Youth Entrepreneurship is the FUTURE of EDUCATION

Youth Entrepreneurship is the FUTURE of EDUCATION

Let’s face it; you need education to get a job. Then you are in debt for your education. Now you work to pay your debt. Then you have mortgage, a lease, insurance, and other things that you have to pay off. Basically, you work until you’re 40 years old, and you don’t have a single dollar for yourself!

Youth Entrepreneurship is the FUTURE of EDUCATION

This is not to mention that you’re fed up with the job you hate, the idiot boss you have to put up with 8 hours daily. None of which is making you happy, instead you’re getting more and more depressed and now you are taking medication just to be able to stay alive…

None of this sounds like a joyful, purposeful life. This is why many young people today are cutting the chase and seriously considering YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The concept of Youth Entrepreneurship is not just a hip new-age kind of thing. Not at all. In fact, schools and universities are contemplating structuring courses, classes and programs designed for Youth to be able to skip these painful irrelevant steps in life and jump right into business!

youth entrepreneurship is gaining traction because of depression caused by work

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship in itself is setting up a business and taking the financial risks in hope of profit. The danger and risk of going on your own can be very intimidating even for adults. However, it important to state some positive facts about entrepreneurship:

What is the difference between entrepreneurship and small business ownership?

Small Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship differ.

Small Business is achieved once you have found your Niche Market and have established a relationship with your customers. While Entrepreneurship is the undertaking of finding your Niche market and creating new relationships with customers.

Starting a business is never easy, it requires facing many obstacles. However, if you are doing that which you love as an entrepreneur, then becoming a business is only a natural process that will occur when the time is right!

For an Entrepreneur to turn into a small business, it is very important to understand how business marketing works. Basically, marketing is connecting the customer and the business, in a way that is profitable for both parties. To do this successfully, the Entrepreneur must acquire solid marketing skills.

Is Entrepreneurship the same As Start ups ?

No. Start Ups are usually small-sized companies that are specialized in Web Technology and Software development. Start Ups usually vie for Fund raising and aspire to get acquired by a bigger, renowned company. Although, some startups grow to become corporations on their own – prime example are Microsoft and Apple. On the other hand, Instagram is a start up that grew into a big company and got acquired by Facebook.

Entrepreneurship is not concerned much with Venture capital, funding, and competing for attention in the direction of corporate ventures. Instead, entrepreneurs focus on their niche markets and customers.

The goal for entrepreneurs is always to solve problems, rather than coming up with an innovative technology.

What is The difference between Youth Entrepreneurship and Normal Entrepreneurship?

The only difference is that you are YOUNG. Although inexperienced and lacking financial resources, being young is NOT A DISDVANTAGE. Here’s why:

1. Early Failure is an opportunity!

Might sound pessimistic, but think about it:

You have started your business at age 20, by 25 you have already skin in the game, you’ve fell a couple of times, got up and learned all the lessons you needed to be successful.

advantages of youth entrepreneurship -  Fail early as an opportunity

Now, you’re a 25-year old successful entrepreneur who owns a profitable company. Not any company – but your DREAM COMPANY.

2. Passionate Energy ploughs right thru!

Adults, as time pass, lose their passion and energy, gradually accept their conditions and reside in whatever situation they are in.

You on the other hand, have the youthful vigor. You are passionate about your Dream and you believe it can be done!

youth entrepreneurship is possible with passionate energy

Innocent and Naïve behavior IS YOUR ADVANTAGE! You see only OPPORTUNITY. You’re JOYFUL. You’re not burdened with the problems of the world we live in (pollution, wars, crime, etc.). Nahh…. You are still too young for that crap anyway 🙂

Youth entrepreneurship is special for this very reason. As it can be something done with love, care, joy and happiness. It is not your summer assignment that you hate. It is doing what you love and finding a way to sell it!

3. Crazy is good – Keep it Coming!

Entrepreneurship is all about innovation. Being crazy, wild and raw is EXCELLENT!

This mentality gives you the edge to dare to try new solutions. To tackle problems in a disruptive fashion.

crazy is good for youth entrepreneurship

One of those crazy ideas will flourish and catch the attention of an investor. From that point, you are not crazy, you are a GENIUS.

Make sure to document all your failures, as it will be important to have a business journal of all your plans, actions, feelings, etc. It is valuable for you to reflect on your failure and study from it, but also it would be useful for you because you can formulate your own unique story, out of your own unique experience.

