do it, they’d say ‘Yes.’ In reality, they don’t do it at all, but their premise is that you cannot tell the difference anyway.
  • All good freelancers are taken! You must go with freelancers who have bad ratings and have messed up a couple of projects.
  • UpWork and Fiverr doesn’t have an exclusivity arrangement. Your freelancer can take another project (one paying more than you) and be doing multiple projects at a time. This means that you don’t have their full dedication. So good luck establishing authority and securing your success.
  • As soon as the project is over. The freelancer is free to look for work again and has zero responsibilities for any issues on your website. You’re on your own.
what a headache? finding the right freelancer for your new website is such a hassle!

Legal work can be exhausting. Having to deal with prosecutors, frustrated defendants, tough laws and regulations, etc. This is already stressful enough. As an attorney, your job is to win the court, not learn how to design beautiful and fast websites. You have legal cases, we have site cases. You are a professional at giving law advice. We are professionals at giving Web Design advice.

Take our advice, avoid this unpleasant and complex ride. Focus on your legal work! Leave the Website design for attorneys and lawyers to us!

The question of ‘how much are attorney websites?’ is a relative one. If you include the headache and problems caused by choosing a cheaper solution – you will inevitably pay MORE than what you thought initially.

So, how much are attorney websites? If you ask us, not much…

3. Contract a Digital Marketing Company

Contracting a digital marketing company, or a design agency is your best bet. You’d get a contract and you can even sue the company if something goes wrong with your website. Usually, these companies stick around with you to make sure your site is working – so no real need to sue anybody. We are providing you with some examples of pricing pulled from These companies are Digi Tech, Smart Sites, Caveni Digital Solutions and 3 Media Web.

Here you can see how much are attorney websites built by marketing agencies:

website cost in 2021

Cost of a BASIC Website$20,000 – $80,000$10,000 – $25,000$5,000 – $10,000$15,000 – $35,000
Cost of a PRO Website$80,000 – $200,000$25,000 – $50,000$25,000 – $50,000$35,000 – $80,000
Cost of Additional Hour$100 – $200$100 – $149$200 – $300$150 – $200
Main SpecialtyWeb DesignPaid AdsWeb DevelopmentWeb Design


  • Professionally built Websites, Fast loading, and design rendered by an actual designer.
  • A team of experts handles your project. This makes the work better as they go through feedback and brainstorm sessions.
  • Excellent Customer Support and Professional Maintenance of your Website


  • PRICE… It cannot cost you less than $10,000. They do advertise at $5,000 starting point. But as soon as you’ve signed the contract, the price increases up to $10,000, because “your needs have changed.” This is not to be confusing to you, they have to work for a whole month, to pay 3 employees for that work and the variable costs of equipment they’re using. In many ways, $10K is a realistic price in 2021.
  • If you have any additional requirements, you’re screwed! Why? Well, because the cost per hour of additional labor is unbelievably expensive. It is not less than $70/h. So let’s say you need an extra page with a calendar booking feature. The number of hours to build it would be around 30. That’s an additional cost of $2,100. Ridiculous. We can build the whole website at that price…
  • Sales Reps are a must-pass-thru. They are incessantly touting and very aggressive. If they sense weakness (which they will ensure you feel) you’re gonna get duped for more than the agreed price.
companies building a new website

4. Contract Aleph Website to build you the Website you want

When we say that we have the best Price-Quality Ratio in the USA, we REALLY DO MEAN IT!

Aleph Website is a team of three talented Specialists:

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Seasoned Web Designer
  • Content and Marketing Specialist

Have a look at how many attorney websites with us:

aleph website prices and website cost for attorneys

As we are a small agency, we don’t have a Sales Reps, or a platform to mediate between us and the client. We are straightforward with our offer, prices, arrangements and we can consult you for free if you’re just looking for information.

We work with lawyers and attorneys from all over the US. You can learn more about us, or just simply contact us at your convenience.

Here’s the full preview of how much are attorney websites with Aleph Website:

Website cost in 2021

TOTAL COST $599$1,590$3,690
Web Design Services
Professional Template Design– Custom Page Design
– Design based on your industry and needs
– Max 10 pages
– Custom Page Design
– Marketing Funneling embedded in Page Design
– Design based on your industry and needs
Unique Branding (Icons, Fonts, Images, Illustrations, Colors, etc.)
– Max 20 pages
Web Development
Services Included
Hosting + Customer Support for Professional websites– Hosting + Customer Support
– WordPress CMS + Training
– Firewall Protection against Hackers
CUSTOM Page Build [No themes or templates used!]
– Hosting + Customer Support
– WordPress CMS + Training
– Firewall Protection against Hackers
Premium WordPress Plugins/Tools
E-commerce Store
CUSTOM Page Build [No themes or templates used!]
Web SEO Services
KW Research – KW strategy
– Google Search Optimization
– Loading Speed increase
– Comprehensive On-Page SEO
– KW strategy
– Google Search Optimization
– Loading Speed increase
– Comprehensive On-Page SEO
Web Maintenance
None.Weekly AuditsFull Support.

Aleph Website is specialized in Website management Services. We do everything from scratch and maintain your website for maximal performance. Our prices are low and all our services are displayed for you. Make sure to contact us if you have any specific needs!


Our workflow is unique. Due to our symbiosis, and almost a decade of building professional websites, we’re able to deliver a great experience to our clients. You’d be surprised how accurately we can hit the mark with your needs. This is no coincidence though, as we have done it multiple times in the past, and pinned it as a standardized internal process.

ALEPH WEBSITE – How much are attorney Websites ANSWERED

It costs a lot… A good website cannot cost you less than $20,000.

You must be wondering how does Aleph Website build the same website but 10 times cheaper????

Every technological industry (especially the digital) follows Moore’s law.

This is why prices go down, while quality keeps climbing up. The fact that you are getting a new website for lawyers and attorneys at the same price like 10 years ago is Ludacris. You need

So, how much are attorney websites?

How much are attorney Websites depends on whom you hire to do the job.

How much are attorney websites?

For more check out our Cornerstone Article.

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