How Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio is trying to Disrupt The Market

This article explores the new Convesio technology that has set out to challenge the current WordPress Hosting Solutions.

Before we explore Convesio, it is important to say that there are many RELIABLE and PROFESSIONAL Hosting providers out there.

Some notable companies working closely with WordPress are:

Now, Convesio is a technology that is assuming that you’ve scaled up your business and you’re still scaling up. As such, you need a flexing hosting service that is capable of delivering automated hosting solutions based on your business growth rate.

So dig in deeper to what Convesio technology is about and is it a good choice for you!

What is Convesio?

Convesio is WordPress Hosting Technology designed to take over websites that are enourmous. We’re talking >10,000 pages, over 1,000 visitors daily, corporate-type of websites. Such websites receive many https requests and have interactive platforms that people log into using various devices.

Convesio managed wordpress hosting

Convesio basically deals with the Hosting Problems of SCALABILITY. That is, when a website becomes too large for your current hosting and requires an upgrade of CPU, RAM, SSD and other infrastructural aspects required to maintain these monstrous websites.

To learn more about Domains, Hosting, and CMS Technology in the context of building new websites:

Is Convesio next-gen Managed WordPress Hosting?

Convesio was designed to solve scalability and automation issues for large websites. As such, it represents a tempting offer for many companies to consider. However, it is not like Convesio is only Hosting Provider that can handle large websites. Not at all the case. However, when it comes to moving your Digital Assets from One Server to another, there are many things you need to consider and take care of before this can be done properly.

It is exactly here, in the migration of domain assets, that Convesio shines the most. It promises seamless migration and activation in record-fast times. Once your assets are moved to Convesio, it then deals with all your assets and 3rd party plugins from within it’s cloud.

What does Convesio Managed WordPress Hosting really offer?

Convesio provides much of that which most of other providers already do. That includes

  • SSL
  • Https Migration
  • Dynamic Caching
  • WebP Optimization
  • Firewall Protection
  • DDOS attack and Malware protection
  • CDN Availability
  • Loading Speed Optimization
  • Supports DB,PHP,FTP, etc.
  • Database Storage
  • High CPU
  • High RAM
  • Big SSD

The following are the unique features that make Convesio stand out:

  • High Compatibility with WordPress Technology
  • Smooth and Fast Migration from Incumbent Hosting Provider to Convesio Platform
  • Auto-scaling and Automation features tailored for large enterprises and big websites

Convesio Pricing

Convesio comes at different price tags suited for various company sizes and website requirements. The following are prices from their website:

  • Foundation Package = $50
  • Growth Package = $100
  • Performance Package = $150
  • Agency Package =$350

What do Clients say of Convesio?

M&M Multimedia Group has chosen Convesio for Scale Up across their WordPress CMS tech. Apparently they’re so satisfied that they’ve chosen to advertise Convesio.

This video interview with Mike Haley, President of M&M Multimedia, shows their full review of Convesio:

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