Having a story behind your business is such a powerful asset that will help you build STRONG relationships with your customers. Don’t be the average company competing to deliver solutions at the lowest price possible… Youth Entrepreneurship can make you unique! Instead of following the footsteps, be yourself, be different and create your own story:

Aleph Website – A successful story of Youth Entrepreneurship

Aleph Website surely took a leap of faith. We have started out as solo freelancer, then merged and made a team – now we’re a successful agency. All done in a matter of 2 years. We are a living proof of how Youth Entrepreneurship can be successful.

Why did we do it?

why aleph website chose entrepreneurship
  1. Instead of debt, we chose to invest in our dream company
  2. Instead of being someone’s slave, we wanted to be free
  3. Rather than working for someone we hate, we LOVE our work and pour our whole being into it
  4. We wanted to express what we felt was the right way of doing business.
  5. We dislike the rigidity and tepid feeling of working of Soulless Corporations

What Difficulties to Expect As a Young Entrepreneur?

The path is not paved for you. You need to create something new. It is an adventure, and as all adventure are, the beginning is hard.

Some of the difficulties you will encounter are:

  1. No support from your parents who live in their 8-5 bubbles
  2. Discouragement and derision by your peers in school and close friends
  3. Lack of financial capacity to absorb initial shocks (you’re likely to fail a few times until you get it right)
  4. Self-induced psychological pressure from being too ambitious and too demanding with yourself.
  5. Anxiety and Stress are part of the journey

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that most of these difficulties come from within you. As a young person, you need to learn how to deal with risks, failure and disappointment.

How to Deal With Initial Failure in Youth Entrepreneurship?

Here are a few tips that will get you going even in hard times:

1. Meditate and Relax

Anxiety and Stress will be a standard part of your endeavor. You will have to meditate and relax so you find your center even in situations where you would rather scream.

meditate often. it helps with stress and anxiety

If you’re burning out, then scream, shout, do whatever it takes to attain your peace. JUST DON’T GIVE UP!

2. Positive social circle

Energy vampires, negativity, despondent individuals – these are all to be avoided at all cost.

Positive social circle helps encourage you in difficult times and builds your faith

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and want your success. You need all the encouragement you can get. All beginning are hard, entrepreneurship is no different! Youth Entrepreneurship means being around likemineded, creative, dynamic and young individuals. This will ultimately cascade into brilliant business ideas – that you’ll need to take action on.

As a young person, you might want to be in a relationship with someone who admires your ambition and entrepreneurial spirit!

Building your network and socializing is crucial for testing your ideas and understanding how to communicate your message successfully. This will be crucial as you develop your social media strategy. Learn how to use Social Media marketing, as an entrepreneur, successfully:

3. Strong Plan of Action

None can be accomplished with JUST dreams. Accomplishments come from strategically planned actions.

strong plan of action helps you in entrepreneurship

Sit down, write down your goals. Build the path towards your goals and set out to whack those targets! Planning is a proved method of success, and will get you where your feet alone can’t go. Youth Entrepreneurship is particularly hard when it comes to planning. Young people struggle with make definite plans and sticking to it. This could easily be the hardest challenge for you.

Be Positive, but also know that there will be failure, inevitably. Accept this fact, it will hurt less if you’re ready for failure.

JUST DON’T QUIT! Believe in your aspirations, dream big and trust in Youth Entrepreneurship.

4. Be Goal-oriented

Focus on Goals. Day-to-day activities. Talk to people. Spend time improving your technique.

Focusing on things you can do will empower you and fill you with confidence.

Focusing on things out of your control (government, Covid pandemic, environment, other people opinions, etc.) these will rob you of you will to work on your goals. AVOID THIS.

“Who cares what others think… You only care about your dream anyway!”

5. Visualize only success

In the morning and nights, before and after sleeping, always build a mental image of yourself succeeding; getting your first client, seeing people applauding you for succeeding, building the product of your desire, etc.

clear vision and visualizing the end goal helps in entrepreneurship

Visualization helps your brain to be more creative. This is crucial as you will need imaginative powers to deal with difficult problems.

6. Invest in a good website for your business

Finally, you need a GOOD WEBSITE.

If it wasn’t clear before 2021, then the pandemic has surely reassured you that a good website in a MUST to:

  1. Test product absorption by your target Niche market, and further develop your offers until you meet the demand
  2. Compete Online against other similar companies
  3. Market you business successfully and reach more people
  4. Interact with users to collect data and move them along your sales funnel

Aleph Website can help you by building you a great website and giving you the necessary materials and tips to get your business going. We made it, so can you!

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